BlingVine High Quality Standard

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We maintain the highest standards in quality by ensuring at each step that the product that gets delivered at your doorstep is nothing less than perfect. 

The base metal alloy that is used in BlingVine fashion jewellery is free from any bad elements such as lead, nickel & cadmium. We want a piece of beauty to only bring smile to your face, not allergies. We ensure that all our jewellery pieces pass this basic criteria. 

18K Gold plating is done with the state of art electromagnetic plating technique. It's finished with a thickened polish. That's why BlingVine jewellery keeps it's shine & beauty even after long usage. BlingVine jewellery will easily retain its original shine for a minimum of 6 months to one year and if you take good care, it can last upto a few years.

As you will notice in all our products, they are well finished products from all angles. Even from back of necklace sets it's well polished to ensure maximum comfort and luxurious experience.

The stones and crystals used in our fashion jewellery are all highest quality stones with smooth shiny surface & clear interior that reflects lights in most beautiful patterns. This is the reason of the special sparkle that comes with BlingVine Jewellery.

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