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Bracelets, the accessory that isn’t worn to impress but express. Every design and style of bracelets displays a characteristic unique to the wearer. Our collection comprises charming contemporary bracelets designed to represent every kind. Check out and get the one that makes sense to your style and personality!


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Bracelets by Blingvine

Bracelets, A Classic New-Age Accessory 

Bracelets are an accessory worn to represent and add certain meaning to one’s look. These are metal, thread or plastic band-like tied on the wrist. The different types, styles and designs in the category have made them quite popular. They are a hit among girls, boys, women and men. They can be a great gift for a friend or family and also an everyday wear. Made in gold, silver, platinum and diamonds etc., to match all occasions. 

Different Types Of Bracelets Available  

Bracelets have evolved into various styles, designs and types in all these years. From bangles, to cuffs and chain bracelets every type has its own perks and lovers. Let us learn some of these types that are still popular and prevalent today.

Charm Bracelets

These bracelets are decorated with charms of celestial objects, animals and flowers. These charms have their meanings unique to each wearer. Some have a deep attachment to the crest moon, the stars and the planets. While others like to have a cute bunny or daisy for luck and prosperity.  

Bangle Bracelets

These bracelets are in the shape of bangles, generally made of gold and silver. They are available in bangle sizes, they differ from normal bangle design. Bangle bracelets are made in different designs from traditional to the modern models.

Beaded Bracelets

Like the name suggests, beaded bracelets are made up of beads. These beads are of different sizes, shapes and colours. They are the most primitive style of bracelet which are still in fashion. Women wear beaded bracelets during religious and traditional occasions.  

Cuff Bracelets

The cuff bracelets have an empty spot in a circle to open and close. Cuff bracelets are generally metal bracelets worn with traditional outfits and events. The design is derived from the ancient jewellery types. The designs also include an imprint from history and give an aesthetic feeling to the wearer. 

Chain Bracelets

The chain bracelets are the simplest type of bracelet. Few designs include, link, box, cables etc. They are made in gold, silver studded with stones. The chain bracelet is known to symbolise “eternal love”. Worn by couples, friends and spouses to show ṭheir love for ṭheir loved ones. 

Materials Used To Make Bracelets 

Bracelets are made in various materials, from the cheap thread to the rich diamonds. Contemporary designs made in gold, white gold, yellow gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.

Gold bracelets 

Gold bracelets are the basic and royal kind of bracelets. They are made in designs of chains, links and bangles. Women like to wear gold bracelets with their everyday wear outfit. Gold bracelets are also combined with American diamonds and other stones. Stones like amethyst and ruby embellished in gold for a luxurious look.  The designer styles are the top choice for weddings and traditional functions.  

Silver bracelets

Bracelets made up of silver are the most popular kind today. They are made in charm bracelets, links and even in chains to accommodate all ages and fashion. Silver bracelets are the trend these days loved by college girls. The variety in designs and styles along with the affordable price makes it quite a good choice. 

Diamond bracelets

Diamonds are studded in white gold metal or yellow gold to form a bracelet. A diamond bracelet is the perfect gift for your loved ones. The most common design is the diamond tennis bracelet worn for a touch of elegance to style. They are best worn with evening gowns  for their invaluable features. 

Pearl bracelets

Bracelets are made of pearls in different sizes, shapes and colours. From freshwater pearls to Tahitian pearls etc. A pearl bracelet can be designed as a thread of pearls woven to fit your wrist. Pearl partners with gold, silver and platinum to enhance its beauty at times. Pearl bracelets are believed to have a soothing effect on the wearer. Hence, worn by a lot of people for those benefits too.

How to choose the right bracelet for you?

While choosing the bracelet as an accessory, it can be quite a thrift to know if it will look good. There are a few things that you can keep in mind while looking for a bracelet that will add to your look. The bracelet that is pretty as well as brings a meaning to your fashion is the right one for you. 

