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Add A romantic hue to your days’ looks with rose gold bracelets!
Personalise gold for women with that rosy tint of rose gold bracelet. There is a unique charm to the colour of rose-gold that accounts for the magnetic appeal. Best rose gold bracelet online to capture your hearts at once. Add the fluency of elegance and excellence to your style with our rose gold bracelets collection!


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Rose Gold Bracelets by Blingvine

Rose Gold Bracelets, A Modern Extravagance

Rose gold bracelets are a manifestation of royalty with femininity. The symbolism of the colour with romance and elegance make them a great choice for women. Rose gold jewellery consists of various components. Bracelets in rose gold have made an entrance in the modern trend. Rose gold combined with other metals provide the variety in styles and designs that the bracelets are available. From simple rose gold chain bracelets to party wear cuff bracelets, rose gold has it all. 

History Path Of Rose Gold to Bracelets

Covering the whole road through history all the way to present, rose gold isn't all that old. Rose gold dates back to the 19th century. Rose gold is an alloy of yellow gold with copper produced during the same time known as “Russian gold”. Rise gold appeared in history in intervals being a great hit during the feminine 1920s. Back again in the modern trend rose gold has marked its popularity at a high in today's times.  

Characteristics That Define Rose Gold Bracelets

Rose gold is popular because of all the right reasons. The characteristics that define and redefine the alloy are unbelievably outstanding. Let us learn some more about the features of rose gold bracelets that make them a good choice of jewellery piece. 


Rose gold bracelets are available in different shades. The fact that human skin has different tones and some colours may suit while some may not. Same with rose gold jewellery, the various shades of rose gold helps provide choices to a wide range of skin tones. From rose dust, to blush and corals rose gold bracelets are available in all colours. 


Rose gold bracelets are made of an alloy of gold and copper. Adding a different metal to gold strengthens it and makes it sturdier. That is why today women prefer rose gold bracelets over gold jewellery. The feminine colour of rose gold bracelets add to the grace and elegance of women. The selling price of rose gold bracelets is just this. 


Having different colour shades, ductility and lustre rose gold bracelets are quite versatile to style. They are a good fit with almost all kinds of outfits and occasions. Wear them in a casual college look or as a statement piece for a charity event. They can be styled from funky to traditional and sophisticated looks, just choose the one you like. 


Rose gold can be partnered with various metals like gold, silver and more. They have a nice compatibility with different gemstones for beautiful latest designs. They have the tendency to complement other metals for the best experience of fashion jewellery. 

Popular Types Of Rose Gold Bracelets Online

Rose gold bracelets can be found in different types available in both online and physical stores. They are decorated with gemstones and diamonds to accommodate different styles and looks. Let us learn about a few types of rose gold bracelets that are available in the market for women. 


Rose gold bracelets are made into bangle-type bracelets. Made in combination with different metals these bangles are the perfect mix of new and old design. These bangle bracelets are best to wear with a traditional outfit. They are best paired with Indian traditional sarees.  


It is a tennis bracelet made in rose gold as base metal. Diamonds and gemstones lined in an array with rose gold covering them from the sides are beautiful to look at. Tennis bracelets are a staple at anniversaries as both gifts and an accessory. They are best to pair with any nice party outfit


Charm bracelets are also made in rose gold. This gives the bracelet that personal touch that most women love. A fish charm, a moon, a seashell etc., are some of the charms that are quite popular among rose gold charm bracelets. These are casual style bracelets that are best to pair with college outfits like jeans and tees. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz designed in rose gold metal makes a rose quartz rose gold bracelet. Rose quartz itself is known to have different benefits of healing and soothing. Combining them with rose gold makes them a great choice for gifting. Wear it daily for it is comfortable, beautiful and durable enough for everyday wear. 


The modern style prefers simplicity as the serene beauty. The minimalist style bracelets comprise chain and link bracelets made in rose gold for everyday wear. They can be paired with casual and formal outfits depending upon the design. 

Factors To Consider To Choose A Rose Gold Bracelet

While choosing a rose gold bracelet there are few things which may help you to keep in mind. Let us learn a few factors that can affect your choice of favourite rose gold bracelet. Apart from the basics of design and choice these factors help you choose the right rose bracelet for you.  

Skin Tone 

While buying rose gold jewellery, you may need to take a look at which shade of rose gold suits your skin tone. Pale and warmer skin undertones suit quite well with rose gold bracelets. Or you can try the shades one by one and see which one compliments your skin the best. If it still doesn’t work for you, the one you like is the one for you!

Outfit And Occasion

The bracelet being an accessory should complement your outfit for that particular occasion. Like if you are wearing a casual college look, the rose gold charm bracelet can be a good choice. Now, if it's a wedding or a big event you may want to wear a more traditional bracelet like the tennis or bangle rose gold bracelet. 

Personal Style Preference

The most important factor to consider is what style you prefer to wear. A bracelet is more than just a pretty piece of jewellery. The reason for choosing should be a bracelet that matches your personality and style. Charm bracelets, in particular, are chosen because they represent you.

Factors To Consider To Buy A Rose Gold Bracelet

There are a few factors to consider while getting a new rose gold bracelet. The size, the quality and the style all demand attention when searching for a rose gold bracelet online or in stores. Let us see what all factors can influence your shopping for a rose gold bracelet. 


Rose gold quality is measured in karat gold. Examine your rose gold jewellery for the hallmark stamp. The stamp specifies the karat gold content of the jewellery, which determines its price. 

Shops And Stores

Rose gold bracelet online, is available in all sizes, shades and designs. You can find any type and pattern you are looking for just by a click. Choose the best one and get it delivered right to your door.  

Price Range

Rose gold plating is quite affordable. Rose gold necklaces are sold at a wide range of prices. The least being sold for 7k and the maximum range reaching up to 300k. So looking at the quality and price of the rose gold bracelet is a must step you should not skip, for it can affect your pocket really bad. 

Care And Maintenance Of Rose Gold Bracelets

To keep any piece of jewellery looking its best for as long as possible, it must be cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. Wipe your rose gold earrings dry after wearing them because oil, dirt, and sweat can dull their lustre. Clean it with a soapy cloth, allow it to dry, and then store it in an airtight container.

This was all about rose gold bracelets you may want to know before buying one for yourself. There is a variety in designs, materials and patterns that rose gold is available in. It makes rose gold bracelets one of the most popular choices. Check out our latest collection in the category!