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When in elegant circles, you are as good as your last pearl necklace
Pearl jewellery is the royal embodiment of elegance and class, all fitting well with Blingvine’s vibrant assortment of pearl necklaces, pearl set, pearl earrings, pearl studs and pearl bracelets.

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Pearl Jewellery by Blingvine

Pearls and their existence are incredible. Literally. While we look at gems, we see elements that are mined or obtained similarly. But the existence of pearls is different, so pure and incredible that it blows minds away. Pearls are originally made in sea beds by an organism. So cool isn’t it! I am sure we’ve all read it in textbooks, particularly in poems, how pearls are priceless and should be preserved in their natural form.

The history of pearls dates back to the time when humans were searching for food in earth’s natural resources and hunting for food was a common practice. It is believed that while looking for food in deep sea beds, people discovered timelessly beautiful pearls. At first, they were seen with scrutinizing gazes but soon, pearls got recognized for their beauty all over the world. 

Once discovered, their accessibility was made limited to kings and queens but not to the entire population owing to their rarity in nature. With time, pearls only grew more beautiful and kept stealing hearts. This caused their demand to become extremely high and pearls became everyone’s choice.

Now, natural pearls that grew without any human interference were quite less in number and couldn’t meet up with demands from people, so, people moved to cultural pearls, are grown with human interference by insertion of a mollusk into the oyster shell.  Soon, people began choosing pearls as their daily jewellery gems and natural and cultural pearls became vastly popular among people of all ages. 

The times have changed but the choices of people have not. Pearls are still one of the most demanded gems in the market. This could also be because unlike any other gem and design that has had its ups and downs, pearls have been consistently at the top of the gem chain.

From then to now, pearl jewellery designs and pearl artificial jewellery, in general, have raided the jewellery world. If you look up pearl jewellery online, we are sure you’ll end up with more options than you would ever get with any other gem. It could be natural pearls, cultured pearls, or artificial pearl jewellery online in general; pearls are going places with the vibe they create.

Pearls jewellery designs flood the internet and day in and day out, we see multiple new additions into the list. Pearl jewellery has been in the market for so long but still evolves in its unique way. The beauty of a pearl is reflected in the jewellery pieces that have them. 

At Blingvine, we bring you an exclusive range of pearl jewellery that is unmatched. With our range in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, we promise an experience that you wouldn’t forget. Be it any piece of accessories, pearls are a force to reckon with and deserve a chance in your wardrobe. But them once and you can pair it up with almost anything. It could be office wear jewellery, party wear jewellery, or casual wear; pearls go with almost everything. Get your pearl today and feel the magic!

Pearl Jewellery - Classy Pearl Jewellery at Blingvine

As the old saying goes, “Pearls are always appropriate.” Pearl jewellery is the most classic and versatile jewellery type in the world of fashion. Appropriate for various occasions and outfits, pearl jewellery is a must-have. Known as the queen of gems, pearls are the favourite jewellery for girls and women across the globe. Nothing radiates the royalty and luxury like pearl jewellery.

At Blingvine checkout the latest pearl jewellery designs online in India. Highest quality artificial pearl jewellery for women to make a statement at any event or occasion. Trendy and designer pearl jewellery designs that can elevate your look multifolds and add elegance to your attire. Blingvine offers an overwhelming range of pearl jewellery designs inspired from the latest trends in runway fashion. From traditional pearl jewellery to the most modern take in the world of pearls, buy latest pearl jewellery designs online at Blingvine at best prices.

Pearl necklace

A classic pearl for you is all you need. With all the work that an outfit selection takes, we are sure you want to be done with accessory shopping as quickly as possible. That won’t be possible at all without a pearl under your belt. With the beauty of pearls with you, you could as well accomplish anything in the jewellery section of your ensemble.

Pearl necklaces, for one, are very common today. Common but trendy. A pearl necklace and you are good to go for any occasion.

Pearl jewellery online is a beautiful collection of studded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings among other things. Pearl choker necklaces, for example, are extremely popular due to the rich look they give to any ensemble. With their designs and the deep-rooted meaningful chains of pearls in them, they are a must-see and buy sight. Pearl necklace set range is a range that promises some of the most exquisite pieces of jewellery among all other gems.

Back in the day, gold pearl necklaces were considered as the poshest pieces of accessories but as time went by, people started moving to high-quality imitation jewellery that not only saved the hefty investment but also had better designs at disposal. ‘Moti necklace’ as people like to call it, is everyone’s personal favorite when it comes to jewellery that speaks rich.

