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Find the perfect American diamond necklace, exquisite american diamond earrings and crystal earrings, the shiniest and most graceful of American diamond bracelets, crystal bracelets, diamond bangles and many more such accessories in exquisite designs only from Blingvine.


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American Diamond Jewellery by Blingvine

The world of crystals - American Diamond Jewellery

Crystals are beautiful pieces, as simple as that. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also make you feel beautiful inside and out. At Bllingvine, we make our jewellery hoping for the same too.

We aim at making each of our consumers as happy as we can with our vibrant yet sleek and classy jewellery. American diamond jewellery is one of our collections that brings the world of crystals alive. It is said to have healing abilities with unmatchable designs and colors. They stand out for their class, minimality, style and comfort.

Here are some ways you can shine in those crystals:

Slay at that wedding

Crystal jewellery matches almost everything you own. If you start searching for crystal jewellery online, you’ll find that most of it coordinates well with any outfit. If you know, you know that Bollywood is at the heart of every wedding, so are sarees. What better way to rock that outfit at the wedding. Slay at that wedding in a sparkling crystal American diamond jewellery set that makes your eyes turn:)

Rock that casual outfit with complimenting jewellery

You can never go wrong with crystal jewellery even if you are planning to lay low with your outfit of the day. At Blingvine, we provide a crazy collection of crystal jewellery sets online for you to check out. We are well versed in combo designs that favor your party wear too. In case you decide that today isn’t that low-key day. 

Gift away these stunners

It might be a tough thing to part away with but gifting one of these beauties away will give the receiver immense happiness. Put that beautiful smile on your and someone else’s by gifting away some american diamond jewellery.

Showcase your confident self at your workplace

Work is where we spend most of our time. Along with the right outfit, the right accessories are also an integral part of the look you carry, crystal jewellery will make you stand out every day. Check out our crystal jewellery sets and get your go-to office accessory today!

Embrace variety with numerous designs

Crystal jewellery gives options and lots of them. You can never be short of variety when looking at crystals. So, for someone like you and us, who loves the variety that comes with a collection, crystal jewellery is the best pick.

American diamond necklaces

There's a reason for the popularity of american diamond necklaces. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And we are not the only ones saying it. Over the years, people have serenaded about it. Open a playlist up and you’ll see multiple numbers on diamonds that describe their beauty, charm, and likeness among women. Be it the world-famous line from

Diamonds are rare but expensive beauties. As a person who wears jewellery daily, diamonds might become a huge investment. Not only is their purchase expensive, but also their maintenance. Not to forget, the risk of losing them while you wear them to a gathering outside.  

Even though diamonds come with these worries, their beauty is worth the trouble. So, looking for alternatives to diamonds, we got a close second that gives the same appearance. American diamond jewellery. On top of that, premium quality imitation jewellery, like the one we offer at Blingvine, is all that you need this season.

Diamond necklaces have always been the x-factor in any jewellery line. We are no different! Crystal necklace, diamond choker, American diamond jewellery set, crystal necklace set, diamond choker necklace, and American diamond necklace. We’ve got it all. For you. With one click.

Crystal necklaces in particular are an accessory liked by many. With a diamond-like finish and quality like no other, American diamond jewellery is the new thing in the house. Reeling on a fine line to replace real diamonds, ad jewellery has made a name for itself today. 

If you are looking for something that is both, light on the pocket and heavy on the style; American diamond jewellery in rose gold is the best buy you should make today. American diamond necklace sets are not occasion-limited and can be worn at multiple events to match up with outfits of almost any kind. Like traditional women had to wear mangalsutra with a maang tikka at all times, modern women like to keep the jewelry and old traditions to a minimal level. And we know just the thing that can make you look elegant and chic all day long even without the mangalsutra, it’s our pendant sets.

If you were looking for pieces of diamond to carry home, but under a budget, an American diamond jewellery set is the category you need to look for. If you are the one to invest in daily accessories, here are some ways in which you could include American diamond necklace sets in your daily accessory wardrobe. Be it a long necklace, diamond ruby, or nose ring. Whatever’s trendy we are first in line to follow it up.

 Blingvine brings you a collection you never saw before, designs so fresh that they will melt your heart.

1. Pair it up monochrome looks are quite a thing in fashion nowadays. Pairing an American diamond necklace set with a matching silver outfit could give you the princess feels that you look for. Crystal necklaces steal the show here with the classy and party look they give.

