Corporate Gifts

Jewellery is a timeless and elegant gift that is always well received by anyone. Be it your clients, employees, business partners or potential leads. A gift of jewellery can take any business relationship to the next level.

Blingvine has simplified the corporate gifting for you with it's range of premium imitation jewellery. That's why more than 3,000 businesses have chosen us for their corporate gifts. If you've to impress women, there's nothing better than Blingvine jewellery.

Contact us today to buy Blingvine jewellery for your gifting needs. The minimum order value to qualify for coporate gifting discount is Rs. 50,000. At higher order values we can also offer customization options.

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Blingvine is a very well established brand in the premium clientele consisting of popular film and TV celebrities, public speakers, corporate leaders, business owners, top professionals such as architects, lawyers, doctors and surgeons.

Corporate Gifts by Blingvine

Blingvine Jewellery is seen as a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and beauty, and it is cherished for years to come. That's the reason it is a perfect gift. Our jewellery is loved by all kinds of recipient for the quality, craftsmanship and attention to details.

They say you are who you are for the company you keep. So associating with Blingvine will surely leave a lasting impact in the minds of your potential or current clients.

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