Now, with other accessories, versatility has always been seen as an important factor, and understandably so. With pearls though, this factor just seems to be a small hurdle to conquer. A variety like no other that fits women of all ages.

Our culture is diverse and rich. What we see everywhere is people using jewellery as a gift and a token of love to one another. I am sure that as a kid, you also received a few gifts of such kind that you couldn’t wear up until you reached a specific age. With pearls, that is sorted. Be it women of any age, pearl suits all.

What could differ is the layering of it, the length of it, or sometimes, the volume; but overall, pearls as gemstones shine brighter than anything out there.

We live in a world of influencers. We might not realise it but in some way or the other, we also become influencers for someone. It could be unintentional but the act of influencing others is not new to humans. Pearls have gained quite a word in the influencer world and people are now more experimental than ever. Jewellery is now not restricted to just party wear or clothing that you wouldn’t wear on a normal day; it has become a daily accessory in people’s lives and the craze around pearls is real. We are sure you have spotted your favourite influencer sporting a pearl necklace or just a pearl-studded chain daily.

This encourages numerous people to participate in the same trend, making pearls a staple gem in the accessory wardrobe. We are sure that you have a few under your care already. If not, now is the time and if you do, a little extra pearl never hurt anybody!

Pearl Necklace Sets - Royal Jewellery from Blingvine

Pearls are an ever-classy and luxurious jewellery piece. Pearls are the oldest among highly desired gems and continue to charm women even today. One of the most favourite pearl jewellery for women is Pearl necklaces.

Pearl necklaces are one of the most stylish and timeless pieces of jewellery. For those who like a classy and sophisticated look, pearls necklaces are perfect daily wear jewellery. Pearl jewellery has continued to evolve over the centuries but still remain one of the most classic and traditional jewellery selections. From being royal to making a style-defining statement, necklaces with pearls are the most versatile jewellery for women all over the world.

 Blingvine offers pearl jewellery designs in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes. From Timeless White Pearls to Exotic Grey Pearls and Gorgeous Golden Pearls. From Minimal Pearl Pendant Set to Royal Jaipuri inspired Pearl Necklace Set.

Latest Pearl Jewellery Set – Elegant Jewellery for Women

Nothing matches the elegance and grandeur of a Pearl Necklace Set. Be it a simple pearl pendant with chain or a multiple stings of pearl necklace, this precious gem jewellery can make the simplest of dresses look eloquent and powerful. Being the favourite gem of all women since centuries, Pearls are the most timeless form of jewellery and can never run out of fashion.

 From simple chain necklace with pearl pendants to the grand and gorgeous pearl necklace sets, Blingvine is here with a collection of top-notch pearl jewellery sets for women crafted with high-quality cultured Venetian Pearls and Shell pearls. Blingvine brings you the classy and luxury of pearl at the most affordable prices.

Pearl Online Shopping at Blingvine Jewellery Store

Pampering yourself with some precious jewellery every once in a while is no crime. We all like to discover new things and shop online at the comfort of our home. Buy best quality pearl necklaces online at Blingvine Jewelry Store in India. Choose from a range of minimal pearl necklaces, casual wear necklaces, party wear pearl necklaces appropriate for saree, Lehenga, Kurti, western dresses and casual outfits for more stylish look.

Pearl pendant sets

Pearl jewellery has been gloriously discussed since ages and the finest thing about pearls is that every jewellery item ever created with them has a charm of its own. Be it pearl jewellery design, gold pearl necklace, motif necklace, or traditional pearl jewellery set, or pearl jewellery online in general, pearls shine bright everywhere. 

Pendants are small necklaces worn around the neck. If you are someone who likes to wear necklaces but do not want to take the hassle of carrying heavy jewellery every day, pendants are something that you should bet on. And if those pendants are studded with pearls, it is a deal you should not be skipping. 

Pearl jewellery online is a collection of all sorts of accessories from necklaces to bracelets, you name it, a pearl is a part of it. With natural pearls and cultural pearls being more abundant than ever, jewellery makers are more creative than ever with creating something with pearls. Pearl pendants are one such creativity. 

Pearl necklace designs were earlier restricted to only using simple pearls and adding them to a chain. Although there’s nothing wrong with the design and the look it gives to the one wearing it, sometimes it might become a bit too monotonous for your liking.

We, at Blingvine, understand where our customer’s demands lie at. We have created a pearl pendant collection that will amaze you and make you want to grab all the pieces in one go. A little too much jewellery never hurt anybody. And when it comes to pendants, a little too much might be what you exactly need. 

Focused on the tiniest of details, our pearl pendant collection is a combination of modern style and detailing with age-old jewellery patterns like flowers among others. When a person looks at pearls, they get a luxurious and peaceful piece of jewellery to look at. It is a piece of jewellery that radiates peace and uplifts one’s personality and style. 

