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Tennis bracelets symbolise ‘true love’ for as long as. Wearing diamond tennis bracelets displays that women know her power and self-worth. It's quite fascinating how a piece of accessory can actually give assurance and confidence for life. Check out our tennis bracelet collection because our designs are both enticing and eloquent!


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Tennis Bracelets by Blingvine

Tennis Bracelets, A Prim And Powerful Experience 

Tennis bracelets, a classic way to represent love for centuries. Tennis bracelets are a part of rituals and traditions in India for the luxurious beauty. The bracelet has various designs and materials keeping the basics permanent. The basics being an arrangement of finely cut diamonds encased into white gold. From this design the materials change, the size and style changes but the beauty remains the same. 

All Through history…

Tennis bracelets sure have a lot of history behind them. Yet the most intriguing of them all is the story behind the name of the bracelet. It is believed that a professional tennis player, Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet before a game. Well, this whole incident made a mark in history, the bracelet was since then known as “tennis bracelet”. All through history up to the present the lost bracelet has become a symbol of pure love and strong bonds. 

Types Of Metals That Make A Tennis Bracelet

Though the original tennis bracelet was diamonds arranged in white gold. There are various forms that a tennis bracelet is available in nowadays. The type of metal used in tennis bracelets gives a new look and a pretty new price to it. Let us take a look at a few metal types used to make tennis bracelets these days. 


Tennis bracelets made in gold, the royal metal for that traditional luxury. Gold tennis bracelets can be of white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. Yellow gold tennis bracelets studded with gemstones and American diamonds. They are a great choice for weddings and traditional functions. The bracelet when worn on the wrists of a bride gives out an enchanting elegance. The golden glow of gold with diamonds is the prime choice for bridal accessories. With gold tennis bracelets you can never go wrong for occasions to express and impress.  


This type of tennis bracelet comes with a combination of silver as a casing metal. Silver having the same colour as white gold looks like the original tennis bracelet. Yet, made with American diamonds and gems that are much more economical than diamonds. The silver tennis bracelets are loved by college students because of the affordability factor. Young girls wear it as an item of beauty and elegance, worn during prom nights and farewells. Paired with their gowns and party dresses the beauty of the accessory increases by ten folds. 


The other metal used in making tennis bracelets is platinum. The fact that platinum has very recently entered the main market due to the rarity of the metal. Its entry into the tennis bracelet lane is new too. Platinum is so much like white gold makes it look all the more like the original tennis brackets. Yet, platinum is as much expensive metal as white gold if not more. This brings platinum tennis bracelets into the criteria of luxurious pieces of jewellery. Platinum tennis bracelets decorated with diamonds are a gifting choice for loved ones. 

Types Of Gemstones Used In Tennis Bracelets

The beauty of a tennis bracelet is solely dependent on the types, colour and shine of gemstones. The design being so simple leaves a lot for the metal and gemstone to beautify. The gemstones used in modern tennis bracelets are less expensive. They have a similar lustre to real diamonds also. 

American Diamonds 

American diamonds in gold or silver are the common types of tennis bracelets made today. American diamond bracelets have taken over with their diamond like lustre.  The different colours in American diamonds complement the metal for a perfect combination. Red, yellow, green or transparent American diamonds can make tennis bracelets. The bracelets comprise different designs, patterns and styles. Best choice for occasions like weddings and traditional functions. 

Artificial Gemstones

Artificial gemstones not only look like real gemstones. Gemstones that look exactly like emeralds, sapphires, turquoise and opal made in laboratories.  Synthesised to look identical to real gemstones. These stones have been used in tennis bracelets as a substitute for a long time now. They not only provide the beauty of a real gemstone but are affordable to all. Often combined with metal cases made up of gold and silver for a team. 

Tips To Choose A Tennis Bracelet

While choosing a tennis bracelet for the first time, it can be a bit tricky. With the range of styles and signs they are available in. From personal style to fashion to the occasions and then the affordability. All these factors influence your choice of tennis bracelet. Let us add a few factors to your checklist while choosing the right tennis bracelet for you. 

Quality Of Diamonds And Cut

For the quality of gold in a tennis bracelet, you must look at the back of the metal for a hallmark stamp. For the gemstones and diamonds made into the bracelet you can have a cut in all sizes. Round, baguette and mixed cuts being the popular types for tennis bracelets. 

If you are to check the diamonds are real, throw them if they break they aren't. Just kidding! The simple trick is to breathe out on them till they fog up. If the haze disappears in seconds then the diamonds are real. 

Budget And Prices

Tennis bracelets have high prices, because of the number of diamonds and stones. The price comprises the 4Cs(cut, clarity,colour and carat). Well, diamonds are expensive and expect to spend at least a few lakhs. Yet, opting for an American diamond bracelet or an artificial gemstone can reduce the cost a lot. 

Match Outfit And Occasion

The different colours of metal, diamonds and gemstone in the bracelet should match. Your styles, outfit and occasion has to be a match too. Colourful diamonds or gemstones can suit a colourful outfit for a traditional event. While a simple white diamond bracelet can be better for an office party or with a wedding gown. 

Care And Maintenance Of Tennis Bracelets

Taking care of your precious jewelleries is necessary for their long lasting beauty. Let us learn some caring and maintenance tips to do the best for our tennis bracelets. 

Cleaning And Storage

Cleaning your diamond bracelet is quite easy, so you must not skip it every time you wear it. Give the diamonds a gentle wash in soapy water to clean off all the oil and dirt. Store your diamond bracelet in an airtight container away from sunlight. 

Maintenance And Prevention

It is always best to take off your jewellery before showering. To keep them away from chemicals which may react with the metals. Keeping your bracelet in a separate container away from other jewellery pieces. This will avoid damage to its shine due to scratching. 

This was all about tennis brackets, the materials and the maintenance of them. Strengthen your love and bind by gifting your loved ones one of these tennis bracelets. Check out our collection of tennis bracelets for the latest designs and styles.

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