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Best Artificial Jewellery Brand in India

Jewellery has been a lady's first love since time immemorial and artificial jewellery has been the lady's best friend for as long as she first lays her eyes on artificial fashion jewellery that is stunning for the looks and shocking for the prices.

Artificial Jewellery for women or imitation jewellery delicately replicates the jewels traditionally carved out of metals like gold, silver, platinum or other precious and rare gemstones. Instead, easily malleable metals like nickel, lead, copper, cadmium, zirconium and brass are comfortably moulded into the preferred designs to form quality and stylish jewellery sets for women. The jewels thus produced look, shine and even weigh very precisely to the real metal designer jewellery.

The popular narrative around artificial jewellery discredits them by calling them unnatural, however, even the purest of gold cannot be made wearable without adding other metals, therefore, fails to stand on its original argument. As harsh as the truth is, when lab-made diamonds tend to perform a lot better in the markets, why artificial jewellery is solely submitted to an ‘unnatural’ sentiment?

In the present times, modern women choose to wear whatever they fancy, be it artificial jewellery hence, adding an aura of independence, free-spiritedness and self-reliance for the woman who pride fully shuns down popular narratives.  

However, a massive difference that reminds of their pertinence is the cost of artificial jewellery which is breathtakingly low as compared to jewellery made with metals like gold, silver and platinum that cost no less than a fortune and almost always stay out of the reach of people with limited means.

The highly affordable artificial jewellery has the same ability and potential to elevate and beautify the most simple and subtle outfits. Many believe that artificial jewellery brings along with substandard quality, but that is quite never the case.

A plain necklace or classy pair of earrings righty add the right tincture of personality to an individual, otherwise missing from the attire. Without burning a hole in the pocket of the wearer, artificial jewellery allows them to experiment and choose from various designs, textures and colours before finally choosing the real metal with the same features. Since most of the artificial jewellery is entirely covered with high-quality gold polish, it helps in adding durability as well as aids in attaining a long-lasting finish that does not fade with rough and tough use.

Artificial jewellery, unlike the jewellery made by precious metals, comes with a lot fewer care instructions and generally makes women feel safer about mishaps that are common with real metal jewellery. The fact that artificial jewellery is comparatively affordable, makes the buying process much easier as shoppers can easily go on for online shopping jewellery that might be questionable in terms of expensive metals.

Finding pure designer jewellery online can be a long and tedious affair whereas when the conversation centres around artificial jewellery, check the latest trends in Blingvine to match with your perfect pair of artificial jewellery online that makes you shine like the lady who is unafraid to adorn whatever she pleases.

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How should we store artificial jewellery so that they last long?
Artificial jewellery can last longer than generally expected if stored in airtight, good quality cloth lined boxes which prevent their direct contact with air hence retaining their lustre and polish for a longer time. Different jewels must also be kept in separate compartments to avoid them brushing over each other and causing little, often not very visible marks that hamper the shine and make your favourite artificial jewel look old. Additionally, one must clean their artificial jewellery items with lukewarm water after every use.
Things to keep in mind before buying designer jewellery online?
While the most important factor to keep in mind while buying designer jewellery online is obviously the design, however, the legitimacy of the online store also holds a significant value. One also necessarily needs to check the metal used to make the jewellery in order to not receive a product that looks different than the pictures. It is always advised to trust online stores that provide a certificate of authenticity with their jewels and provide warranties on their products.
Which is current most trending fashion jewellery in India?
Blingvine is India’s one of the leading and most trending fashion jewellery stores that houses a diverse collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, pearl jewellery, bridal jewellery and other jewellery for gifting purposes. The store is widely trusted and loved by both bollywood celebrities like Sunny Leone, Juhi Chawla, Tejasswi Prakash and Palak Tiwari to social media influencers like Ashi Khanna and Paranosh Irani who regularly post online their jewellery from the finest Blingvine collections.
Where can one find the best fashion jewellery online?
India’s favourite online fashion jewellery store is none other than Blingvine. The high quality of jewels stands at the centre of Blingvine’s brand ethos which forms the base of its high popularity and demand. It also offers a one year warranty on all their products which covers loss of colour or polish or any kind of manufacturing defect. With the best in class jewellery designs for necklaces, pendants, chokers, earrings, bangles, bracelets and many other jewellery items, Blingvine is treasured by every fashionista.