How to Pick the Best Jewellery for a Date

How to Pick the Best Jewellery for a Date

“I wanna keep it low key but…”

Yeah, we hear ya! Don’t worry, we have got your back.

Dates are those special days when you want to look stunning without making it obvious. Be it a candlelight dinner date on the rooftop of a posh restaurant or just a walk by the beach, you want to spread your charms all around and catch the attention of that special someone who could be ‘the one’. It is a day that is very close to your heart and you keep revisiting this day in your mind even after years.

You are halfway through if you’ve picked the perfect outfit for your date but that’s not it. Accessories form a very significant part of any outfit as they have the power to elevate any look from beautiful to stunning. If you’re not sure about what jewellery to wear on date, here are our few tips and suggestions you may want to consider to look the best on a date without making it look like you’ve tried too hard.

Less is more

Although your outfit does play an important part, you don’t want to lose focus from yourself on a date. Keep it simple and tidy. Your date night jewellery should accentuate your beauty and your outfit’s. Leave the exaggerated pieces for some other casual day or girls’ night out. If you’re wearing a fashionable western dress, go for a simple necklace like Vogue Necklace Set when you want to keep it minimal yet make a statement with your jewellery on a dinner date.

Or pick a pendant necklace like Mandala Pendant Set, a classic necklace design that is highly symbolic and versatile and perfectly goes with a summer dress or a shirt on a lunch date.

Choose Only One Statement Piece

The idea of statement jewellery is to rule the entire look. It should be the only striking feature in your outfit. This date night jewellery is enough to enhance your overall look and catch attention. Blingvine’s Pink Bud Danglers are one such statement earrings that will attract anyone’s attention and go perfectly with a western dress or ethnic wear. Keep your dress simple and let your jewellery shine while you’re choosing what to wear on your date.

Add a Little Romantic Touch

Dates are an occasion when romance is in the air. Let that reflect in your date jewellery by choosing delicate and sober jewellery to complement your look. Natalia Peppy Pink Pendant Set is an ultimate celebration of love and femininity. You can pair this delicate and elegant pendant necklace with a cocktail dress or even a vibrant summer dress.

Dress According to the Place

You definitely don’t want to look over-dressed or under-dressed while going for a date. Your accessories on a movie date would be completely different than a dinner date or a romantic long drive. When on a movie date or a long drive, keep it simple yet stylish. Choose a simple pendant like Imperial Pendant Set or a stylish bracelet like Eva Bracelet to add a little bling to your look.

However, play up your jewellery on formal drinks and dinner date. Aster Necklace Set is a perfect accompaniment with an off-shoulder western gown or a pretty saree.

Consider your dress to choose the right jewellery

Be it a western dress or traditional Indian wear, jewellery is an essential ornament to complete the look. You have already chosen the perfect outfit. Complement it with a beautiful accessory. Choose a minimal and sober jewellery piece if you’re wearing a heavy designer dress, else pick a little heavy yet elegant jewellery if you’re wearing a simple outfit. If you’re wearing a traditional Indian dress, a pair of designer earrings like Kesha Luxury Danglers would be enough. To choose a necklace with a western dress, refer to our article on How to choose a necklace with a specific neckline.

Be who you are!

Ultimately, your date is interested in you and wants to know more about you. So, stay true to yourself. Your dress and jewellery should reflect your personality and make a statement. If you’re cool and fun-loving kind of girl, highlight it in your look rather than playing safe and going for a generic look. You can also pick a piece of statement jewellery that communicates a lot about you like your spirit animal. Bulbul pendant Set and Nightlife Pendant Set are some such jewellery in our collection. If you’re a sophisticated and organized type of woman, keep it classy and elegant.

These powerful and unique jewellery for date will make a long-lasting impression of you. Visit our website and choose from our vast collection of high-quality and trendy jewellery collection for dates, office, party, weddings and what not!