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Earrings can single-handedly change the whole look of a person. They have an ancestral history with men and women fashion. First,  it was worn by men as a symbol of pride and power. Later, these accessories came to become a very important part of women's jewellery. Among trendy earring designs, artificial earrings have captured both the market and women.

How History Knows It…

The earliest evidence of earrings worn by men are from Persepolis, by Persian men. Later, discovered that in fact Egyptians wore gold earrings too, especially children. During the middle ages, earrings went in and out of fashion all through the times. Sometimes worn by wealthy courtiers to represent prosperity or by poor lower classes. Although there was a conflict of ideologies, sailors too wore gold earrings. They used it to pay for their funeral in case their body gets swept to the banks. Earrings are to provide strength, fortune and respect for people through time.

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How Designer Earrings Can Enhance Any Look…

Earrings are an accessory that can improve the appearance of a person, man or woman. They provide a prettier, more glamorous side to you and can add the exact cuteness with its cute designs. Designer earrings have been the trend because of its new and unique design styles.

Different Types Of Earrings To Choose From

Earrings in the market are available in various types of shapes, sizes and patterns. They can accommodate almost all the population and its likes. Ranging from small studs to long danglers and hooped ones, each have their own charisma and grace. We have got you some of the trendy types of earring preferred the most by women today.


The dome or bell shaped dangling earrings are jhumkas. Jhumka has been a part of women's jewellery since the traditional times. Worn with salwar suits, best suited to Punjabi patiala salwar-kameez. They go hand in hand with any traditional or ethnic attire. Jhumkas have returned to trend with the rise in the market of oxidised and silver jewellery.

They are made up of hard metal, American diamonds, pearls as well as gold-plated alloys too. They never disappoint when worn in any family function or office party.

Hoop Earrings

The round ring-like earrings worn at the lobe end of the ear are the hoop earrings. These kinds of earrings are a good pair for both formal as well as informal, casual looks. A simple white shirt with denim to wear with stainless steel hoop earrings is the best college look. Hoop earrings are present in different shapes and sizes. They look the best with casual looks but can equally look good with any fancy outfit. Made in metal, wire, and elements like gemstones, American diamonds, shells and pearls.

Stud Earrings

Studs are small button-like earrings that stick to the earlobe. They are a part of minimalist jewellery style, best for formal occasions. The college trend these days has bent unusually towards stud earrings. The unique and aesthetic designs in studs have made it into a wave of fashion that has swept the whole youth in it. Studs, originally called tops have a wide range of sizes and designs. That they are everybody’s favourite from a teenage girl to her grandmother, even men. Colourful floral designs, a simple black cross or cute charms worn by women. Available in all kinds of materials of hard metals, pearls, gems etc. Studs are a trend that will never fade away.

Long Or Dangle Earrings

Long earrings, for parties and special occasions are seen dangling down the earlobes. The designs range from the simplest to the most complex designer earrings. The long sui-dhaga type, tassels and dangle earrings there’s a whole  variety within. They can go with an all-traditional outfit as well as a modern evening dress. Can pair well with formal attire as well as a wild party, pick a style that suits you. They are made in all kinds of metals, pearls, diamonds, gemstones etc.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings, also known as elongated studs. They hang down the earlobe but remain stationary and stick to the ear like studs. Some look like a drop, generally made up of pearls. Drop earrings are an elegant choice for any occasion. If you want to make a statement and still keep it simple, drop earrings are the choice.

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Traditional Vs Modern Earrings 

Being an ornament of all times, they have evolved the big traditional jhumkas to the modern studs. The heavy traditional earring designs are made up of hard metal studded with gems. In ancient times, metals folded into hoops adorned the ears of the wealthy merchants. To the modern simple and graceful designs of ‘Sui-dhaga’  worn by modern women. Both the kinds have their  values according to the occasion, place and crowd for which one is dressed to join in. 

Traditional gold, diamond, pearl and kundan earrings for the perfect traditional OOTD. As for the modern or western earrings, the casual denim paired with a hoop completely does the style. Western earrings can be minimalist, heavy, chic and wild, a style for every occasion.

Materials Bent To Beauty

A raw metal bent and cut into a specific shape studded with stones is how an earring comes into being. There is a whole range of materials that are used in making a pretty earring. Some of the materials that are popularly used in making earrings for women and girls are:


Gold earrings, or earrings made up of gold have been the oldest earring material. Gold earring designs are so much different from what they used to be, perfectly modern. Gold-plated earrings are more affordable and sturdier than pure gold . Gold-plated earrings for men and women have quite distinct and personalised designs. The small stud gold earrings for girls, too long and dangling gold all are equally looked for online. Gold earrings are available as heavy statement pieces and lightweight office-style too.


