Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces: An everlasting trend of fine and fierce fashion

Choker necklaces have stormed the market with demand. It is the kind of fashion which is here to stay for a long time. The wide range of variety in choker necklace designs and raw materials have evolved like every other piece of jewellery. Apart from traditional chokers, the latest trend comprises more gold, diamond and pearl chokers. If you are looking for chokers online, Blingvine’s collection of American diamond chokers are pretty eye-catching.


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Choker Necklaces by Blingvine

The return of 90s fashion has brought back the choker necklaces in fashion and jewellery. Choker necklaces, worn around the necks of women and now even men provide a totally new look to any ensemble. It is a fashion wave that has captured everyone with its stunning looks and styles. It has made everyone want chokers online as a must-have piece of jewellery. The origin, history, popularity and now the trend of choker necklaces online is quite an interesting story to read. Let’s go ahead and learn a bit about this charming latest trend, the wide range of choker necklace designs and how to style them better

Travelling Through History

The origin and history of choker necklaces go all the way back to centuries ago. Frequently worn by Chinese and Egyptians, they have been a part of American, European and Indian culture as well. 

Long back during the 1920s, it was the first time when they were introduced into the fashion industry. Often worn by movie actresses it was then known as the ‘dog collar necklace’. During the late 60s and 70s, chokers with their a bit edgy designs came to be a part of men’s fashion too. They were worn by most rock stars of that time and hence came to transcend the gender barrier in fashion for the first time. 

During the 90s, chokers became a symbol of rebellion among youth against the unfairness in society. Unofficially, choker participated in various movements against violence and overbearing rules all through history. From being a badge of prostitution to being an icon of “female ferocity” it sure has travelled a long way. 

Length That Makes It..

Chokers are at an average 15 to 17 inches in length (38 cm to 49 cm), reaching just the base of the neck. Most designs can just be wrapped around your neck in the middle, not too high or low. While shopping for a choker necklace online you can check its length in the product description section. The most appropriate length for you is when it isn't continuously poking your chin and sits firmly at the neck base.

Materials That Craft Such A Beauty

There is a wide range of raw materials that is used in making choker necklaces. Each material has its significant skill and distinct beauty. Some of these materials that are currently being used to  make different choker necklaces are silk, leather, gold, pearl, diamond and the Indian gem Kundan too.

To know a bit more about how these materials are transformed into such elegant and bold pieces read the following article.

Designs That Make Your Mouth Drop

Every piece of jewellery is unique mostly because of the design it presents. There are numerous designs of choker necklaces today, one for each style and personality. The most popular choker designs include charms choker necklace, tassels choker necklace, stampable metal blanks choker necklace, gemstone beads choker necklace, pendants choker necklace, and drops choker necklace.

To know more about all the available designs of choker necklaces in the market, read the following article.

Types That Don't Seem To Have A Limit

Types of choker necklaces have such a lengthy list for everyone to pick their best. The diverse range of style and fashion they have covered it all. Different types of choker necklaces worn today are boho chokers, wrap chokers, layered chokers, tattoo chokers, silk chokers, bow chokers, lace chokers and colourful choker necklaces. 

Read about all different types of choker necklaces available online for you to check out.

Styling It Your Way

There’s no other way to be stylish than your own unique way. Pair your outfits as you like for all those special occasions you are to attend. Choker necklaces are best paired with strapless and deep neck outfits and are fit for almost all occasions. From traditional to formal and casual looks you can style your choker with almost anything that you wear. 

Looking for some guidance with your imagination, read our article to get an idea of what will suit best.

These are all you need to know about choker necklaces, their origin and history, the designs and material they are available in, and how exactly to style them for any occasion, outfit or tradition. Check out Blingvine’s modern jewellery collection and pick that choker necklace you are looking for .


How did choker necklaces come in style?
So, how exactly choker necklaces came to be in style? Worn by royals, rockstars to young rebels in the late 90s there’s a long list. Brought back in fashion by female pop stars and rappers as a symbol of female power and confidence it spread like fire. Instead of just using laces and cloths as raw material the designers started experimenting with hard metal in chokers. Consequently getting a lot of choker necklace pieces at Met Gala 2022, taking the trend to top.
What is the meaning behind a choker necklace?
It is really flattering to wear choker necklaces because a choker provides a totally different air of confidence to the person wearing it. First, worn by Royals as protection then as silent protests against symbols of violence and control. With a real dramatic twist to meanings modern women wearing choker necklaces symbolises “female ferocity and power”.
Do choker necklaces suit everyone?
Choker necklaces can suit everyone, irrespective of age, race or gender. Matching it with an outfit that compliments it well enough is bound to suit whoever is wearing it. Though it is said that chokers look best on people with long and slender necks, I would rather say you just need to find a choker that suits you the best.
How do I make a simple ribbon choker necklace?
To make a simple ribbon necklace required items are ribbon, charm or beads and thread or glue. Now the steps, first take the preferred ribbon colour fold it in half if its too thick. Then, stitch or stick any desired charms or beads, add a clasp to open and close. Here you are, your simple ribbon choker necklace is ready!
What's the difference between a choker and a collar?
The difference between a choker and a collar necklace is a very minor but important one. A choker necklace is the one that wraps around necks while collar necklaces sit at the bottom at the collar bone. Choker necklaces provide more of a glam look while collar necklaces are subtle and elegant.
Can I get a tattoo on my neck like a choker necklace?
Yes, you can get a tattoo on your neck in the design of a choker necklace. But it is advisable to be careful of infections and side effects.
How do I pair a necklace set with a plain saree?
Yes, Choker can look great with a plain saree. A stone studded choker necklace, i.e. a pearl, diamond or gold choker necklaces will look the best with a plain saree.

Top 10 Trending Choker Necklaces Price List

Choker NecklacesPrice
1. Milky Way Necklace Set
₹ 3,800
₹ 5,600
₹ 3,800
2. Hollywood Crystal Choker set
₹ 3,800
₹ 7,000
₹ 3,800
3. Anaisha Choker Set
₹ 3,600
₹ 6,200
₹ 3,600
4. Kesar Meenakari Choker Set
₹ 2,000
₹ 3,500
₹ 2,000
5. Riwayat Meenakari Necklace Set
₹ 4,800
₹ 9,000
₹ 4,800
6. Mehendi Choker Set
₹ 2,800
₹ 4,400
₹ 2,800
7. Indigo Crush Choker Set
₹ 2,800
₹ 4,000
₹ 2,800
8. Rivaah Pearl Choker Set
₹ 4,800
₹ 8,000
₹ 4,800
9. Fierce Necklace Set
₹ 4,800
₹ 6,900
₹ 4,800
10. WildLife Choker Set
₹ 4,200
₹ 6,500
₹ 4,200