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Best Artificial Jewellery Brand in India

Jewellery has been a significant embellishment of Indian women for ages. Jewellery is an extremely intimate piece of fashion that adds to women’s personality and aids them in expressing themselves better. The absence of it results in an incomplete canvas that lacks the luster and charm of a piece of jewellery holds. The tradition of adorning oneself with jewellery that has been in the family for generations to come carries a sentimental attachment and has proven to be in fashion to date. Indian jewellery varies from culture to culture to enhance its aesthetics tenfold. In Indian weddings, the bride is covered with ornaments from head to toe rings and every ornament holds its certain significance. But as time passed, with the advancements and the industrial revolution, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and prices of other gemstones skyrocketed. Only a selected few were able to hold onto such ornaments. This gave a rise to what we call today's fashion jewellery. Artificial jewellery was cost-effective, sturdy enough, and came in exotic types of designs. Not only does it helps women from all walks of life to have hands-on experience with something that was limited to the people from the high society but it also lets people embrace beauty on their own terms.

Imitation Jewellery is an accessory for women from all walks of life. It is also called fashion jewellery or artificial jewellery. As it is made using a variety of artificial materials. In India, jewellery is considered to be a supreme symbol of Femininity and is observed to be very auspicious according to the Indian Hindu culture. For some, jewellery helps in enhancing their beauty, but also their wealth, power, and their status. For some, it can be a form of art for self and creative expression. While the importance of imitation jewellery has been lost in translation. We at Blingvine, try to bring about a change, where we help our customers to experiment with newer and trending designs by keeping our traditions alive. Imitation jewellery as the name suggests allows people to experience styles of the red carpet in the most cost-effective way.

The expensive raw materials used to make ‘ real gold or diamond jewellery raises the cost of the same and this means that such pieces cannot be purchased at the start of every season without burning a hole in your pocket. With imitation jewellery, experimentation with a wide variety of designs is possible. And this is what makes it a desirable fashion item in anyone’s wardrobe. A common misconception is that artificial jewellery is not as beautiful, classy, or elegant as the ‘real’ version of the jewellery. But, with the emergence of new technologies, methods, and techniques as well as high-quality substitute materials, imitation jewellery is now at par with classic styles in terms of beauty and appeal. Today the bling or glam over precious metals and gemstones can be achieved without a huge expenditure of money. This artificial jewellery is designed to imitate expensive styles, with similarly exotic designs and intricate patterns you can purchase the latest trends that come with each season, without worrying about the cost.

Significance of fashion jewellery

Self Expression

The most eminent emotion of wearing Fashion Jewellery is the style of self-expression. Fashion jewellery lets us live in those moods every day and express our emotions. If you are happy, put on something bright and vibrant. When you are in your office, you’ll automatically pick something austere and minimalist. Fashion jewellery allows creativity and boosts individualism to shine through an individual and speak to others.

Easy on the wallet

Investing in an entire wardrobe seems rather daunting. A new outfit every day will turn your wallet dry quicker than you can perspire. However, curating quirky and stunning fashion jewellery is something that comes with each season and will be even loved by your bank account.

New Look Everyday

For all the women out there, who are stuck with wearing the same jewellery over a white shirt multiple times! Here’s why it’s high time for you to change your outlook toward fashion jewellery. Adding some chunky bangles, finger rings, and oxidized jewellery for that boho look we all fantasize about. Find yourself some multicolor jhumka earrings, studs, Kundan necklaces, rose gold pendant sets, and danglers. It will most definitely add a dash of vibrancy to the same old shirt. For a sleek office look, pair it with gold drop earrings.

Creates Space For Creative Conversation

Be it the story that piece of jewellery set conveys or the conversation that it starts, it’s always going to be a memorable one. For eg, A finger ring conveys you’re in love. While a stunning Kundan necklace may rightfully convey that you’re decked up for a celebration. If a pair of earrings that you have been searching for, for weeks are suddenly found on someone seating next to you, you try to strike up a conversation over that. This to-and-fro of unadulterated compliments may help you get insights into fashion jewellery.

