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Necklaces are one of the oldest types of jewellery worn in ancient time for the purpose of adornment and protection. The early necklaces were made up of bones, shells and wood. Necklaces evolved with time in terms of design, styles and materials used because of the need of the times. They became an integral part of the culture with a new significance added to certain types of necklace. From an article of jewellery to something that adds meaning to somebody’s whole personality, necklaces came to be the centrefold of an ensemble. Today, wearing the right necklace with the right outfit for the right occasion is a must. That solely decides and says a lot about what kind of person you are and personality you carry forward. One should really give some thought as to which necklace will suit them best for that specific occasion. 

Trendy Necklace Types That You Can Choose From

Necklace for women and girls are made in a lot of different types based on the materials used, style and designs they are made in, every necklace type is unique in itself and its designs complement the material used in the same. Let us take a look at some necklace types popular in girls and women today. 

Diamond Necklace

Diamonds being a girl’s best friend, are among the most loved necklaces by all ages of women. Be it a single diamond pendant necklace or a tennis designed diamond necklace. A diamond necklace for women carry a lot of significance and are among the most treasured jewellery pieces in their collection. Diamond necklaces are often combined with gold necklaces and platinum for a rich and luxurious look.

Stone Necklace

Stone necklaces are among the trends these days, the pop of colour they add to gold, silver or diamonds adds to their beauty. Gemstones studded necklaces are made up of precious, semi-precious and pearls, every type bringing their characteristic features and benefits to the table. Stones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires are among the most worn and in demand stones along with the trending pearl stones. 

Silver necklace

Silver necklaces are the everlasting trend be it as a metal, or the silver colour in necklaces. They are the most popular types among necklaces for girls, while a choice for women who don't like the bright bling of gold. Be it the oxidised silver or sterling silver, every type of silver necklace enjoys a great deal of popularity among both young women and girls. 

Oxidised Necklaces

Oxidised metal necklaces are the most popular types in necklaces for young women. The rustic aesthetics that the oxidised metals bring with them complement the bling and vibrant colours in an outfit. Oxidised necklaces for girls made in chokers, long necklaces and even pendant with a stone. They are a favourite to wear with traditional Indian outfits, be it a saree, a lehenga or a sharara. 

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Trendy and Unique Designs Of Necklaces 

Necklaces are made available in the market in different designs and styles for every woman. Whether it is a necklace for women or necklace for girls, the designs are made keeping in mind the target audience. They cater to the likes and wants of all ages and kids of women and then design a necklace that looks the best within the criteria. Let us take a look at some traditional and contemporary necklace designs that are popular with women of all ages. 

Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces are among the most popular contemporary necklace designs. They are trending with the most unique designs in necklaces for every look and style. Sitting right at the collar bone, they give an alluring elegance that adds to the ensemble. They are styled with a formal suit, and even a traditional outfit which speaks a lot about its versatility. A collar necklace is made in gold, silver, diamonds and stones which provide them a wide range of designs.

Choker Necklace

Chokers have been very popular lately and for all the right reasons. Chokers have been hitting all the right targets when it comes to style, complexity and charm all at once. Choker necklaces are like other necklaces but what sets them apart is their length. Chokers have a very short length and are very close to the throat. This makes them seem rigid for styling, but quite the contrary to that, they are very flexible. Chokers are made in all types of materials and every material gives a look suitable to a particular occasion. Hence, choker necklaces are quite versatile in terms of styling. 

Boho-Chic Necklace

Boho-chic necklaces are the most popular necklace signs for girls. Girls love to wear something which stands out and at the same time adds a uniqueness to their styles. A Boho-chic design basically comes from the designs inspired from the lifestyle of the bohemian tribes. They are traditional and add to the contemporary designs adapting them in new styles. They are fun and funky with a touch of charm and charisma. Style them up with a casual college look or a party outfit, the extra ounce of style and culture make them a fashion statement. 

Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Gemstone pendant necklaces are the most worn types of necklaces in this world of minimalism. Precocious, semi-precious ore birthstone whatever you want to wear them as they will give you exactly what you want. A gemstone pendant is made in a lot of designs from a solitaire to halo and clusters. From a minimal and simple gemstone necklace to a statement making stone necklace set, they can do it all. Women love to wear a stone pendant to work. They can be that one jewellery article which is hidden within you and also the one which can catch attention when at the front. 

Long Necklace

As the name suggests, long necklaces have a long length, and a long necklace set is a broader concept. Long necklace sets consist of various necklace types. Some popular sub-types are lariat and pendant necklaces. These jewellery sets are flexible when it comes to styling and easy to pair with various outfits. Long necklaces are usually worn to make fashion statements with elegance.  Various outfits are combined with daily wear necklaces. These jewellery sets come in various materials and each has its unique flair. Long necklaces are versatile and make for excellent statement pieces.

