American Diamond Earrings

Bring back the luxury-style with the amiable American diamond earrings!
Diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Rely on American diamonds for beauty and elegance with our collection of latest designs of earrings in all styles. Every piece has the irresistible charm that captures the heart of women and the eyes of others quite efficiently. Check out the collection for they all are lovely!


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American Diamond Earrings by Blingvine

American Diamond Earrings, An Alluring Accessory

American Diamonds trend the global jewellery market. Shoppers prefer to buy diamonds when they shop for jewellery for important occasions. Where the real thing is out of budget and reach, American diamonds are a marvelous option.  American diamonds are inexpensive and provide the same luxury, style, and glamour as real diamonds. They are safer to carry and easier to take care of. You can buy as many pieces as you need, to match your outfits, and not worry about the prices.  American diamond jewellery can be custom-made and crafted in conventional and innovative designs. The same shine and glamour at a fraction of the price!

So What Is The Story Of The American Diamond?

Real diamonds are solid forms of carbon, organized in a crystalline structure. The American diamond is a synthetic cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. It resembles real diamonds in shine, cut and durability. It is quite popular in jewellery designs. American diamonds are available in many colours. But real diamonds are colourless or may have a brown to yellow hue. Though American diamonds have some flaws, their luster and radiance is same as real diamonds. There is a scientific distinction between real and American diamonds. Real diamonds are thermal conductors and American diamonds are thermal insulators. The love for American diamond jewellery is universal. And the sheer sparkle of American diamond earrings is unbeatable!

American Diamond Earrings

Jewellery is a timeless favorite of women all over the world. The jewellery piece that women prefer the most is a well-designed pair of earrings. They add beauty and glamour to the face. The shape of earrings can correct symmetry defects in the face and enhance its beauty. The earring can be a simple stud or a collection of earrings across the earlobe. Earrings express the aesthetics of the women wearing them. American diamond earrings are very dear to women who love to flaunt their inner diva.

American Diamond earring designs are diverse with many colours and shapes. They suit personal preferences and occasions. American Diamond earrings have designs that resemble antiques and artistic pieces. They can correct the size and shape of the face to create a beautiful and symmetrical silhouette.


American Diamond earrings in the form of studs look pretty and quaint. They are perfect if one does not prefer heavy or hanging earrings. American diamond earrings as studs have designs that are both simple and intricate. They can be small flowers, or hearts, or shaped like tear drops or dolphins. The shapes and colours of American diamond stud earrings are diverse and artistic. They look perfect with formal wear, ethnic wear, and work wear.

Drop Earrings & Danglers

American diamond drop earrings look delicate and glamourous. They help to make rounded faces look longer and create a better face shape. Celebrities prefer to wear American diamond earrings to award functions. Drop earrings are a favorite on red carpet events. Danglers are longer than drop earrings. American diamond earrings designed as danglers are luxurious pieces. Their designs often express the beauty of their land.

Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier earring is timeless and a classic. It was first discovered in Egyptian ruins from the 5th Century. Their shape resembles chandeliers. They are always in fashion regardless of current jewellery trends. Chandelier earrings look good on heart shaped faces. They make the face look slimmer. American diamond earrings designed as chandelier earrings look regal.

Why Are American Diamond Earrings So Popular Nowadays?

American Diamond earrings have been in the jewellery market since many decades. Their popularity has increased only recently.

  • American diamond earrings look as stunning as real diamond earrings. Their cost is cheaper than real diamonds. So, even buyers with smaller budgets can afford to buy American Diamond Earrings.
  • The price of American diamond earrings is less. So even if one loses or damages the earrings, they can buy new ones without any problems.
  • The designs of American diamond earrings are exactly like real diamond earrings. The cut and the shine is similar and sometimes even better than real diamond earrings.
  • The stones used in American diamond earrings are quite hard and sturdy. They do not get damaged as easily as real diamonds. Their shine is long lasting and durable.       
  • It is cheaper to customize American diamond earrings as per the choice of the customer.
  • The price of American diamond earrings is less. Women can buy more pieces to match their various outfits. They can buy American diamond earrings will many colours, shapes, and designs. These earrings are available everywhere and are easy to shop. 
  • American Diamond Earrings At Blingvine

    Blingvine has many designs in American diamond earrings. The pieces are hand-picked. They suit all the needs of the buyer. American diamond earrings are available in ethnic and modern designs.

    The Posh Pearl earrings can be worn as party wear or for festive occasions. The shine of the diamonds arranged in a cluster of leaves with a silver grey pearl dangler looks divine. The Melanie Pearl studs have a European and royal look. The diamond cluster holding the silver white pearl looks like an artistic wonder.

    The Pretty Lady American diamond earrings resembles a dainty branch of leaves. Tiny American Diamonds are set in a beautiful manner. This American diamond earring looks perfect with gowns and fusion ethnic wear.

    The Jalsa Crystal Dangler earring is perfect for women who love ethnic earrings. The earring is completely studded with diamonds with green crystal dangler stones. It looks perfect for a princess!

    The Rustic Azalea stud is great for antique jewellery lovers.  These American Diamond earrings are diamond studs with three pretty pink crystal stones set in the center.

    The designs of American Diamond Earrings at Blingvine have something for everyone. They can be worn for every occasion, and for every personal style.