Dr. Garima Singh

Dr. Garima Singh is the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Blingvine India Pvt. Ltd., a leading jewellery brand based in India. A Doctor and an MBA professional, Dr. Garima Singh also leads the creative ventures of the company while spearheading the company’s strategies towards smooth operations.
The brainchild of Dr. Garima Singh, the brand Blingvine, was first created as a startup for an internship project. The success at the initial launch of the project has led the brand to become one of the top jewellery brands in the country.
Driven by her passion for writing, Dr. Garima Singh, has been a journalist with Jansandesh Times, writing research-based articles directed towards good health and well-being. While working as a Medical Officer in the ancient city of Varanasi, Dr. Garima developed a deep understanding of creativity and culture that helped her evolve the brand, Blingvine.
Dr. Garima Singh has a Master of Business Administration from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a Bachelor of Science from the Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College.