Necklace Style Guide – Gorgeous Designs & Styles

Necklace Style Guide – Gorgeous Designs & Styles

Necklaces have a long and beautiful history. One of the first pieces of jewellery, designed with fishbones, was the humble necklace. And this was 25,000 years ago. Every stage in the history of the world and humanity, brought changes in necklace styles in world cultures. From ornate necklaces laden with diamonds and gemstones, to the extremely modest beads necklaces, necklace styles exude the wearer’s social standing and personality.

Necklace styles span across a wide spectrum, what with the different materials, styles, lengths, gemstones, and more! And though one can browse online and shop for what one’s heart desires, the necklace style may not really suit you or match your chosen outfit. A question always comes to mind – is there a necklace style guide to help me through the shopping and styling process?

One can learn better styling by following this necklace style guide as a reference or ready reckoner, when you need specific styling tips. There are different necklace types and styles you can pick from. Look at the best necklace materials that appeal to your style. Define the length of the necklace that may suit your outfit. Style the most appropriate necklace as per the neckline of the outfit.

The Necklace style guide for different types of necklaces

When you want to know how to choose a necklace, or don’t know about popular necklace styles, this necklace style guide may help you pick necklace styles that will help you look your best!


The basic necklace style, chains have a wide variety of designs. Chains are made with tiny links with varied shapes. The box chains are mostly metallic. Their links look like little boxes, be it squares or round shaped. Cable chains have oval inks, and their design is simple and lightweight. Curb or Cuban chains have larger oval links, easy to carry pendants of your choice. In paperclip chains, the oval links are slightly longer, resembling paper links. Chains can be styled very simply or worn with other chains to create a more layered look.

Bead necklace

Bead necklace styles have been found in ancient ruins that are 70,000 years old. Beads of glass, bones, metals, and shells were quite common amongst early man and ancient cultures. In present times, bead necklace styles are crafted with precision. Commonly used beads are glass, seed, gemstone, crystal, ceramic, wood, and so on. Bead necklace styles can be designed with different methods of beading. For instance, straight, loom, braid, weave, and embroidered beading methods are used creatively in necklace design styles.

Rani haar

This is one of the popular necklace styles for wedding and festive shopping. Rani haar is exquisite and royal. This necklace styles well with ornate, ethnic, and flamboyant traditional wear. It is common for celebrities to set necklace style guide and trends for wedding and festive seasons, by styling popular necklace styles of rani haar. For a really flamboyant look or for a wedding ensemble, one can style two rani haars with gemstones that match your outfits. Rani haars can be in choker styles. The Panchlada or Satlada haars are multiple string rani haars with five and seven necklaces, strung together as one rani haar. The collar necklace rani haar is perfect for beauties with swan necks. Studded heavily with gemstones, this is one of the most popular necklace styles for festive functions, weddings, etc. As a necklace style guide tip, it is suggested that you layer it with another rani haar. It pairs well with exquisite pure silk sarees, and lots of charm and confidence.

Polki necklace

Polki is a raw form of diamond that is uncut and unpolished. Glass is used in the place of diamonds, for imitation jewellery. Real polki necklace styles have no age limit as they do not cater to style trends. They are considered style icons in the Indian necklace style guide. These poplar necklace styles are vintage pieces and family treasures. Polki necklace styles are famous for their genteel and royal look. Polki and kundnan necklace styles look similar, but they are quite different in terms of the gemstones and design frames. Polki necklace is versatile to style with ethnic wear for festivals and wedding functions.

Kundan necklace

Kundan jewellery was introduced in India by Mughals. Kundan necklace styles were popular in royal Indian and Mughal courts. Original kundan necklaces were typically made in gold frames. Now they are available in silver and other alloys. The popular necklace styles of kundan necklaces can be shopped online. For authentic pieces, one can shop from Rajasthan. These necklace styles look brilliant with bridal wear. The set typically has one ornate necklace with matching accessories.

Meenakari necklace

In meenakari necklace styles, the metal is decorated with vivid colours. It is ethnic and Indian. As per the Indian necklace style guide, meenakari necklaces are made in gold with enamel embellishments. It is considered one of the royal and popular necklace styles. For simpler and affordable options, meenakari necklace styles in metal alloys is the perfect pick. They look great when you want to create an ethnic but simple ensemble. Meenakari necklace styles, with enamel embellishment in the colours of spring, can be worn as chokers. The norm was that the meenakari colours would be red, blue, or green. However, now gorgeous pastel shades, and die hard dark hues are used for soft and dramatic looks.

Temple jewellery necklace

As per the Indian necklace style guide, temple jewellery necklace is authentic to the Indian sub-continent. Earlier, these popular necklace styles were common only in South India. But now it is a trending jewellery form, not only in India, but also in global jewellery markets. Typically, these necklace styles have icons from Indian architecture and temple carvings. The embellishments are pearls, gemstones, and diamonds. Flamboyant pendants shaped as divine idols are the norm. These popular necklace styles pair well with ethnic and silk fabrics.