Pearl pendants are an everyday accessory that matches almost everything. You could pair it up with casual daily wear or a work outfit, pearls do justice to everything. The main reason why people prefer moving towards pendants is due to their wearability on daily basis. If we talk about it now, subtlety is a factor that people look for. We live in a world where you don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed. It has to be just right. And for that, pendants are the decision that you should be making today.

Pair them up with anything of your liking and make them a part of your style. We believe that jewellery need not be just a physical accessory, it should be an accessory that complements your mind and emotional connection.

 The first impression of a person comes from their style. It is not in the looks of a person that we find interest in, it's in the way they carry themselves that matters. That is why a pearl pendant might be something that you didn’t know you needed. Choose to put your best pearl forward with the delightfully gorgeous Blingvine pearl pendants.

Pearl Pendant Set – Minimal necklaces for office and daily wear Jewellery 

Nothing radiates class sophistication like a pearl pendant necklace. Minimal jewellery for all occasions. Wear it like a daily wear jewellery or a formal office accessory, it is a perfect jewellery to add femininity with charm to your look. They exude elegance and simplicity at the same time. Pearls when coupled with crystals can create wonders. Find the best collection of pearl pendants with chain online at Blingvine. Pendants are a girl’s favourite accessory. From minimal office wear pendants to travel jewellery, explore classy pearl pendants with earrings at Blingvine. Wear beautiful Pearl pendants with chain with a shirt, top, kurti or dress, it is bound to catch attention.

Pearl Earrings

Very akin to a glass of fine wine, one’s choice of pearl earnings describes their refined taste in jewellery that comes through nothing else but the experience. One look at a delicate pair of white pearl earrings arouses a feeling of class and loyalty, unequalled by any crystal or gemstone. The roundness of their shape, the shine, the sweet white and black colour, each reaches out to the natural beauty which needs no polishing or adulteration.

Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer’s painting, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, the focus of the painting stands towards the girl while the pearl earrings stand out with their expression, complementing the girl’s mysterious look.

Pearl Earrings-Legend has it all

Legend has it that the gems straight out of the waters garner protection to the wearer. They also bring home good luck and wealth while keeping one’s children under protection and love.

Interestingly, in the olden Egyptian times, the rich and powerful were buried with a large amount of gold as well as pearls. It is also believed that the famous queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, and its last active ruler, Cleopatra took the gem from one of her pearl earrings and dissolved it, only to finally drink it. In one gulp, the queen showed Roman politician Mark Antony his place in a conversation.

As a part of Christian mythology, the history of pearls dates as far back as the legend of Adam and Eve. After being cast out of the Garden of Eden, the couple wept heavily making their tears fall in pearls. These tears represented purity and deep remorse for their act hence, so do the pearls. Since Adam controlled his emotions a lot harder, his tears fell as black pearls, which justifies their extreme rarity.

Pearl Earrings for every occasion

Trends on Social media keep changing within the blink of an eye, however, the trend of pearl earrings has quite been in vogue for a while. Perfectly paired with every outfit, pearl earrings have developed a reputation as an accessory that works well in every crisis.

Giving the vibe of pleasantly old fashioned as well as modern, pearl earrings seem absolutely flattering on both Indian and western outfits. While pearl earring studs are most common, however, long pearl earrings are also catching up and amassing the interest of many fashion bloggers.

Even as a wedding gift, pearl and pearl earrings are well recognized and highly appreciated because of their close connection to the idea of romance and purity. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that the deity, Krishna pulled out the first-ever pearl from the sea and then presented it to his daughter, on the day of her wedding. As a wedding gift, pearl earrings symbolize purity, love, union and show the generosity and integrity of the one who gifted the pair.

As long as you have your thread connected to Blingvine, the rare pearls are no longer rare enough for your reach. With all the latest pearl earring designs, Blingvine brings to your doorstep the best of pearl earrings online.

Pearl Bracelets and Pearl Bangles

Bracelets are rare beauties that grace the wrists. With their intricate designs and patterns to die for, they are a modern-day dream. And when these beauties combine with pearls, it becomes a match like no other. 

Pearls are considered a symbol of wisdom and grace. With their white colour that gives off calmness and peace, they show a deep sense of belonging and safety. This symbolic significance of pearls also makes them popular amongst all age groups, young women to be specific. 