Thus it is clear that fashion jewellery is as important as any other accessory. So what are you waiting for go indulge today,

Different Styles for Festive Aesthetics

Jewellery always has some character to it. It’s up to us how we want that jewellery to be portrayed among people. One such task is seen among women around the festival of colors in India. As India is known for its cultural background, women of our country take the task of dressing themselves festival worthy with every coming festival. Since Holi is a festival of colorful hues, pairing a white dress with rose gold pendant sets or off-white kurtas blended with jhumki and Kundan necklace would also make for a great ensemble.

In a cultural country like India, people have different styles for each festive aesthetic. Whether we go full-on traditional in the festival of lights, pairing new sarees with different choices of necklace sets, pendant sets, like choker or meenakari necklaces with gold jhumkas, enamel danglers, drop earrings, and fancy pearl earrings and gold plated bangles to add that extra zing to your ensemble.

Toggling into a new year is always fun. We let go of all the things that happened to us in the previous year and celebrate one last night to adieu the soon to be previous year. New year’s celebration is a direct invitation to western wear in the most fashionable way possible.

So what would we do, look for online shopping or ransack every design to find what suits you the best?

Well, we advise you against it. We at Blingvine online store are here to help you sort your outfit for the day. If you plan to Look at the long American diamond jewellery with hoop earrings over a high neckline. It will make your neck look slender and will share an equal amount of attention with the dress you’re wearing. Or you can go for skinny jeans, a fancy blouse, and boots, adorn them with fancy hoop earrings and gold plated jewellery, pendant sets, or choker necklaces. Go bling or Go home.

Different Styles for Office and Casual Aesthetics

Office jewellery - A boss lady collection

Being a jewellery lover in the corporate workplace can be a tricky road to maneuver. As much as you love to have your trinkets by your side, you don’t want to make a mistake by wearing something too flashy for the crowd or something inappropriate in the corporate workspace. That’s where we come in with our minimalistic fashion jewellery to accessorize you in the right manner. We handpick these jewellery pieces to get you started. They have the right amount of energy to add a bling to your everyday style and make you feel complete without the too glitzy part in your office workspace. So what’s stopping you from going on a spree with us, whilst you find your favorite from our collection.

Casual affair - Jewellery for the daily wear

Every woman loves to feel and look beautiful. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd and being able to choose the right accessories is an important element in achieving a beautiful and dazzling look. For the women who try to be perfectionists, choosing casual jewellery can become a very daunting task. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much. We at Blingvine ensure that you choose the right jewellery that helps you carry out your daily activities in the most gorgeous way possible. A pair of studs, hoop earrings, bangles, American diamond jewellery, pendant sets, etc.

Importance of Each Type Of Accessory We Have At Blingvine

Jewellery has been viewed as an accessory for completing an outfit. But today, it is so much more than that. For modern women, who have the guts to manage their home and their corporate office spaces and multi-task other things too. Is definitely in need of some token of appreciation for all the work she puts into. Jewellery is the only gift of love where no one can go wrong. So here we are with our list of imitation jewellery collections we have in our online store.

Necklace Set

Some of our favorite jewellery trends for this year come in the form of necklaces. One of the most significant overall trends we are continuing to see this year is necklace layering. Chain necklaces are another enduring trend that shows no sign of slowing, with more chain styles gaining popularity, from chunkier chains to thinner, flat chains. The most popular necklace styles for 2022 are suitable for any season and will seamlessly transition from spring through winter. 

Gold plated choker necklaces, mangalsutra of the bridal jewellery collection, American diamond jewellery necklaces, meenakari necklaces, etc are worth checking out from our Blingvine collection.

Pendant Set

Pendant sets have taken mass popularity in the last decade. Considering the modern jewellery trend, pendants are a one-stop destination for the millennials of the 21st century. The smart millennials are opting for minimalistic jewellery that perfectly fits their outfit and budget too. From antique to vintage, from modern to futuristic pendants are everywhere. Needless to say, a small pendant can make a huge difference in your daily style. We’d say if you are a perfectionist, pendants are something that is worth checking out.

gold plated pendant set, rose gold pendant set, kate pendant set, and polka pendant set, are some of the collections we have at Blingvine.


No matter how many of them you have in your closet, if you still get weak in your knees at the sight of another pair then you came looking at the right place. Since women, are on continuous quests for finding those perfect earrings to go with their every outfit. And even today the struggle continues. But worry no more, because of imitation jewellery, now you can buy trendy and cost-effective artificial jewellery that you won’t have to keep looking at your wallets every time you end up shopping with us. We have great offers and an exotic collection that will melt your heart. The purchase of earrings should not stop no matter what happens.