Personal style and preference

The most important thing to consider is what style do you like and prefer to wear. A bracelet is an accessory that represents more than just beauty. A bracelet that resonates with your personality and resembles your style should be the reason to choose. Charm bracelets specifically are something that represent you, hence are chosen so. 

Outfit and occasion

The bracelet being an accessory should complement your outfit for that particular occasion. Like if you are wearing a casual college look a simple silver bracelet type can do. Now, if it's a wedding or a big event you may want to wear a gold or diamond bracelet type. As for weddings, the gold bangle bracelets take away the votes. 

Ease and comfort

Well, comfort is fashion today. To dress comfortably is the style a lot of women follow. A bracelet that is easy to wear and maintain can be a good choice for you. If you are somebody who likes to wear bracelets everyday then comfortability can be a great factor. Pearls, links and chain bracelets are some of the types which are quite comfortable as a dailywear. 

Tips To Shop For Bracelet Online

While shopping for a bracelet online, there are few things you can keep in mind. 

Size chart

Take a look at the size chart provided with the product. Online shopping has the limitation of no physical contact, so it's better to take a look at which size fits you in the description. 

View the reviews

Reviews by customers who have already bought the product can help a lot if you are shopping for the first time. Customer reviews can give you an early insight to the quality, colour and comfortability of the product. 

Check Return And Exchange

Product return and exchange policy should be on the priority when looking for a bracelet online. For online products because we can physically touch it there's no way we can check the authenticity of quality and design. Thus, always take your bracelet after taking an account of the same.

Care And Maintenance

To keep an accessory at its best for long, care and maintenance is quite important. Cleaning, storage and maintenance are necessary after you wear a bracelet. 

Clean the bracelets after every wear with a soft cloth. This will wipe away all the sweat, dirt and oil that may have been transferred to the surface. 

Wear the bracelet last, after applying all the skin cosmetics. Try to keep them away from cosmetics as they may have some chemicals which can react with the metal in the bracelet and it may lose its shine. 

Store them in an air-tight container and away from all the accessories. As having more accessories with your bracelet in a container scratches the surface and damages its lustre. A closed jewellery box is the ebay container to store your bracelet separately. 

This was all about bracelets, their types, the materials they are made in and how to shop them online. Now you can confidently go ahead and take a look at our collection for we cover all the bases in online shopping for a great experience of beauty. 

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What are the three types of bracelets?
So, there are more than just three types of bracelets. We can let you know all the types for your kind information. There are seven major types of bracelets they are:
Bangle bracelets which look like a bangle decorated with gems and stones.
Cuff bracelets which have a slight opening to wear and adjust to your wrist. Link bracelets which have elements linked together to form a bracelet.
Charm bracelets which are decorated with charms inspired from the solar system, sea, etc.
Beads bracelet which are the most primitive type of bracelet, made up of beads of different sizes and colours.
Wraparound bracelets which are made of leather and laces and are wrapped around the wrists.
Tennis bracelets which are a simple line of stones or diamonds arranged to form a bracelet.
What is a pandora bracelet?
Pandora bracelet is a bracelet that has beads dividing the bracelet into three sections. They can be decorated with charms, beads and diamonds.
What is a tennis bracelet?
Tennis bracelet is a line of stones or diamonds arranged in a line to form a bracelet. They are the simple and elegant type of bracelet to wear.
What is the right place to wear a bracelet?
The right place to wear a bracelet, well, the question is quite vague. If you are asking what part of the body the bracelet is worn in, it is definitely the wrists. But, if you are talking about occasions they can be worn on then you can wear bracelets at every occasion and also everyday.
What is an Indian bracelet?
Indian bracelets are basically modernised bangles that are made into different materials and designs to suit modern women.
Why buy from Blingvine?
Blingvine has the latest and most unique designs in the bracelet category. They prioritise quality and design with the wishes of its customers. Their customer-based approach in sale as well as service makes them a good choice for customers to buy from.

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