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Wear your innocence with elegance and the serene beauty of pearls!
Pearl jewellery carries a halo of elegance and class with it. Wearing pearls is comfortable, chic, and fashionable. The love and admiration for pearls are increasing with every style and design. Our very own pearl jewellery collection is a place where tradition meets modernity. A glance at our Rivaah pearl necklace set can already prove it to you!


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Pearl Jewellery by Blingvine

Pearl Jewellery- A Gift Of Elegance For Women 

Pearl jewellery is a collection of jewellery pieces made up of pearls. It comprises pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pearl jewellery sets too. Pearls are a symbol of innocence, serenity, and longevity. They are elegant, charming, and a fashion statement. They can be chic and comfortable at the same time. Pearl jewellery is most often chosen because it goes with all kinds of outfits and occasions. 

Pearls Travelling Through History

Pearls were first presented to the Chinese royalty as a gift. Then the Romans and Egyptians too started wearing pearls as ornaments. The status of pearls reached such a level that Julius Caesar ordered that only royals could wear it. Pearls since then have had a significance for wealth, fortune, and prosperity. A pearl set is a symbol of innocent beauty and elegance.

Significance Of Pearls 

Pearl jewellery has been of great significance since ancient times. The colour, origin, and shape of a pearl all have their own meanings. There are both cultural and fashionable aspects to the beauty and shine of pearls. 

Cultural Importance Of Pearl Jewellery In different countries 

Pearls have been a cultural symbol of femininity, wisdom, and purity. The sheer resemblance to the moon provides a calming, protective, and strengthening effect. Pearl, being a birthstone, worn for luck and healing by June-born people. 

In the Middle East, China and Japan's pearl earrings have been a symbol of wealth and status for centuries. While Europe finds pearl jewellery as a symbol of purity and it is often worn by the bride during weddings. 

Fashion Importance Of Pearl Jewellery

Pearls in fashion jewellery have been an accessory for women. Pearls made into necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Every element of pearl jewellery has been following modern designs and trends. The elegance of pearl jewellery with the variety of styles is quite revolutionary. 

Types Of Pearl Jewellery Available 

Pearl jewellery has a lot of elements available. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made up of pearls are quite popular among women. Each type of pearl jewellery has its own types of materials and designs that suit a particular style. Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, and baroque pearls are the popular types of pearls. They make some of the most beautiful and expensive pearl jewellery designs.  

Pearl Necklace Set

Pearl necklace sets found in various materials like gold, silver, and diamonds. These comprise pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Pearl necklaces have a few popular types that have been trendy these days. They are versatile, comfortable, and fashionable. Some of the few types of pearl necklaces are:

Pearl Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces made of pearls are the trend. They have been the choice of women for various occasions. Pearl choker necklaces in different metals, like gold and silver. Threaded into wire, pearls adorned on the neck look graceful and elegant. They look their best with an evening gown or a bridal saree. How these outfits and occasions suit the pearl choker necklaces is quite distinct! 

Gold Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces made with gold are the most royal and classy type of necklace set. A gold pearl necklace has pearls encased in gold. It can provide a new look to the pure beauty of freshwater pearls. These necklaces are a popular choice for bridal jewellery and worn by many brides on their big day.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are studs, hoops, or even drop earrings made up of pearls. Pearl earrings are the most simple and easy to style accessory. They have been a nice option for college girls' daily wear. The designs have been changing with time, trends, and the fashion choices of modern women. There are a few popular types of pearl earrings for every occasion and outfit you want to pair them with.   

Pearl Stud Earrings

Stud earrings made up of pearls like freshwater pearls, etc., are the pearl stud earrings. Pearl stud earrings are elegant and chic and best for a simple, serene look. A pearl stud earring paired with a bodycon dress for a formal event or as office wear. Pearl studs have been in fashion and will remain so for as long as possible. They look good when paired with a formal suit or skirt. They can be as charming when worn with a party dress or as daily wear. Different designs of pearl studs make them a versatile piece of jewellery for women.

Gold Pearl Earrings

Gold added to other jewellery material, provides that tinge of tradition and royalty. Gold pearl earrings are the classic wedding jewellery loved by women. Gold pearls made into studs, hoops, and jhumkas to cover every look there is. Gold pearl earrings are a popular choice among bridal jewellery collections, too. They can be modern, traditional, or minimalist, giving a new edge to gold earrings. 

Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are the trend. Women love to pair it with different types of outfits. The drop like pearls with gold, silver, or gems are a beauty. The features include, simplicity, elegance, and chicness. Created for women who prefer minimalist designs with a touch of statement. Pearl drop earrings are good for office wear, body-con party dresses, and even weddings. 

How To Style Pearl Jewellery?

Styling is the key component of any outfit or look. An accessory would complement outfits and bring out the best features of each. The key point is how to distribute the right amount of attention  for the best experience. Let's take a look at some pearl jewellery styling tips:

How To Match It With Different Outfits For Occasions?

Different styles and designs of pearl jewellery give a wide range of styling options. Pearl bangles, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all add colour to the attire.

Traditional And Ethnic Outfits

A gold pearl jhumka or a gold pearl necklace are the best traditional choices. Pair it with a lehenga, a patiala suit, a saree, or shararas. They are enticing to see and comfortable to wear for a traditional function. 

Wedding Outfits And Bridal Dresses

Their cultural significance makes pearls the first choice for bridal dresses and gowns. Gold and pearls in a bridal gown are a timeless combination for weddings. A south Indian bridal saree with a long pearl necklace. A punjabi lehenga or a green sharara paired with a pair of pearl jhumkas and pearl choker necklaces. It is versatile enough to accommodate any outfit.

Party Dresses And Evening Gowns

A pretty evening gown paired with a pearl necklace looks ethereal, to say the least. Pearl jewellery at a party is to grab attention from afar. They are a beauty, well proven in every element, be it bangles, bracelets, or pendants. 

How To Mix-N-Match With Other Jewellery?

Mix-n-match has been a modern trend. Contrasting your jewellery with other pieces can be quite efficient for best looks. 

Consider the balance of outfit with accessory

Well, the outfit is the main component of any look. If the outfit is too heavy, then a simple pearl jewellery piece is the way to go. Creating a balance between the outfits and accessories is necessary for any look. 

See if the colours complement or contrast

Pearls are present in colours of pink, black, yellow, et. You can use these colours to your advantage for a more festive and cheerful look. The different colours of pearls arranged in a combination is another way to style pearls.  

It's fine to use different metals with pearls  

Don't hesitate to mix your pearl jewellery pieces with other metal jewellery. You can always wear a pearl necklace with a gold bracelet and rings. A pearl pendant necklace with gold or silver earrings.

How To Incorporate Pearls In Your Everyday Look?

Pearls, as one of the most versatile, can be suitable for everyday wear. Women choose to wear pearls with their daily looks for the comfortable and ever-elegant factor. 

Freshwater Pearls For Simplicity

If you are a person who generally dresses simple. To add a touch of elegance to your style, freshwater pearl jewellery is a good choice. They are light-coloured, with a range of sizes and styles. A small piece of pearl earring or ring can serve as a starter.

Pearl Jewellery Designs For New Look

Although pearls are quite traditional, modern designs can provide an unexpected new look for you. A pearl drop earring with your casual denim look is a nice option. Wear pearl jewellery with your desired outfit and enjoy how it accommodates itself for you. 

Care And Maintenance Of Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are quite easy to care for and maintain. For the maintenance of pearl jewellery, you need to wipe off the sweat, oil, and dirt every time you wear it. 

Pearl jewellery shines with wear, and thus storing it in a porous cloth where it can breathe in air can help keep the shine for a long time.

Cleaning is important, but doing it more often can also affect the shine of pearls. Remember to keep that in mind. 

This was all about pearls, pearl jewellery, their types, and styling tips for you to get the most out of your pearl jewellery experience. Now you can go ahead, buy and enjoy pearl jewellery at its best only at Blingvine, with the latest designs in the pearl jewellery collection.