Necklace Chains

Necklace Chains are the most worn and the simplest kind of necklaces worn by women and girls. They are made in different materials, designs and types. Necklace chains are made in gold and silver, and worn as  daily wear by most women. They are a simple accessory adding a definite beauty to daily looks. They are made in different lengths, thickness and weights depending upon the preference of the wearer as it needs to be comfortable to be worn daily. A pendant is often added to necklace chains to add a personal touch. 

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Necklaces are made of various materials and each material has something to offer. Many materials are combined with each other which plays a major role in the looks of the design. This also adds to the integrity of the necklace set which is crucial for its longevity.  Let us now take a look at the various materials used in making these beautiful jewellery sets.


Gold necklaces come in many different types and are also worn in solitary. Gold necklace designs are royal and bright that add its vibrancy to outfits and occasions. There are lot of golds available today in the market from gold-plate to rose gold necklace designs. Every colour of gold adds to the gold necklace designs and inturn adds to the styles and looks of the wearer.  

Gold-plated necklaces are the most common materials used in making jewellery.  This has not only made gold jewellery common but has also made them affordable. These necklaces are very flexible and are common in many jewellery sets. Another marvel of chemistry is the birth of the rose gold necklace. This is an alloy of gold and copper and has a very elegant look to it. This makes it unique from any other material that is out there. These necklaces too are flexible to style for both formal and casual events.


Diamond necklaces are stunning to look at and are one of the most expensive minerals out there. Diamond necklace designs are posh and pristine. The sparkle of diamonds is often combined with the bling of gold for a rich and radiant look. 

American diamonds have a charm like diamonds to them which makes them very popular. These precious minerals are easy to style and wear. They are used as solitary pieces or can act as smaller elements to make a bigger statement piece. They are amazing to look at and with all kinds of outfits.  This makes them a brilliant choice when it comes to styling.

American diamonds are alternates that are used in making jewellery these days. These stones have the same look as real diamonds but are more affordable. Budget-friendly fashion statements often have American diamonds in the mix.


Pearls are elegant to look at and have a certain exquisite look to them. This makes them one of the most sought-after materials for making necklaces. Pearls being neutral, are easy to pair with various outfits and occasions. A pearl necklace is a must-have in everyone's jewellery collection.


Another metal, though more affordable than gold, this too is on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Silver is a common material used in making necklaces. These fashion necklaces can be used along with other elements like pendants. 

Necklaces made of silver plating are popular among modern women. These necklaces are more affordable and make a defining fashion statement.


On the expensive side of the spectrum are platinum necklaces. These necklaces can be termed as class and elegance personified as they are amazing to look at. These necklaces can be worn to any and all occasions with ease as they are amazing to look at and easy to style.

Necklace Styles for Different Occasions

There’s a necklace design, style and types for every occasion. Wearing the right necklace to the right occasion is very important if you don’t want to seem obnoxious or prudent. Here are some tips on what you can wear at occasions. 

Formal Events 

For formal events, you can go for something simple but elegant. A stone pendant necklace is the best along with a silver collar necklace. Any necklace that doesn’t stand out too much but it does it's pretty work is a good choice to go for. 

Casual Hangouts

Wear a chain or choker or boho necklace with your casuals to add that glam of jewellery to style. Basically anything comfortable enough to not hinder your fun hangout. 

Traditional Events

A statement necklace is the best choice if you are the close relative of the bride or the groom at a wedding. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple then going for a statement stone necklace is the best choice for you. 

Fun & Party

A fun party look is best paired with a boho-chic or choker necklace. They add glamour and prettiness to the party outfits. A lace or velvet choker or a silver necklace can add the sparkling touch to your party look. 

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Factors To Consider While Buying

There are  few things you can keep in mind while buying a necklace. The designs, styles and personal preference are the key elements while some other factors to see are below. 


The length of the necklace is to be decided by the neckline of the outfit and the body proportion of the wearer. A choker for tall and slender necks while a long neck for small and broad necks. Likewise the length of the necklace can improve the appearance of a necklace by multiple folds. 

Pendant Sizes

The size of the pendant in the necklace decides the occasion it can be worn on. An elaborate and heavy pendant necklace is good to wear at traditional events and parties. A single stone pendant necklace is the best worn at offices and with casual wear. 


The materials of the necklace decides the designs they can be made in and also the durability and quality of the jewellery. The quality of gold, diamond or stones used in the jewellery adds up to make the price of the jewellery article. 

Colour and Style

The colour and style of the necklace are other factors that are important to look at while buying a necklace online. See it if it matches the outfit, the occasion and your personality. Wearing something which isn't at all like you  can make you uncomfortable and make you look awkward. 

Styling Your Favourite Necklaces

Necklaces are dazzling and what makes a necklace set complete is the right outfit.  Women have a modern approach when it comes to styling even when the events are traditional. Let us take a look at how we can style them.

