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Pearl Bracelets - Beautiful wrist jewellery for women

Pearl Bracelet or Moti Bracelet is one of the favourite jewellery designs of a woman. There is nothing as classic and chic as Pearl Bracelet. Loved for their classic beauty and modern versatility, Blingvine offers Pearls Bracelet in all types of bracelet designs, colours, sizes and styles from manufacturers all over the world. Imported imitation jewellery high-quality Pearl Bracelets. Choose from a wide range of Venetian Pearls or Cultured Pearl Bracelets.

Pearl Bracelets for girls and women

We offer a striking collection of Pearl bracelets for women and girls in styles ranging from single strand chain bracelet, double-strand string bracelet to Bangle style bracelet and crystal-studded Pearl Bracelet for a more glamorous look.

Elegant Pearl Bracelets for all occasions

Whether you’re going minimal at your office or hitting a formal red carpet event, pearl accessories are a go-to jewellery for all occasions. The sophisticated shine combined with the royal charm of the pearls makes it the most desired jewellery for all women. Choose from a collection of white pearls bracelets, grey pearl bracelets, crystal studded pearl bracelets and pearl bangles for women.