Blingvine Ambassadors

Welcome to the Blingvine Ambassodors Program. This program brings you a golden opportunity to collaborate with an established jewellery brand, to create fun and exciting jewellery content and to earn some additional income.

Blingvine's Social Reach

Blingvine is a well recognized jewellery brand looking to collaborate with aspiring influencers. We reach almost 3 million users per week on our digital platforms.

On instagram itself, our reels get more than 1 million views on an average.

We have around one million monthly active users on our blogs and website.

How can I earn?

We recommend all influencers to start with a commission model. In this, you will get a commission for every order that's placed with your discount coupon. We will share the earnings details and the terms of engagement at the time of onboarding. The commissions are paid on monthly or weekly basis depending on the frequency of orders.

Are there any other benefits?

The post or reels created and posted by you wearing our jewellery will be reposted, highlighted and boosted by us, on our social media, blogs and even our official website. This by itself will give you substantial additional reach for the first few days.

If your content is picked up by our advertising team, you’ll get an explosive amount of exposure for at least a few weeks and we’ll be spending a significant budget in promoting this content.

As long as the content you share follows the basic guidelines, it’s likely to be picked up by our website team, which will ensure that you keep getting consistent exposure for the next 6-9 months.

How Does it Work

It's a very simple process. You choose the jewellery that you want to shoot with. We'll send it to you. You take pictures, make reels or other types of content, post it to your social media channels and pages, tag us. We'll get the jewellery picked up after the shoot and your content will be reviewed by us and if selected, it will be boosted through our channels as well.

First Step

If you've not filled our Collaboration Form already please do so, to enable our team to review your profile. After the review our team will contact you to fill the next step form. The next steps form link is given in the "Next Steps" section below the FAQs.


Do I need to pay for anything?

You do not need to pay us for anything to start. The shipping cost for both delivery of jewellery to and from your place will be taken care of by us. But if you wish to get more than 1 piece to shoot for a collection or create multiple videos in one go, you can pay a nominal security deposit. Our team will guide you on the same if you want to do this.

How much time will I get to complete the shoot and post it on social media?

You are expected to submit the content within 7 days after receiving the jewellery pieces.

How many pieces of jewellery am I allowed for one collaboration?

You will be sent one jewellery piece at a time for a shoot. If you have any particular requirements regarding your content it can be discussed and processed through our team.

What kind of jewellery will I be getting?

You can choose the kind of jewellery as per the requirement of your content and guidance of our team. We'll let you know of the pieces that our team wants to promote but sometimes there's flexibility in terms of choice. Please discuss with the team after onboarding.

What kind of content is expected of me?

We need content in the form of carousels and reels. If we need a particular type of content our team will reach out to you to discuss the same. You are also free to discuss creative ideas with us.

What themes and looks can I try in your content?

Some of the themes recommended by our team include, office wear, casual wear, ethnic wear, bridal and festive styles. We can provide assistance with content ideas if needed.


If you have not yet applied, please apply through this link:

You can simply write back to us if you have any further queries regarding the collaboration.

We are always looking for long term engagement if our initial collaborations work well for both the brand and the influencer.

Hope to collaborate with you!