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What are the differences between natural pearls & cultured pearls?
Before delving into the differences of natural pearls and cultured pearls, it is important to put forth that both these pearls are real pearls and are produced by an oyster or mollusk, the catch only lies in the way they are produced. The naturally occurring pearls take years to perfectly form and tediously long to be fetched out of the ocean to be finally wrapped around your glorious neck because the natural pearl is formed when an irritant makes its way into an oyster’s soft tissue muscle accidentally causing it to produce layers of secretions which slowly develops into a natural pearl. The only contrast between natural and cultured pearls is that the cultured pearls are grown on farms and the stimulation through the irritant is not an accidental occurrence rather through human intervention. This does not change the properties of the pearl and both natural and cultured pearls remain “real pearls”.
Which quality pearls are considered best for pearl jewellery?
Like the quality of gold and diamonds which is measured in Karats, the quality of pearls is measured through the AAA to A system, where AAA is the supreme and considered the best for pearl jewellery. The AAA quality guarantees 95 percent free of defects pearls that are very lustrous and almost perfect. The AA pearls are 75 percent free of defects while the A grade pearls have defects on more than 25 percent of the pearl surface.
What does one need to know before buying pearl jewellery online?
One of the foremost things to know before going on an online pearl shopping spree is to know that since natural pearls are extremely rare and likely to be vintage, therefore are mostly unavailable online. In fact, the American Gem Society says that most of the ocean’s natural pearls have already been harvested. Many fraud websites claim their pearls to be all natural but a thorough investigation must be made before paying a high price.
How durable is pearl jewellery?
Pearls are ranked 2.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale making it a soft gem. It also means that pearls can easily be scratched and lose the beautiful shine on the outside. Presently, pearls are the only form of jewellery that need not have any cutting, polishing, refining or even mining. If pearls are stored well and handled with proper care they can last a lifetime and still be exquisite enough to count as family treasure.
What are different types of pearl necklace set design?
Pearls are one of the favorites when your eyes are looking for elegance. There are many types of pearl necklace set designs which include the pearl sets, pearl chokers, Matinee Length Necklaces, Pearl Rope necklace, Pearl Pendants, Multi-colour pearl necklaces, Jacky Kennedy layered pearl necklaces and many more. The design of a pearl necklace changes the whole aura since pearls are the only form of jewels which are not cut or polished.
How one should take care of pearl necklace set?
Since pearls are highly susceptible to scratching, a pearl necklace set should always be kept in a box where none of the pearls touch each other too much. One can also choose to substitute the box with a soft pouch made of linen, silk or cotton. It is also advisable to not hang the pearl necklaces to a hook for proper storage because this might put pressure and stretch the necklace. Besides this, keeping your jewels away from water and perfume/deodorants is never a bad idea.
Things to keep in mind before buying pearl choker necklace online?
When buying pearl chokers online, it must be understood that the pearls are largely cultured pearls. These cultured pearls belong to categories like Ahoy pearls, Freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls. Besides the cultured pearls, if an online shop claims to sell natural pearls then it is worth demanding a certificate of authenticity as the prices are through the roof.
Where can we find best original pearls necklace set online?
While both natural and cultured pearls are “original pearls” and make stunning fashion statements, the rarity of natural pearls makes them worth a king’s ransom. When looking for cultured pearls, Blingvine offers a wide variety of pearl necklaces that includes classic pearl necklaces, pearl pendants and many more such beautiful designs that will make your all outfit stand out. Packed with care, the pearl necklaces by Blingvine can be well stored in boxes provided with the jewels which can last a lifetime.
Which earrings are more fashionable pearl stud earrings or long pearl earrings?
The question of being fashionable is deeply attached to the personality and outfit of the wearer. If the outfit exhibits simplicity which includes choosing a single colour and pulled back hair with light makeup, pearl stud earrings might just suit the best while long pearl earrings would draw the attention unnecessarily. Similarly, a glam look would be more fashionable if long pearl earrings are a part of the outfit.
Things to keep in mind before buying pearl earrings online.
It’s an absolute delight to be in the age of online shopping because it makes our life so much easier yet a little more risky. When shopping online for expensive jewels like pearl earrings, one must be aware that the shine, shape, size, surface and shade of the pearl determines its real value. Choosing a trustworthy site that provides a certificate of authenticity should be a real priority besides searching for your ideal design of the pearl earrings.
How one should take care of pearl earrings?
Pearls appear to be delicately tough however, they are really prone to being scratched which makes them lose their elegant texture and colour. To properly take care of your pearl earrings, always store them in a cloth lined box and not hang them or store them in a metal jewellery box. Another important factor that can contribute to your pearl health is keeping them away from water and chemicals including perfumes and deodorants.
Where can I find the best white pearl earrings design?
White Pearls are a real treasure and to find that treasure you must cross through the valleys of Blingvine which holds a stunning variety of white pearl earrings. Exclusively crafted by designers, Blingvine’s pearl earrings are always top notch and first in the row for latest designs as well as pass through multiple checks, only to have the best ones delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

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