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Chain bracelets to make you believe in eternal love once again!
Chain bracelets are a simple and elegant piece of jewellery to adorn your wrists. Unlike other bracelets, they solely rely on their metallic charm. The same feature makes it versatile enough to accommodate different styles and looks. The design of interlocking elements symbolise eternal love for a good gifting choice. Add the subtlety of chain bracelets to your fashionable look from our chain bracelet collection. Go ahead and the simple, the new suave!


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Chain Bracelets by Blingvine

Chain Bracelet, The Subtle Serene Experience

Chain bracelets are bracelets made in different designs of chains. From ball chains to snake-like twisted chains. Every design shares a different style which influences the look you are wearing. Chain bracelets have come in trend right from the surge of bracelets into the market. They are bracelets that can be worn with casual college looks and party outfits with the same vigour. Made in a variety of hard metals of gold, silver, platinum for all ages of women.

Types Of Chain Bracelets Online 

Chain bracelets can be found in different styles, designs and elements online and in stores. The design of the chain distinguishes the type of bracelets. One after another the designs of chain bracelets are increasing exponentially. Let us learn a few designs of chain bracelets in the category. 

Cable Chain Bracelet

Cable chain bracelets are the most popular with the simplest type of chain design. Also known as link bracelets, there are several elements attached in a loop around the wrist. They are adjustable in size because of the numerous loops they have in between two cables or links. They are made in gold, silver sometimes studded with gemstones or a diamond for details. Pair it with your college outfit or any dailywear to the market. 

Rolo Chain Bracelet

Rolo chain bracelet or the rolling chain bracelet are the stronger and sturdier twin of cable bracelets. They are made of thicker chunks of metal and are even more closely linked, leaving little to no space between the links. They are generally made in precious metals like gold. This makes them long-lasting and a powerful self-defence sometimes! They are bracelets for traditional occasions. Though it can be worn everyday, its weight may be a bit heavy for that.  

Figaro Chain Bracelet

Figaro chains are another type of chain used in making bracelets. These chains are also links that are linked in a pattern. The pattern goes like, three small links then a big one and then again small ones follow. These are a little fashionable type and loved by young women. They love to wear it to night parties and on dates too. These are fashionable types of brackets which are simple and fun at the same time.

Snake Chain Bracelet

Snake chain bracelets are inspired by the snake scales pattern. The links are fitted in like a snake. They are the trend these days with the emergence of pop culture. They have been a common choice for women who love chain bracelets and want to get away from the mundane designs. This is one of the new designs evolved in the category. This makes them a popular choice for both the seller and customers. 

Metals That Make The Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets differ in price range from the metal they are made in. So metals play quite a role in the choice of bracelets by women. They are made in various hard metals to fit in an occasion. Every metal imparts their characteristic colour to the bracelet which in turn changes the whole look of it. Let us learn about a few metals that are used in making different types of chain bracelets. 


Gold chain bracelets are the most loved bracelets by the Indian population. Gold being an auspicious metal to Indians makes it even more of a reason to do so. Gold chain bracelets are paired with gemstones to give the desired traditional look. They are a great choice for a wedding or festival time. Gold chain bracelets are worn by brides too for eternal blessings of health and happiness in life. 


Silver chain bracelets, made up of silver are the affordable royalty. They are most worn by women irrespective of occasion or outfit. Silver provides a wide range of designs and styles in rates that are suitable for all. The silver bracelets are a favourite of the seller due to its high demand in the market. Silver has a cooling effect thus has additional advantages to the wearer.


Platinum is the rarest and one of the luxurious metals, not quite affordable to all. They are part of family heirlooms and wedding ceremonies. They are the desire of every woman to add to their jewellery collection. They are generally decorated with diamonds. This makes them even more rich to wear on occasions. The subtle colour of platinum allows it to blend in with any outfit and occasion. It is very fascinating to see how they transform with every outfit. 

How To Choose The Right Chain Bracelet?

While choosing the right cable chain bracelet there are few things you can consider. Though it is important for you to like the chain bracelet you want to buy, you can use some tips to choose the right one. The basic criteria includes the style, outfit and the occasion you have to wear the bracelet at. Let us take a look at some other factors you may consider before buying a chain bracelet for yourself or someone else. 

Design And Material

There are different types of designs and materials of chain variety available in the market. Choosing the right one for you can be a bit tricky sometimes. Find the one that suits your skin tone, the outfit you are wearing and the occasion. 

Size And Width

The size and width of a bracelet is the most important thing to consider for it depends on person to person. The wrist size differs and the bracelet also differs in adjustability. If you are unsure about your wrist width or size then you may opt for an adjustable chain bracelet. Some chain bracelets have links that are easy to take off to reduce the size. 

Style And Preference

Style and preference governs all the factors. Wearing a style that you prefer and feel comfortable in what brings out personality better. So try to wear a chain bracelet of the design that you imagine feeling the best of the experiences in. Because it is what defines you, your personality and fashion. 

Care and Maintenance

The long lasting lustre of a metal can be kept for such long only by care and maintenance of the same. Cleaning a chain bracelet is quite easy. Just dip a cloth in lukewarm water with dish soap and clean the bracelet gently. Let it air dry, then you may use a polishing cloth for shine. Wear your bracelet the last, and keep them away from cosmetic chemicals. Store it in a clean and dry place. 

This was all about chain bracelets, their types, designs and care. For latest designs and trends visit our Chain Bracelets collection. Pick the one that resonates with you the best!