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace styles are jewellery staples. These necklace styles have pearl types like Akoya, Tahitian, South sea pearls, and fresh water pearls. Pearls have a lustre and shine that is soft and demure. Pearl necklaces can be styled with any kind of outfit for any kind of occasion. The question is how to choose a necklace with pearls that best works for you? The key is to first decide which outfit you want to pair it with. Collar pearl necklace styles sit high on the neck and can be worn as multiple strand necklaces. Princess style can be worn with pendants. Matinee can be worn with semi formals. The longer opera style pearl necklace can be doubled up and worn as choker and long necklace. The long rope pearl necklace styles are for femme fatales who love haute couture and drama.

Terracotta Necklace

As per the Indian necklace style guide, terracotta necklace styles have been prevalent in India since the days of Mohen-Jo-Daro and Harappa civilizations. Terracotta necklace styles are created with red ceramic clay that is hard. It is treated with heat to bring about an orange shading. It is then crafted into many accessories, including popular necklace styles. The designs of these necklace styles are typically picked up from nature like flowers, sun, stars, leaves, fish shapes and many more.

Lariat Necklace

These necklace styles are one of a kind and quite dramatic. It is a long rope necklace without any hook or clasp. To create the lariat design, it needs to be draped across the neck and knotted in the centre, like a loose loop.

Jadau Necklace

Jadau necklace styles are created by rooting a gemstone into the frame of the necklace design. This process is used to create polki, meenakari, and kundan necklaces. These popular necklace styles are designed by special craftsmen who have gained this art from their forefathers. Jadau necklace styles pair best with bridal wear and festive wear.

Filigree necklace

As per global necklace style guide, filigree necklace styles are created by weaving together thin metal threads and beads to craft delicate designs like flowers, vines, and other dainty objects. The lacey design piece is then bonded with the necklace frame.

Satellite necklace

These popular necklace styles have knots or beads across a simple chain. They are extremely dainty and feminine necklace styles that can be worn every day. To create a richer necklace, solitaires or gemstones can be added as knots all across the chain. It is very easy to layer and style with any type of outfit.

Necklace types as per global necklace style guide


It is a formal necklace. It covers the upper chest area, just like a bib. With any metal and gemstone, these necklace styles are flamboyant, and popular.


These necklace styles have one or multiple charms attached to it as pendants or danglers. They are for the ones with spiritual inclinations.


The choker represents the length of the necklace. It sits above the collar bone and is tight around the neck. Looks perfect for swan necked beauties, and deep necklines.


These necklace styles have festive vibes like no other. They are arranged as a collection of stones like crystals and gemstone. It has many layers and sits close to the upper chest. These popular necklace styles are best worn for events when you want to be the Diva in the show!


This necklace style has a simple chain with one or more than one pendulum pendants. A beautiful piece to express your very personal and eclectic style.


As per necklace style guide, this necklace style can be designed by layering two or more chains in a manner that is symbiotic. The impact is dramatic, and the design is quiet flamboyance.

Letter or Initial

These necklace styles can be created by adding pendants or danglers with names or initials.


These popular necklace styles have a pendant with an internal slot, to typically put tiny pictures or objects. These are heirloom pieces and mementos.


As per necklace style guides, the pendant design is one of the most popular necklace styles. Pendants of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, and other materials can be hung on the chain. The pendants can be integrated with the chain design or can be single pieces that can be styled with many chains.


These popular necklace styles are used as amulets to keep away negative vibes and energies. Charms, pendants, and beads of many kinds are used to craft protection necklaces, in all global cultures.


Styling with religious icons and idols, create the religious necklace style. These necklace styles are popular in all religions across the world.


As per necklace style guides, the statement style can be created by styling necklaces in an over the top, eclectic, and flamboyant manner. The only accessory needed along with statement styling, is confidence, and lots of it!

The necklace style guides tips & tricks for styling with necklace lengths and necklines

Necklace Style Guide

Styling Deep V-necklines 

The ideal necklace style is an ornate choker or statement necklace with a necklace length that is above the collar bone.

Styling High V-necklines

The perfect necklace is a princess chain and pendant.

Styling Shallow square necklines

Here, you can style simple and small necklaces, resting just below the collar. Pair them with average sized pendants or charms.

Styling Square necklines 

Asymmetrical and geometric shaped necklaces can be styled here. The necklace length should sit just below the collar for best impact. You can layer the necklaces for drama and glamour.

Styling Sweetheart necklines

Create a feminine look with a collar necklace. You can dazzle and shine with crystal, gemstone, and diamond pendants. A princess necklace and a slightly short matinee necklace and pendant also pair well with the sweetheart neckline.

The necklace style guide gives the best solutions on how to choose a necklace to match with your outfits. While styling higher necklines, layering should be avoided. These are just a few examples where symmetry and balance of the ensemble needs to be maintained. Necklace lengths that are longer than the collarbone look perfect with round necks.

The necklace style guide aims to be a reference to your styling needs. The best and most popular necklace styles may beckon you. But you need to choose one that resonates with your style, matches your outfit, and gives you confidence and comfort. The necklace style guide is not a rigid structure. It’s more of a glossary and helping hand to put your necklace styling doubts to rest and give you amazing tips to dazzle in all types of necklace styles.