Diamond earrings are mostly made in the form of single stud earrings. American diamonds in fashion jewellery have been a great deal in the market these days. Their simplicity with the charming colours of American diamonds are stunningly beautiful.  They are the luxury gifting ornament that is often presented as a token of love.


Silver earrings are the second largest market of earring for women, online. They have always been a cheaper alternative to gold. Silver has established a whole range of designs and styles for itself. Silver earrings for girls are available in studs, hoops, long earrings and jhumkas. When browsing for silver earrings online, one can find the perfect pair  at the best price. There are many stylish designs of silver earrings to never go wrong for the funky college look. 


Pearl earrings are earrings that consist of pearls that shine. Pearls bring out a classy elegance that can match the poise of any formal event. They are a great choice for almost all kinds of outfits and occasions. The charges are put according to the sizes of pearls. Pearl earrings are known to be versatile enough to go with all kinds of outfits. The office-wear pearl stud, the elegant pearl jhumki earring for the festivities . That chic hoop pearl earrings to wear at the evening party.

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Style Selection Guide

Styling your accessories correct can make or break your ensembles. To pair the perfect earring to your outfit is next to shopping for the best pieces. Matching the right pair to the perfect dress determines if its beauty enhances.

Earrings For Men

There has been an inclination of men's fashion towards earrings throughout the globe. To know which type of earring goes well with what outfit or occasion there are things to be taken into account. Studs worn by men, made up of gold, silver or diamond are good to be paired with almost any kind of outfit or occasion. Partywear earrings for men, may include ear cuffs or link chain danglers can be a good choice. A simple for men, guys explore, try and experience and that's how you know that this is the piece for you. 

Earrings For Women And Girls

Styling the best pair of earrings for the perfect occasion to that perfect wedding, no not easy! A stud for formals, a dangler for a party and a jhumka for the cousin’s wedding. These are some of the basics you know. We have got you the style selection guide for your earrings to style them right. 

Style Tips
How To Choose The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

Based On Outfit

According to different outfits, styling your earrings can be tricky sometimes. Matching the colour or go for contrast instead, small or long which exactly will suit the best? To add to an outfit it is important that the accessory complements as well as completes the dress you wear. For any traditional wear a hard metal earring studded with gems or stones is a good looking choice. Simple diamond studs to wear with formal suits and evening gowns. They can be graceful and elegant at the same time. Partywear earrings have always been a complementary to the outfit. If you are wearing a short dress, nice long danglers to go with. If you are to wear a long dress or an evening gown, studs or drop earrings are the go to for the gorgeous effect. 

Style Tips
Match Your Earrings With Your Outfit

Based On Occasions

According to the occasion you are to be wearing the outfit for, the styling of it changes to fit the vibe. Pairing that grey suit with a nice pearl stud for the office party. The jhumka to go with the patiala suit you will wear this cultural day. The kundan danglers to wear while attending that childhood friend’s wedding. Planning to go wild this weekend with friends? The long dangling hoops almost touching the floor are the best to pair with the dance floor.  

Bridal earrings is a whole new collection of earrings especially crafted for weddings. Temple earrings, gold, pearl and diamond earrings are the best choice for a bridal look. 

Style Tips
The Best Earrings For Various Occasions

Care And Maintenance

Taking care of your accessories after use is the key to keep them anew for long. The secret is in cleaning them up every time you wear them with a soft cloth. Then store them safe and separate in the jewellery box. Gold plated earrings, if left for long in the air, can lose their lustre. Hence one must always keep them in an airtight container right after its use. To keep the quality of pearls intact one can store the pearls with a moist cloth in the container. To clean your diamonds, soak them in soapy water for sometime. Then clean them with a bristled toothbrush.

The key point to keep in mind while cleaning is the back side of the earring. Do not forget to clean it dry after every use before storing them in their place.

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What kind of earrings are popular?
The popular kind of earrings are stud earrings, jhumkas, chandbaaliyan and pearl earrings. All these earrings are easy to browse and shop online. Stud earrings for girls and women who like to keep it minimalist. Jhumkas are for traditionals and chandbaaliyan for an ethnic wear.
What type of earring is best for women?
The type of earring best for women are the ones that suit their outfit, occasion and convenience the best. The earring which isn't just beautiful to look at but is comfortable to wear at the same time.
How do you know what earrings suit you?
To know which earrings suit you the best, you may look at your face shape and size. The round, small faces wearing long dangling earrings make the face look longer. While long faces when adorned with hoops or small danglers can give a totally new look to the face. As for a tip, any earring will suit you as long as you like it.

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