As you might know already, blingvine is by far the best fashion jewellery in Indian market with it's imepeccable finish, luxurious stones, long-lasting polish and modern designs.

So reselling can work very well for you if you serve a premium market segment through your home business or boutique. It can also be very suitable if your clients are senior executives or professionals.

If you wish to resell blingvine jewellery, please go through this page to learn more and get started with the reselling process.

If you've read the terms and agree with them please fill up the reseller application form through the button below.

How to Become an Affiliate Reseller

Three simple steps to get started as an affiliate reseller with Blingvine:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Selling
  3. Earning

Here you can read and learn more about it.

1. Sourcing

There are two easy ways to get information on the products you can sell with blingvine reseller program.

Brand Website

To know the products that you can resell you can browse our full catalog at This includes all the product details, latest prices, product and model photos. You can send this information to your network and resell.

WhatsApp Group

There are also regular updates given in our reseller's WhatsApp group. You can find the link to join the group at the bottom of this page. The images for products are regularly shared on WhatsApp groups. The images are shared both with and without price. The resellers working on comission can use the photos with prices and if you want to sell on marked up price you can use the photos without prices.

WhatsApp Catalog

We've also created a catalog of items on our reselling WhatsApp account. You can check the catalog in WhatsApp number +91 82888 54594. These products can be directly forwarded to your network on WhatsApp if you are working on commission model.

2. Selling

There are multiple ways to sell blingvine products depending on your network. Here are some suggestions but we encourage you to experiment and try out new ways. You can sell blingvine products to your network on:

  • Blogs
  • Youtube Channel
  • Instagram Page
  • WhatsApp Groups
  • Facebook Groups
  • Emails Database
  • Discount coupon websites
  • and more...

Discount Code

If you are working on commission model you can get a unique discount code of Rs 100 for your customers. You can share this discount code along with information on the products. If anyone uses this discount code to place an order, this order is added to your tally. 

You can obtain your Rs 100 discount code by contacting us on WhatsApp through +91 82888 54594

3. Earning

For all the orders that you get, you can get a commission on the order value. Here are the comission slabs:

 Weekly Order Volume Commission Earned
5-10 products per week 10%
10-25 products per week 15%
more than 25 products per week 20%

To claim your commission you can fill the Affiliate Order Report and send it to us before 25th of each month. The comission will be paid out at the end of each month for all resellers. You should create a copy of the Affiliate Order Report and email it to Once your report is verified, the commission will be due to you.

Important Notes For Affiliate Resellers

  • The jewellery will be sent as blingvine jewellery with a blingvine bill to your customers.
  • Commission is only earned for orders which have been delivered and paid. No commission on cancelled orders.
  • Commission is accrued only when the payment is received for the order.
  • To maintain your status as a reseller, you should be able to maintain a minimum of 5 orders per month. Below that no comission will be paid.
  • New resellers always start at the lowest commission tier and then depending on the order volume the discount percentage is increased.

If you've read and agree with these terms please join the reseller WhatsApp group through the button below.