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Be a little more precious with Pearl necklaces in possession!
The versatility of pearl necklaces is widely known and undeniable. Pearls add elegance and grace to you and your style with perfection. Blingvine has its own collection of pearl necklaces for you to pick your favourite from. Remember pearls are precious but you make them invaluable!


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Pearl Necklaces by Blingvine

Pearl necklaces have time and again proved their presence in fashion jewellery. Pearls are the only material used in jewellery that gets better with use. Pearl necklaces are indeed comfortable as a daily wear and also can be the star of a party. The extremely versatile nature of pearl necklaces blends in with any style, outfit and occasion. 

History As In How It Came To Be…

The history of pearls goes way back to 2300 BC, presented as gifts to the Chinese royalty. They were so precious,  Julius Caesar had passed a law limiting only the royal class people to wear pearls. Since then, the pearl necklace has become a symbol of royalty and wealth.

Styles In Pearl Necklace Designs

Pearl necklaces are found in many styles, designs and materials. The new pearl necklace designs are made as such that they can suit any outfit and occasion. Pearls are combined with other elements to give a whole new look to the woman wearing it.

Gold Pearl Necklace

Pearl cased in gold is ‘the royal of royals’. Gold pearl necklaces have pearls woven in gold moulded into latest designs. They are decorated in such a way that the traditionality of gold is well matched to the elegance of pearls.

Gold pearl necklaces are a great choice for weddings and auspicious occasions. Most women wear gold pearl necklaces to temples, family functions and cultural programmes. Gold is considered pious while pearls elegant.

Single Stranded Pearl Necklaces 

Single stranded pearl necklace, has a single line of pearls threaded into a necklace. They are the simplest and most convenient style of pearl necklace. They can be worn daily without any special care or maintenance required. They go well with different outfits and classic with salwar suits. Granny and grandmas love to wear a single stranded pearl necklace. It sure looks gorgeous on that soft cotton saree they wear.

Multi Stranded Pearl Necklace 

Multi layered pearl necklace, is the more elegant form of pearl necklace. Pearls in thread attached together to form a single long necklace in various lengths. The length of a multi stranded pearl necklace starts from the base of the neck reaching up to the lower bust. There are various designs available in a multi stranded pearl necklace. These designs determine what outfit it will look the best with and at what occasion you can wear it.

Choker Pearl Necklace

A choker made up of pearls is the epitome of grace and modern design. Pearls when paired with choker necklaces give out a look that is fabulous to say the least. The western trend of choker and the traditional pearls is just what is a perfect fusion. The choker pearl necklace has been a trend in bridal necklaces.

Pendant Pearl Necklaces

A pendant pearl necklace is a necklace made up of pearls with a pendant in the middle. The pendant is made in such a way that it complements the pearl necklaces in its beauty and elegance. Pendant pearl necklaces are simple and best to choose for office wear and formal parties.

The Symbolism Of Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces, according to the colour and origin of pearls, have a symbolic meaning. White, pink, grey, black and all other colours of pearls. All have their own meaning and unique significance in the world.

Pearls As Symbol Of Purity

White pearls are known to be a symbol of purity and innocence. They represent simplicity hence associated with weddings and engagements. A single white pearl is used in engagement rings as a symbol of pure love. White pearl necklaces are worn in temples during religious functions.

A heartwarming myth about pearls is associated with Lord Krishna from Hindu Mythology. It says that the first ever [earl was discovered by Lord Krishna in the depths of the ocean. He presented that pearl to his daughter on her wedding day as a blessing.

Pearl As Symbol Of Status And Wealth

Pearl has been the status of wealth and class in history, since ages. Way before the first diamond was cut, pearls were the royal symbols of wealth and prosperity. Generally worn by young women for class, power and poise.

How To Choose The Perfect Pearl Necklace Online ?

While you browse for a pearl necklace online, one should take care of a few things. Look for the authenticity of the pearl, its colour and quality.

Understanding Quality Factor 

Pearl quality is determined by  size, shape, surface, colour, lustre, nacre and matching. The larger the size of the pearl, the higher the quality and price it possesses. There are tiny seed pearls as well as the largest ever found South Sea pearls. If all other qualities are same then the higher quality is given to the larger pearl. The highest quality of pearl is graded as AAAA being all expensive and exclusive. The highest grade for a non-rounded opera goes as far as AAA. 

So be careful about what price is attributed to what quality of pearl. 

Personal Style And Preference

One can adorn pearls in their own way, in earrings, bangles, with gemstones or silver. Wear a pearl necklace like your favourite pop artist, or with your western outfit for a party. Pairing it with your mood, personality and style is the best line of fashion around the globe. Buy the pearl colour necklace that gives you ṭhe look you want the world to see.

Outfit And Occasion Compatibility

Choosing a pearl necklace according to the outfit or the occasion to attend is the basics. A Hyderabadi pearl necklace set paired with your little black dress. Wear it at the wedding reception of a relative. A gemstone - pearl necklace with matching earrings for the festival season. It is the perfect style to enjoy the festivities. The classic collection of pearl necklaces can go with saree, lehenga and shararas. Pearls guarantee a look worth attention for all occasions and outfits.

Caring For Pearl Necklaces

While other materials fade away with use, pearls in turn shine brighter. They need air and hence a moist and shady place can maintain its lustre for long.

Cleaning And Maintenance

While cleaning a yellowed pearl, dip a soft clean cloth in warm soapy water. Dry it clean with a towel. Never dip a pearl in water as it can weaken the silk thread of the shiny surface. They are the most simple ornaments to maintain for a long period of time.

Storage And Protection

Pearl necklaces should be stored in a cotton cloth with a moist cotton piece inside. They need moisture and air to breathe which in turn keeps them shiny. Keep each accessory separate as they can scratch the surface by rubbing off on each other.

Wearing And Handling

Handling pearls is pretty simple. Wearing them is even simpler. Any design of pearl necklace adds grace to the look one is going for. You can buy them at all places, physical stores and online ones. They all have a different design they promote, a new look they support more. Modern jewellery has pearl necklaces that shout out a statement when worn correctly.

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When should a woman wear pearls?
Pearls can be worn anytime during schools, after colleges, in offices as well as at home with daily wear. Women also wear pearls to show class, look elegant and sophisticated at the same time.
How to clean a pearl necklace?
To clean a pearl necklace, soak a cloth in warm soapy water and gently clean with care. Pat it dry and never dip the pearls in the water as it can damage its lustre.
How to tell a real pearl necklace?
To tell if it is a real pearl necklace or fake, rub it against your teeth. Real pearls feel rough as compared to the smooth plastic surface of fake ones.
What do pearl necklaces symbolise?
Pearls symbolise wisdom, enlightenment, innocence, serenity, protection, and longevity. All in all bring good luck whenever worn along with them.
Why should you buy pearl necklaces from Blingvine?
Blingvine is one of the leading brands of imitation pearl necklaces. It brings to its customers the trendiest designs with finest quality at doorstep. They understand what modern women want and like and base their products accordingly.

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9. Kate Pendant Set
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