Necklace For Girls

Necklace for girls is something that is popular when it comes to styling. Let us take a look at how one can style this piece of jewellery the right way.

Gold necklace for girls is the most common jewellery. These necklaces are not only beautiful to look at but are also very simple and elegant. They are often combined with other pieces of jewellery and styled with many outfits. A simple necklace can be a plain chain without many elements. Though simple, they look beautiful and are versatile when it comes to styling.

Necklace For Women

What makes necklaces for women more appealing are the colours and the designs that they come in. Let's take a peek at the two most popular outfits that you can style with your necklaces.

Kurtis -These simple dresses are simple and colourful. They are a perfect balance between design and comfort. Kurtis are stylish and are often paired with almost any kind of simple jewellery. A simple silver necklace can go a long way while styling kurtis as they are beautiful to look at. Silver necklaces are also easy to pair with pendants and charms which is perfect for styling. 

Gold necklace for women is also very common when it comes to pairing with kurtis. You can combine them with kundan studded jhumka earrings for a stunning look. This lustrous metal is beautiful and translates to tradition and culture. These necklaces too go well with kurtis and there is very little effort needed for a stylish look

Saree -The perfect attire for all your traditional occasions.  These outfits of 9 yards are perfect when you are looking to blend culture and style in a very subtle manner. You can pair a bridal necklace set with a gorgeous bridal saree for that stunning look. You can also combine the right pair of earrings to the mix making the complete attire look stunning.

This combination is perfect for a bride for her special day. Bridal necklace sets make a very strong argument for the traditional style that you want. Make sure that you buy the perfect necklace for a saree for your special day and make it the perfect day.

Necklace For Men

Necklaces for men are very underrated, as rings and bracelets are more popular. This makes up the bulk of the men's jewellery collection. Let us now take a look at a few ways to style necklaces for men.

Shirt- If you are wearing a shirt, then a simple snake necklace chain is the perfect choice for a stylish look. This fashion statement is easy to pull off and subtle to look at. You can also combine this neck chain with stud earrings which will further elevate the look.

Suits -  If you want to create a perfect professional look, then a tailored suit should be your go-to outfit. You can pick a simple neck chain for men and add a pendant to the mix for a simple yet gorgeous fashion statement.

You can also always add a few neck chains to your jewellery collection as they are very versatile. They are easy to style and easy to pair with shirts and suits alike. No matter what the event is a neck chain adds substance to your look.  With this, it is easy to conclude that neck chains are always your go-to option for your fashion needs.


It is important to take care of your necklaces if they have precious pearls or gemstones. You can always keep your necklaces in a clean dry place away from moisture. It is also important to keep the shine on your necklaces by wiping them with a clean dry cloth.

Make sure that the necklaces do not rub against one another.   Rubbing against one another can cause scratches and can dull the shine of the necklaces. Though advised to keep your jewellery set together, avoid using a neck chain stand. A neck chain stand can damage the integrity of the chain and disfigure the structure.

Now that with all there is to know about necklace sets, you can invest in them with ease. You can also style it and take care of it with full confidence!

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What is the difference between a necklace and a neck chain?
Neck chains are simple metal links forming a string and necklaces usually consist of a chain along with a pendant. Neck chains also tend to be wider and heavier than chains used in necklaces. Not all necklaces have chains. Chain necklaces are just one of the different types of necklaces, such as choker, princess, and collar necklaces.
Can necklaces cause rashes?
Yes, necklaces can cause rashes if you are allergic to the material. Make sure to wear a comfortable design if you have to wear it daily.
How are necklaces made?
Necklaces are made by craftsmen with a craft that has been transferred through generations.
How is necklace length measured?
Necklace length is measured as a whole from one end to the other.
How do necklace extenders work?
Necklace extenders increase the necklace length by adding pieces to each end near the clasp.
Should I wear a necklace with my wedding dress?
Yes, wearing a necklace with a wedding dress enhances the beauty and elegance of the bride.
Should I wear a necklace to bed?
Yes, you can wear a necklace to bed as long as it is a chain or a pendant that is safe and comfortable to sleep in.
What necklace should I wear with a V-neck top?
You can wear a choker necklace with a V-neck top. A choker adds to the allure of the neckline.
What necklace should I wear with a boat neck blouse?
A long or lariat necklace looks good with a boat neck blouse. You can even wear a pearl rope chain necklace for an elaborate effect.
What necklace should I get my girlfriend?
You can get a choker necklace for your girlfriend as it is an appealing and romantic gift choice.
What necklace is trendy?
Choker necklaces and collar necklaces are the trendy necklaces worn by most women these days.
Can necklaces cause dark necks?
No, necklaces do not cause dark necks. Just make sure that you aren’t having any allergies and rashes due to the material of your necklace.

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5. Shimmer Necklace Set
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6. Vibrant Necklace Set - Emerald Green
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