Bangles have been used as elegant jewellery pieces for decades now. They have successfully ruled the markets with their qualities and would continue to do so in the future too. Why? Because of the value they provide. Especially in the Indian culture, bangles have always held a major importance. Be it a personal accessory, a wedding gift, or a wedding accessory; pearls never disappoint. With the era of subtle and cool designs and elements being in high demand, pearls have gathered quite a number of eyes on them.  Combining bangles with pearls was something that people always wanted but couldn’t ask for. The possibility of it was too good to be true. But pearl bangles have successfully raided the markets and they are ruling them today. Every other person is seen buying them and why not! The thought behind them only enhances their value in the market and attracts more and more people towards it. 

Jewellery is more than just a physical piece that adds beauty to yourself, it is an emotion expressed in its rawest form. With the scream of expression that comes with jewellery, gems like pearl only add to the meaning and beauty; a combination that anyone would adore.

Pearl has been known for its cool nature and elegance. Pearl bracelets are also known for the same, if not more. They are an image to capture with pure designs and patterns that please everyone’s hearts.

Be it for you or for someone else, pearls make the best gifts. They are classy and subtle but at the same time, just enough to suit any occasion. 

If you have a stunning pearl bracelet at your call at all times, you won’t ever have to think about it matching with your outfit because pearl is most probably the most versatile element in the jewellery world. Together with crystals, pearls rule over all the other gems that you could find in the markets.

At Blingvine, we bring you an experience like no other. Although we have always been experimental with our designs to bring in that added creativity, we have also preserved age-old beauties in their best form by recreating them again and again and bringing them to life with a unique idea behind each one of them. 

With pearls, we bring you a range that promises ‘pearls’ of wisdom and sing songs of serenity. Be it beaded pearls or the single ones, everything is just the right balance and brings up the best that you could think of.

Pearl Bracelets - Beautiful wrist jewellery for women

Pearl Bracelet or Moti Bracelet is one of the favourite jewellery designs of a woman. There is nothing as classic and chic as Pearl Bracelet. Loved for their classic beauty and modern versatility, Blingvine offers Pearls Bracelet in all types of bracelet designs, colours, sizes and styles from manufacturers all over the world. Imported imitation jewellery high-quality Pearl Bracelets. Choose from a wide range of Venetian Pearls or Cultured Pearl Bracelets.

Pearl Bracelets for girls and women

We offer a striking collection of Pearl bracelets for women and girls in styles ranging from single strand chain bracelet, double-strand string bracelet to Bangle style bracelet and crystal-studded Pearl Bracelet for a more glamorous look.

Elegant Pearl Bracelets for all occasions

Whether you’re going minimal at your office or hitting a formal red carpet event, pearl accessories are a go-to jewellery for all occasions. The sophisticated shine combined with the royal charm of the pearls makes it the most desired jewellery for all women. Choose from a collection of white pearls bracelets, grey pearl bracelets, crystal studded pearl bracelets and pearl bangles for women.

Buy Cultured Shell Pearl Jewellery at Blingvine

 If you’re looking for high-quality cultured pearl jewellery set then Blingvine is the place for you. Find natural Pearls and Cultures Venetian Pearls Jewellery at affordable prices in India at Blingvine Online Jewelry Store. Pearls online shopping of genuine products without any doubts as we provide warranty on all our products.