2. Colour block- if there is anything that works well nowadays, that is color block. Matching your jewellery with colors that make it pop out is what every occasion asks for now. An American diamond necklace set paired up with a color-blocked outfit will make you a show-stopper anywhere.

3. Experiment- earlier, people looked at jewellery as something that could only be worn on special occasions and not every day. The dynamic has changed and accessories are an everyday thing now. pairing up an American diamond necklace set with a casual outfit is the inspiration we are up for any day. If extravagant is your vibe then, an American diamond jewellery set should be your trump card. But if you are into the minimalistic and sustainable fashion of pendant necklaces or diamond bangles or diamond pendants then these should have the opportunity to be in your wardrobe and your necks too.

Other than this, American diamond necklace sets are pairable with any outfit. With variety like no other and designs that steal hearts, American diamonds are the new era of fashion, from bridal necklaces to Kundans we cater to everything.

Crystal Earrings - The Statement Jewellery Piece

Crystal earrings are those statement jewellery pieces that are bound to draw everyone's attention with their luxurious look. The unique earrings design and illuminating shine of the crystals are all you need to go glamourous this season. Crystal earrings bring you closer to the most desired luxurious and precious diamond earrings for girls and women across the globe.

Blingvine's collection of designed fashion earrings online brings you luxury without burning a hole in your pocket. Unique designs are complemented with 18K Gold plating and studded with high-quality crystals like AAA Austrian crystals, Swarovski crystals, and Italian crystals. The earrings also come with American diamond-studded crystals. 

Designer Crystal Earrings - Luxury Jewellery for every woman

A statement on their own, these crystal earrings are an embodiment of fine luxury. Crystal earrings are for the ladies that like to ooze class and royalty. They can make you feel all dressed up without going overboard.

Find the best trendy earrings online at Blingvine, made with high-quality crystals like Swarovski crystal earrings, American diamond earrings, etc.

Crystal earrings online are the most versatile accessory for women and can be worn to your workplace, parties, clubs, etc. You can pair them up with a beautiful saree or party wear, it is sure to compliment your ensemble.

Choosing the Perfect Earrings - Earrings Style guide

  1. According to your outfit. You can either go for matching colors or contrast.
  2. According to Your Face Shape. Small earrings will make your face look oval while long earrings will make your face look round. Go for tear-drop earrings if you have a heart shape.
  3. According to the occasion. Go for heavy and sparkling earrings for special or grand occasions and stud earrings or sober pearl earrings for a casual affair. 

American diamond earrings

Earrings are an accessory that never goes out of fashion. Ranging from studs to danglers, they are everywhere. Whether you are pulling off a minimal look or going all the way, the look remains incomplete without a pair of American diamond earrings. Since we can’t compete with real diamonds. To combat this, we have our imitation alternative, American diamonds. Cubic zirconia as we call it is as close as it gets to being a diamond. With the same shine, if not more and more design choices, American diamonds have raided the jewellery world.

Crystal earrings have emerged as the number 1 choice of young women in particular. The origin of jewellery dates back to the times of Maharajas and Maharanis. It is believed that back then jewellery was a statement of status in society. Women of different ages have different takes or perspectives on the amount of jewelry that should be worn. Some feel the need for extravagance while some of those women stick to minimalistic jewellery choices. 

Earrings are among their first preference and why not, looking at the beauty of crystal earrings, we are all in for the whole deal too. At Blingvine, we strive to create jewellery that is premium in quality and promises the same quality throughout your period of use.  In Crystal earrings online, for instance, we bring a range of American diamond earrings that is not only identical to original diamonds but also retain the same premium grade quality for a long period.

Crystal Bracelets - Elegance Redefined

Blingvine’s crystals bracelets collection for girls and women is always found to be the best seller. Browse our range of women’s bracelets and fashion accessories for hands and wrists that can transform your look in a blink. Bracelets are the most elegant accessory for a woman that can take you from monotonous to sassy in an instant. Choose from a collection of high-quality crystal bracelets made from top-notch crystals like Swarovski crystals, AAA quality Austrian crystals, American Diamonds, and CZ necklaces and bracelets.

Bracelet Styling Tips – Bracelet stacks and layers

Wrists are the thinnest part of our body that we can decorate. So, it becomes our responsibility to accentuate the positive. They are visible as they talk and express themselves. Wristbands are not only visible to us but also are a great accessory that can make a real impact on our outfit. If you are wearing it to your work or office, avoid carrying large and dangling bracelets that make a lot of noise and disrupt your work. Stick to a neutral bracelet if you are wearing a stylish outfit and vice versa. The most classic look is a simple black dress with a silver or gold bracelet.

