Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Women

It has always been tricky to select the best gifts for women. While looking for gift ideas for women, we come up across thousands of choices; clothes, jewellery, artifacts, perfumes, shoes, and whatnot. And this is not all, all of these options have sub categories that you need to dive into too. With such a task at hand, the best gifts for women are hard to pick. Choosing the right gift might be a task, but choosing the section to pick it from is not. Ladies gift items make a separate section in the jewellery department. With a gazillion options at hand, here are some gift ideas for women who could win you her genuine smile this valentine’s day.


Best Gifts for Ladies Come From Heart

This might sound a bit tricky but what your heart says indeed is what you should gift. Let us consider pearls for instance. If this valentine’s, your gift ideas for women include expressing purity and wisdom in love, pearls would be your best choice. Say it right from your mind and win that heart right!

Unique Gifts for Women Show that You Care

Uniqueness brings out exclusive originality. The thought itself of owning something unique to your connection with someone would light up any woman’s world. And anything that would make a woman that happy has to be out of the best gifts for women. That uniqueness comes up in form of selecting the material, quality, design, style, and gems according to the person’s needs. The resulting piece of jewellery has to be the best gift for ladies; something that they would remember forever.

Symphony of Colors Necklace Set
Symphony of Colors Necklace Set
₹ 4,800

Symphony of Colors is a Blue Stone Necklace Set with Swarovski Crystals and it is a perfect special occasion necklace set. Made of faux Cat's Eye stones and Swarovski crystals, this necklace set is absolutely gorgeous!

Stylist's Notes:

This stone necklace set is an impeccable piece of art - luxurious colored stones put together in rose gold setting to create symphony of colors around your neck. No, it’s not an everyday jewellery piece, one wears it to turn heads around on special occasions.

This necklace set has the elegance of a royal lady while maintaining the cheerfulness of a little girl who loves to play with colors. Symphony of colors is rare combination of class and fun.

The heavy set necklace is complimented by little cute earrings to make sure your jewelry is balanced out. Wear the set together, or the pieces separately, they are sure to earn attention.

Product Specifications:

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of studs
  • 1 necklace


  • Premium American Diamonds
  • Top notch Austrian crystals
  • Premium faux Cat eye and opal stones
  • 18K rose gold plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of earrings: 3 cm
  • Width of earrings: 1.7 cm
  • Length of necklace : 38.8 cm
  • Extended chain: 5.5 cm
  • Please see the last product image for more details on sizing for this blue necklace set

Plate it up with Gold

One of the most famous elements in the jewellery industry is gold. For some, it might just be because of the idea of traditionality associated with it, while for others it is all about the grandeur of it. We, at Blingvine, respect people’s preferences with our stunning collection of gold plated jewellery that is every woman’s dream. Our collection is promising as one of the best gift ideas for women with a variety like no other.

Artificial Gemstones are the Natural Charmers

Charm your way into a woman’s heart with the gemstones of your choice. Rubies, sapphires, crystals, and pearls, you name it, we have it all at your service. Gems like rubies and sapphires to be specific, have been on the list of the best gifts for women for a long time now and it looks like the craze is not fading anytime soon. So, it's time to stop your search for the best gift for ladies and grab a gemstone of your choice at Blingvine today.

Gift Ideas for Women - Think About Who They Are

Women are not complicated. They are easy to understand. Their thoughts and emotions would tell you how they think about things in life and what they would exactly want. That is why, when looking for the best gifts for women or any unique gifts for women in general; you don’t need to look that far, every woman has something that makes her different, and if you understand her, you have the best gifts for women already figured out! At a time when you are looking towards all these things, one thing that remains common is elements like enamel, which appear complicated at the front but are as easy to understand as women when thought about. With enamel jewellery, show that you know!

It's All in the Patterns

Gifts for women and best gifts for ladies are subjective and vary from person to person. Knowing the patterns of these is as important as understanding the patterns of your relationship. Ancient works like meenakari and glass work in enamel are the heritage that we honor. Just like your relationship!

While looking for the best gifts for women, there comes a point where generic searches like gift ideas for women, ladies gift items, best gifts for women, gift items for women, and best gifts for ladies don’t fancy you. In the search for unique gifts for women, we realize that it is you who makes it special. Your presence is what adds meaning to the gift and not the gift itself. But at the same time, you want her to be reminded of the intent behind that gift every time she wears it. That is why, At Blingvine, we give you a chance to be the hero behind the jewellery you choose to buy by leaving it open to thought. Opening doors of more good thoughts and ideas for you this valentine, with Blingvine!