Wrists are the thinnest part of our body that we are able to decorate. So accentuating the positive side of imitation jewellery will help women in being expressive with their art of jewellery. As wrists are considered to be one of the most expressive zone of our body and they are visible to others as people indulge in conversations and extend hands. Wristbands are not only visible to ourselves but also are a great accessory that can make a real impact on our outfit.

Nonetheless, bracelets remain one of the beautiful and timeless accessories of a woman. They add a perfect balance of class and glamour to your look. Bracelets are a mix of chic and classic jewellery that instantly enhances the look of an outfit.  These bracelets have been worn by both, men and women over the ages. A wide variety of bracelets are available in the market from antique gold to beaded ones. It is also worn by the people of different styles, designs and people of all ages.To get a fashionable look, it is very important to select the bracelet that perfectly complements your outfit. Thus check out, our collection at Blingvine online store, where we provide combo offers on our jewellery shopping of highest quality.

Other Jewellery

Apart from this, the collection we have at Blingvine online store. Our Bridal jewellery, designer jewellery and temple jewellery have some other types of accessories to make your ensemble have that extra bling and zing just before any function. They include, Maang tikka, anklets, nose rings, finger rings, nose pins, gemstones, sukkhi, bangles and etc. Small things like these help in taking your ensemble up to a different notch. And we are here, to help you in completing your outfit, according to the body type you possess. We at Blingvine online store, believe in surmounting artificial jewellery online to the new levels of success.

Finally, We hope that you liked this fashion blog post and these fashion earrings style tips too. As we believe that the future is women, we would like to style and accessorize your looks in trendy, chic and elegant ways. Therefore, We really hope that these tips were engaging and interesting. For any future updates, tune into Blingvine online store, your one stop destination to fashion jewellery and imitation jewellery. You’ll also find stunning jewelry pieces made of cultured American diamond jewellery, bridal jewellery sets, and designer kundan jewellery sets in our collection in an effusion of classy and ornate designs. Low-key pieces like pendants, and bracelets will also add a dash of style to casual looks. Artificial jewelry designs include Indian traditional jewelllery with hints of western styles in order to make the fusion of artificial jewellery more worthy of it’s stature. Don’t way here today, shop and make your favourite wishlist with us, we at Team Blingvine welcome you with our both arms open. Wherever you are, even if you reside in Mumbai, we are very happy to announce that we now deliver PAN-india.

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How should we store artificial jewellery so that they last long?
Artificial jewellery can last longer than generally expected if stored in airtight, good quality cloth lined boxes which prevent their direct contact with air hence retaining their lustre and polish for a longer time. Different jewels must also be kept in separate compartments to avoid them brushing over each other and causing little, often not very visible marks that hamper the shine and make your favourite artificial jewel look old. Additionally, one must clean their artificial jewellery items with lukewarm water after every use.
Things to keep in mind before buying designer jewellery online?
While the most important factor to keep in mind while buying designer jewellery online is obviously the design, however, the legitimacy of the online store also holds a significant value. One also necessarily needs to check the metal used to make the jewellery in order to not receive a product that looks different than the pictures. It is always advised to trust online stores that provide a certificate of authenticity with their jewels and provide warranties on their products.
Which is current most trending fashion jewellery in India?
Blingvine is India’s one of the leading and most trending fashion jewellery stores that houses a diverse collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, pearl jewellery, bridal jewellery and other jewellery for gifting purposes. The store is widely trusted and loved by both bollywood celebrities like Sunny Leone, Juhi Chawla, Tejasswi Prakash and Palak Tiwari to social media influencers like Ashi Khanna and Paranosh Irani who regularly post online their jewellery from the finest Blingvine collections.
Where can one find the best fashion jewellery online?
India’s favourite online fashion jewellery store is none other than Blingvine. The high quality of jewels stands at the centre of Blingvine’s brand ethos which forms the base of its high popularity and demand. It also offers a one year warranty on all their products which covers loss of colour or polish or any kind of manufacturing defect. With the best in class jewellery designs for necklaces, pendants, chokers, earrings, bangles, bracelets and many other jewellery items, Blingvine is treasured by every fashionista.