8 Tips On How To Choose The Right Jewellery For An Occasion

8 Tips On How To Choose The Right Jewellery For An Occasion

You wouldn’t go to a wedding in a short skirt, would you? Then why do that with jewellery? Every occasion requires some standard forms of dressing which involves jewellery too. Putting up the right jewellery according to your outfit and occasion can completely transform your style. It will complete your look and make you look perfect and effortlessly stylish. Your jewellery is a reflection of our own personality and style so everyone will have different tastes but with these few simple tips, you can make every outfit look amazing.

1. Jewellery for Everyday

Some jewellery goes well with anything that you wear. These are typically sentimental pieces like family heritage, wedding rings or delicate necklace gifted by a loved one. These pieces subtly enrich your personal style. While these daily wear jewellery compliment every outfit, they should also complement your skin tone. Gold jewellery looks great with warmer undertones while Silver or Rose Gold enhances your look if you have a cooler undertone.

2. Jewellery for a Girls Night Out

Girls’ hangout can be the perfect time to be playful with your accessories. This is a time to experiment. Be it those sparkling statement pieces that you bought from your favourite high street store or layering all of your much-loved necklaces at once. You can also stick to either a pair of statement earrings or give your look a focal point with a stand out necklace.

3. Jewellery for a Date Night

Picking Jewellery for date night is a tricky business. The aim is to look stunning without giving the impression that you’ve tried too hard. Accessorizing is a must for any date. Perfect jewellery will accentuate your favourite features and stand out in the candlelight of a dimly lighted restaurant. A fine pair of drop earrings or hoops will frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. A subtle necklace will draw attention to your neckline and collarbones. Simple rings and bracelets will complement this look too, just make sure you don’t overload yourself with jewellery so all attention is on you! Check out here How to Pick the Best Jewellery for a Date.

4. Casual or Day Hangouts

    Pair up your casual jeans and t-shirt with a pair of chunky hoop earrings, stacked rings or bracelets and 2-3 layered necklaces. Try experimenting with different chain styles and lengths.

    5. Jewellery for a special occasion or party

    For a special occasion or a party, try to choose your jewellery after deciding the dress you’re going to wear to ensure that your jewellery doesn’t clash with the neckline or sleeves. Choose the right necklace according to your neckline. Pair it with a matching bracelet and ring to complete the look. Check out our guide on styling jewellery for party.

    6. Jewellery for work

    Pairing jewellery with your work outfits gives a touch of personality to your look. Keeping it understated and subtle is the best as it doesn’t cause any disruption to you or your colleagues. Avoid wearing any noisy or dangling bracelets that distract you from your work. Instead try sticking to simple and delicate pendants, earrings (Studs or Hoops) and rings. You can be slightly more experimental with your accessories in creative workplaces. Try layering a couple of your necklaces with an unbuttoned, oversized shirt and stacking your rings. For detailed tips check out here How to Select Jewellery for Office That Looks Professional. If you're at an office party, complete your look with some classy and stylish jewellery that makes a statement and makes you stand out from the crowd. Check out here some stylish Office Party Jewellery Ideas.

    7. Jewellery for wedding party

    A wedding is a traditional and formal affair. Go for some big and chunky baubles while you’re going to attend a wedding. An Indian traditional wedding is incomplete without some gold or gemstones jewellery. Pick some ethnic or Indo-western jewellery pieces for a grand Indian wedding. You can also go for some shimmery crystal jewellery if it matched your outfit. Crystal necklaces go well with lehenga and indo-western outfits.

    If you’re a bridesmaid or the sister of the bride or groom, you’re definitely the second most popular person after the wedding couple itself. From the nagging aunties to the shutterbugs are following and gazing you for the style-quotient you are making. Compliment your lehenga or saree with beautiful crystal jewellery that accentuates your outfit with added glamour and sparkle. Check out the best jewellery for the sister of the bride or groom.

    8. Destination Wedding

    Destination wedding jewellery was initially created for weddings held at exotic destinations such as Goa, Rajasthan, Caribbean and Bali. Guests would want to enjoy and be stress-free and did not want to risk carrying real jewellery given the safety issues and hassles at custom checkpoints. The excitement for attending a destination wedding can be felt right from day one. These locations are mostly humid and warm, so light weighted jewellery is your best choice. If you’re heading for some beach-side locations go for some stone or shell jewellery while if you’re at a grand royal palace wedding, pearl jewellery is the best choice. Destination weddings are a fun-filled event, experiment with some statement jewellery pieces that look fun yet classy at the same time. Check out here Perfect Blingvine Jewellery Designs for Destination Weddings.

    9. Jewellery According to Season

    Seasons play a very important role in fashion and the changing trends. The transition of styles with season is essential to keep up with the latest fashion and make a statement. While florals and colorful jewellery are for spring and summers, leafy motifs and monotones like pearl jewellery are for winters and autumn. 

    10. Jewellery for Festivals

    Indian is known to have a variety of festivals from different cultures all year round. Jewellery for festivals is a wardrobe essential for all women. Although different outfits call for a different type of jewellery, there is nothing more beautiful and flashy than a traditional jewellery piece like Jhumka earrings, Pearls necklace or a ethnic bangle. Traditional Indian jewellery can be mix matched with almost all ethnic outfits for festivals. You can also create a unique fusion look by pairing them with western outfits for a festive occasion.

    11. Jewellery for Gifting

    Women love jewellery. There is nothing more exciting and precious than a collection of wide variety of jewellery types in her jewellery box. If you're looking for a precious and useful gift for women in budget that goes in her collection for years to come, surprise her with a set of finely crafted fashion jewellery to make her day more special.

    We hope we are able to style up your all occasions and events. Everyone owns good dresses and outfits but Jewellery has the power to make you unique and stand out in the crowd.

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