American diamond vs Swarovski crystal

Jewellery has represented femininity for decades. If we talk about the era before us and the one before that, we’ll encounter instances where women were encouraged to wear jewellery and promoted it on regular basis. It was until much later that gemstones found their place in jewellery and became an integral part of it.

The market transition from natural gemstone to human-made imitation jewellery brought in more and more options for everyone and American diamond jewellery soon became a go-to accessory. With rising demands, there also came a rise in expectations. Better quality, better style, better appeal, and better options. Out of all those demands came a demand for imitation diamond jewellery and this fuelled the expectations of people to no ends. 

Soon, American diamonds, Moissanite, and Swarovski crystals became a name on every tongue. Out of all the variants we have in diamond imitation jewellery, American diamonds and Swarovski find a special section in every jewellery store.

Having said that, both American diamond and Swarovski stand tall in the imitation jewellery market with people going gaga over them, and rightfully so. Both of them are as beautiful as any gemstone can get and their use in the jewellery world speaks for itself. The precision of Swarovski is extremely extraordinary and the making of cubic zirconia that familiarises with diamonds is what the customer gets. 

Your trust in us has made us into what we are today. Blingvine is thankful to all its customers and wants to help more people who keep struggling with finding the right jewellery to match their outfits, people who want to keep a low key profile but still manage to look chic on the daily, we want to help all to achieve the confidence you feel after wearing a certain type of jewellery. So prepare your wishlist fast, from wedding jewellery to pearl necklace we cater to everything that is out there. Thus our team of esteemed professionals is trying their best to achieve the best possible result to cater to all the trendy designs with AAA high-quality crystals. American diamond jewellery is the way to save pockets of cash and still slay during the whole function. We have exciting offers and coupons for all our customers. Get ready to check out some fav products of yours from the wishlist to accessorize them in your wardrobe.

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What are some of the latest American diamond sets?
It is common knowledge that the second best thing after a real diamond set is an American diamond set. When one is planning to buy a latest American diamond set, the latest designs will definitely hold superiority however they are more characteristics that a up-to-date American Diamond set will have. First things first, the latest American diamond sets should ideally comprise of AAA quality clear Swarovski or Italian crystals added with some German Rhodium polish and made with high-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy.
What is the difference between American diamond and real diamond?
The straight answer to a question pertaining the difference between a real diamond and an American diamond is that the latter ones are lab made. But hey! Diamonds are a woman’s best friend no matter what kind they are. Technically speaking, American Diamond is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) while real diamonds are just a crystalline form of carbon atoms which is formed under a high temperature and pressure. However, it has been observed in multiple studies that both, American and real diamonds share almost similar kind of clarity besides being colourless and flawless in their appearance.
Why has American diamond jewellery become an Indian bride's new choice?
It is true that the age of matte is gone and shiny things have regained their popularity. However, such is not true in case of American Diamond jewellery because this jewellery had never left the heart and mind of an Indian bride. A bride can simply choose to put on a gorgeously lavish American Diamond set on a red, orange, yellow or even non traditional coloured lehangas and sarees. They are usually paired with matching earrings, maang tika, nose ring and bangles to make the whole look magical in its appeal.
Where can I buy best American diamond jewellery online?
The choicest of American Diamond jewellery online is exclusively held by none other than Blingvine. As a jewel store, Blingvine has garnered the respect of Bollywood celebs like Juhi Chawla and Sunny leone along with carving the trust of talented social media influencers. With multiple quality checks, be assured to receive the top quality American diamond jewellery.

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1. Golden Aura Necklace Set
₹ 3,500
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₹ 3,500
2. Aquamarine Necklace Set
₹ 2,800
₹ 4,400
₹ 2,800
3. Tulips Bracelet
₹ 2,500
₹ 3,800
₹ 2,500
4. Midas Touch Kada
₹ 2,400
₹ 4,200
₹ 2,400
5. Serenity Necklace Set
₹ 4,200
₹ 7,800
₹ 4,200
6. Silverstring Necklace Set
₹ 2,000
₹ 3,200
₹ 2,000
7. Celeste Pendant Set
₹ 2,400
₹ 3,800
₹ 2,400
8. Enchanted Crystal Bracelet
₹ 2,600
₹ 4,700
₹ 2,600
9. Maharani Necklace Set
₹ 6,400
₹ 9,800
₹ 6,400
10. Skylight Necklace Set
₹ 2,800
₹ 4,600
₹ 2,800