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With delicate designs, Blingvine brings to you the best of necklaces online that are power-packed with sparkling beauty, classic patterns and top quality polishes. Step out in fashionable necklace designs each time you head out!

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Necklaces by Blingvine

One of the earliest known types of jewelry, necklaces are what come first to mind. Due to its long history, there is a wide variety of necklaces. They vary based on factors such as materials, designs and look. Throughout history, necklaces have been used as symbols of wealth and social status. They’ve also commonly been used in religious, ceremonial and supernatural purposes. Back in those times, they were made of precious metals and stones. 

Today too, necklaces continue to serve different purposes. Though, they’ve become a fashion accessory in general. This change can be due to the rise in demand of fashion jewelry for its fair prices and wide variety. Fashion jewellery, such as American diamonds and gold plating have replaced their traditional matches. 

Unlike fine jewelry, artificial jewellery is not restricted by the limits of materials. This makes them a practical choice in the modern times. This move towards artificial jewellery is not restricted to necklaces. It's also seen in bracelets, earrings and other types of jewelry. These days, most women prefer to buy necklaces online. It’s a more practical way to buy them as fashion accessories rather than investment pieces.

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Types of Necklaces

Due to its history and demand, the wide range of variety in necklaces is not surprising. The grouping usually depends on their shape and design. While there is no fixed number to say how many, the generally agreed upon count ranges from 10 to 12. The most common types include the chain, choker, collar and princess necklaces. While the chain is simple and pain in design, the princess necklaces are striking and royal in appearance.

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Necklaces as per Occasion

Whatever the occasion, there exists a fitting necklace for it. They can represent any style. Be it the polished appearance of royalty or a modern look. Though, to pick the perfect one, you need to keep in mind the occasion you’re dressing for. A shiny and eye-catching gold necklace design is perfect for a grand event like a wedding. However, it would look out of place if you were to wear it at your office. In the same way, a simple chain necklace might not give you the edge at a Diwali gathering. Yet, it’ll work perfectly in a casual meet. This is why the occasion plays a huge part in choosing the perfect necklace.

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How to Match Necklaces with Your Outfits

Another huge factor to keep in mind while choosing a jewellery set is the outfit you’re planning to wear. The necklace you pick should suit the outfit you wear in order to create a complete look. If you don’t keep the outfit in mind while making your choice of jewelry, your outfit might just come off an odd mess. The color and look are just two of the many points that come under matching the jewelry with the outfit.

On one hand, a bright and funky Indian necklace set is likely to be great for a casual outfit. A bold and loud jewellery set, on the other hand, might pair well with a power suit. Sarees with detailed work tend to match well with simple and light gold necklace sets. Plain ones pair well with Indian necklaces that have complex designs.

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An important factor when choosing a jewellery set for an outfit is the neckline. Since the necklace and the neckline are in close by, they must go with each other to create a complete look. Round, V-neck, boat and square necklines are one of the most common types.

A popular trick that works in most cases, is to try and maintain the shape of the neckline. A layered, V-shaped necklace pendant would go well with a V-neck. A choker necklace is likely to suit a round neckline. It’s important to create a good looking design with your necklace and neckline in order to look the best.

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Necklaces for Gifting

Necklace sets are a popular choice of gift. Especially in India, where jewellery is considered auspicious. Among families and friends, receiving and giving necklace sets on various occasions is a usual occurrence. Be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, house warming parties or any significant occasion. Gifting a necklace set is considered to bring good luck to the receiver. Throughout the world, necklaces are common gifts for girls and women.

While the best necklaces for girls tend to be ones that are light in weight and minimalistic in appearance. Young in age, girls usually tend to prefer necklaces that are casual and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day. Chokers and chain necklaces are universally liked and tend to make the best gifts for girls. 

At the same time, the best necklaces for women are mature in design and full of creativity. Necklaces made for gowns, sarees and formal wear are widely sought after and serve the most purpose, making them the best choice of gifts for women. Years of experience can lead women to get bored of the commonly found designs, which makes creatively designed necklaces quite favourable among them.

Necklace or Necklace Set

Choosing between a necklace and necklace set is usually an easy choice. Picking a jewelry set is almost always more convenient than getting separate pieces of jewelry. Say, you’re running late or having a hard time making decisions. In such cases, a jewelry set can help in making faster decisions. On buying a single necklace, you’ll have to spend time and energy creating a perfect look. However, going for an already put together set will save you time for your important works. It will also make sure you get a perfectly matching set of jewelry.

Necklace Sets For Upcoming Events

How Necklaces are Made

Little is commonly known about the making and maintenance of necklaces. However, to make sure that your necklaces remain for a long time and in the best condition, you need to know about the processes in the making of the article of jewelry.

The part at the back of a necklace that holds the jewelry together is the clasp. Often looked over, it can cause problems if not according to your needs. There are many types of clasps out there such as the spring ring, lobster claw, toggle and magnetic clasp. Each has its own pros and cons. A magnetic one is easier and faster to handle than a lobster claw. Though, the lobster one makes for a more secure option. Knowing about the types is important to make sure you get the perfect fit.

It’s often assumed that the chain is the simplest of the parts of a necklace. However, a chain can be of many types such as cobble, curb and rope chains. Chain necklaces are the most popular of the types of necklaces. They are made of different alloys of metals like gold and silver. Formed into wires, the alloys are sent to be turned and twisted into the type of chain that’s being made. The chain is then cut into smaller pieces. Finally, a clasp is fastened into each of them. This completes the process of making a simple chain necklace.