What are the differences between natural pearls & cultured pearls?
Before delving into the differences of natural pearls and cultured pearls, it is important to put forth that both these pearls are real pearls and are produced by an oyster or mollusk, the catch only lies in the way they are produced. The naturally occurring pearls take years to perfectly form and tediously long to be fetched out of the ocean to be finally wrapped around your glorious neck because the natural pearl is formed when an irritant makes its way into an oyster’s soft tissue muscle accidentally causing it to produce layers of secretions which slowly develops into a natural pearl. The only contrast between natural and cultured pearls is that the cultured pearls are grown on farms and the stimulation through the irritant is not an accidental occurrence rather through human intervention. This does not change the properties of the pearl and both natural and cultured pearls remain “real pearls”.
Which quality pearls are considered best for pearl jewellery?
Like the quality of gold and diamonds which is measured in Karats, the quality of pearls is measured through the AAA to A system, where AAA is the supreme and considered the best for pearl jewellery. The AAA quality guarantees 95 percent free of defects pearls that are very lustrous and almost perfect. The AA pearls are 75 percent free of defects while the A grade pearls have defects on more than 25 percent of the pearl surface.
What does one need to know before buying pearl jewellery online?
One of the foremost things to know before going on an online pearl shopping spree is to know that since natural pearls are extremely rare and likely to be vintage, therefore are mostly unavailable online. In fact, the American Gem Society says that most of the ocean’s natural pearls have already been harvested. Many fraud websites claim their pearls to be all natural but a thorough investigation must be made before paying a high price.
How durable is pearl jewellery?
Pearls are ranked 2.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale making it a soft gem. It also means that pearls can easily be scratched and lose the beautiful shine on the outside. Presently, pearls are the only form of jewellery that need not have any cutting, polishing, refining or even mining. If pearls are stored well and handled with proper care they can last a lifetime and still be exquisite enough to count as family treasure.
What are different types of pearl necklace set design?
Pearls are one of the favorites when your eyes are looking for elegance. There are many types of pearl necklace set designs which include the pearl sets, pearl chokers, Matinee Length Necklaces, Pearl Rope necklace, Pearl Pendants, Multi-colour pearl necklaces, Jacky Kennedy layered pearl necklaces and many more. The design of a pearl necklace changes the whole aura since pearls are the only form of jewels which are not cut or polished.
How one should take care of pearl necklace set?
Since pearls are highly susceptible to scratching, a pearl necklace set should always be kept in a box where none of the pearls touch each other too much. One can also choose to substitute the box with a soft pouch made of linen, silk or cotton. It is also advisable to not hang the pearl necklaces to a hook for proper storage because this might put pressure and stretch the necklace. Besides this, keeping your jewels away from water and perfume/deodorants is never a bad idea.
Things to keep in mind before buying pearl choker necklace online?
When buying pearl chokers online, it must be understood that the pearls are largely cultured pearls. These cultured pearls belong to categories like Ahoy pearls, Freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls. Besides the cultured pearls, if an online shop claims to sell natural pearls then it is worth demanding a certificate of authenticity as the prices are through the roof.
Where can we find best original pearls necklace set online?
While both natural and cultured pearls are “original pearls” and make stunning fashion statements, the rarity of natural pearls makes them worth a king’s ransom. When looking for cultured pearls, Blingvine offers a wide variety of pearl necklaces that includes classic pearl necklaces, pearl pendants and many more such beautiful designs that will make your all outfit stand out. Packed with care, the pearl necklaces by Blingvine can be well stored in boxes provided with the jewels which can last a lifetime.
Which earrings are more fashionable pearl stud earrings or long pearl earrings?
The question of being fashionable is deeply attached to the personality and outfit of the wearer. If the outfit exhibits simplicity which includes choosing a single colour and pulled back hair with light makeup, pearl stud earrings might just suit the best while long pearl earrings would draw the attention unnecessarily. Similarly, a glam look would be more fashionable if long pearl earrings are a part of the outfit.
Things to keep in mind before buying pearl earrings online.
It’s an absolute delight to be in the age of online shopping because it makes our life so much easier yet a little more risky. When shopping online for expensive jewels like pearl earrings, one must be aware that the shine, shape, size, surface and shade of the pearl determines its real value. Choosing a trustworthy site that provides a certificate of authenticity should be a real priority besides searching for your ideal design of the pearl earrings.
How one should take care of pearl earrings?
Pearls appear to be delicately tough however, they are really prone to being scratched which makes them lose their elegant texture and colour. To properly take care of your pearl earrings, always store them in a cloth lined box and not hang them or store them in a metal jewellery box. Another important factor that can contribute to your pearl health is keeping them away from water and chemicals including perfumes and deodorants.
Where can I find the best white pearl earrings design?
White Pearls are a real treasure and to find that treasure you must cross through the valleys of Blingvine which holds a stunning variety of white pearl earrings. Exclusively crafted by designers, Blingvine’s pearl earrings are always top notch and first in the row for latest designs as well as pass through multiple checks, only to have the best ones delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Trending Pearl Jewellery Price List

Pearl JewelleryPrice
1. Zehra Pearl Earrings
₹ 1,800
₹ 2,800
₹ 1,800
2. Kate Pendant Set
₹ 2,400
₹ 4,600
₹ 2,400
3. Juno Pearl Earrings
₹ 1,600
₹ 2,400
₹ 1,600
4. Seashell Studs
₹ 2,000
₹ 3,000
₹ 2,000
5. Malhar Jhumkas
₹ 1,800
₹ 3,000
₹ 1,800
6. Moonlit Luxury Necklace Set
₹ 5,400
₹ 8,000
₹ 5,400
7. Blossom Bracelet
₹ 1,700
₹ 2,800
₹ 1,700
8. Katherine Luxury Pearl Necklace Set
₹ 4,600
₹ 6,600
₹ 4,600
9. Spring Goddess Bracelet
₹ 2,100
₹ 3,300
₹ 2,100
10. Luna Studs
₹ 2,100
₹ 3,400
₹ 2,100