While the process of making the chain is simple, repairing them can be tricky. Simple chains such as cobble and curb chains are fixed easily by jewelers. Complex varieties like rope and ball chains require a lot of experience and skill to repair.

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Blingvine Necklace Sets

At Blingvine, we offer variety and quality in our collections over everything else. Through newer designs and our honesty as a body of business, we are always trying to bring our customers ideas to reality. So that whenever you are looking for an piece of jewelry that suits you, we have it in store for you.

The demand for artificial jewellery has seen huge growth over the years. In recent times,  the demand for jewelry that takes after the color and quality of silver, platinum and gold pieces has seen an uprise. Which is why we've gathered a high-end collection of plated jewelry. While buying fine jewelry is seen as an investment, its value is constantly changing. The high prices can also put off people from actually wearing their jewelry often. Instead, artificial jewellery provides a wider range of designs and is significantly a more budget-friendly option. Here, at Blingvine, we provide the finest artificial jewellery in different designs and materials. 

If you are entering the festive season or preparing for an huge party without a fancy necklace, halt right there. We got something for you to check out. Yes, it is our collection of beautiful necklaces. Designed for women who wish to up their look and add more variety to their collection. While shopping for yourself or others, nothing is as grand and meaningful as a Indian necklace set.

Check out our collection to pick one for yourself today.


What’s the difference between a necklace and a neck chain?
Neck chains are simple metal links forming a string and necklaces usually consist of a chain along with a pendant. Neck chains also tend to be wider and heavier than chains used in necklaces. Not all necklaces have chains. Chain necklaces are just one of the different types of necklaces, such as choker, princess, and collar necklaces.
Is sleeping with a necklace OK?
Sleeping with a necklace on is not just uncomfortable, but can also cause unnecessary wear and tear to the jewelry, decreasing its lifetime. While doing so won’t cause any immediate harm to you, other than leaving marks on your skin, it will give the tarnishing process of the necklace an early start through exposure to moisture.
What type of necklace goes with everything?
While there’s no universal necklace, a simple, silver one is bound to pair well with most outfits and occasions. The low-key nature of the color and delicate appearance that comes with having such a necklace will get you a go-to piece that you can use for everyday wear. We suggest going for something light in weight and comfortable, so that it can be fitting for any type of occasion and heavy use.
What are the different types of necklace designs available online?
Here are the most popular necklace designs that you can find online:
  • Choker necklace set
  • Long necklaces
  • Pearl necklaces
  • Gold plated necklaces
  • Classic necklace pendant
Depending on what suits the best with your outfit, one can choose from the categories. The above categories have a reputation of going well with almost every OOTD.
How durable are artificial necklace sets?
Artificial necklace sets and artificial jewellery can be very long-lasting if built well. At Blingvine we use strong mixtures of metals like Copper and Brass. These materials are well known for their strength and long life. The polishing or any kind of work done on our pieces is quality checked at every stage. That's the reason you can expect your Blingvine pieces to last for a long time! If maintained properly, our artificial necklace sets can last for several years. And without any hint of being worn out even as a daily wear jewelry.
Where can you buy the best jewellery necklace set?
Blingvine holds the internet's most exclusive collection of trendy Indian necklace sets. Our jewelry pieces are perfect for a special event or for daily wear. You can be sure of the first-class quality when shopping with Blingvine. We get your favorite jewelry delivered to your doorstep with free shipping. You also get cash on delivery payment option and one year warranty. Our designs are loved by Bollywood celebrities as well as social media influencers!
How should we store gold plated necklace sets?
Gold plated necklaces for girls are becoming very popular these days. They are as loved as the real gold necklaces. The plated sets do need the same amount of care. So that you can maintain their perfect design and shine. Remember one rule for keeping your gold plated necklaces as shiny as the day you bought them. Always keep them in airtight bags, containers or boxes. Remove them before being in contact with water, sweat, perfume or even makeup products. This can increase their long-life and help their shine and color for years.
How do I find necklace sets online in India?
A necklace set is one of those classic items. It can pair with your black dress or or a gorgeous lehanga. If you are hunting for the best of jewelry sets in India, shop at the house of Blingvine. An online jewelry store that crafts necklace sets and other artificial jewelry items. We maintain our top quality standards with extreme care and honesty. Blingvine makes sure that the customer is only delivered the finest of jewel items.
How do I take care of my necklace sets?
Taking care of your brand new necklace sets is as important as it is to wear and carry them well. After putting them off post your big event, you must wipe them off with a dry napkin or towel paper. This removes all the oil that might have gathered on the surface of your jewelry set. Remember the most important rule of storing your jewelry. Always store your jewelry items in a cloth lined air tight container or bag. This is to prevent contact with air. Also, it should be the last item you put on and first item you remove. This is to lessen the exposure of any chemicals in makeup or perfumes.
Things to keep in mind while buying artificial necklace sets online?
It is a common myth that artificial necklace sets are delicate. Some people believe that they can never be as tough as the necklace sets made by real precious metals. But, that is not the case. The artificial necklace sets of today use tough metal alloys and long lasting polish. The beautiful designs and variety of designs make this part extra special. So, the next time you are thinking of buying an artificial necklace set online, think of high quality. Expect nothing but the best if you choose a store like Blingvine.

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