Perfect Blingvine Jewellery Designs for Destination Weddings

Perfect Blingvine Jewellery Designs for Destination Weddings

Weddings are without any significant doubt, one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. Be it the bride herself, or her friends, or the family and everyone involved, everyone is excited.  Indian weddings involve many events that require dressing up. Every event holds a special significance and the outfit and jewellery are put on accordingly. With an increasing trend of destination weddings, the jewellery trend is shifting from real jewellery to costume jewellery.

Here are a few jewellery designs over at Blingvine perfect for the destination wedding season.


The Jaipuri Royal Pearl jewellery inspires the design of this set. Crafted to exude royalty and grandness, this set is perfect for a destination wedding event. The meticulously designed pendant is the centrepiece of the set.

This pearl set can be used in interesting and unusual ways to spice up your outfit. If the monotone shades are not your thing and want to keep your bridal look or the outfit very colourful, then this pearl set is a great way to go! Add this necklace piece to keep the jewellery contrasting, while not overdoing. This looks good with dark or bright coloured outfits like maroons and blues.

The Midnight Beauty Pearl Set is crafted using top of the line grey cultured Venetian Pearls and very high-quality imitation Shell Pearls. Adding to the royalty of the centrepiece, the pendant is studded with the world-renowned Swarovski crystals. The 18K white gold plating gives it an imperial demeanour.

This piece is guaranteed to turn eyes and is an absolute necessity for your destination wedding trips.


This set is in a way an obverse for the Midnight Beauty set. While that set had the luxury and serenity of a beautiful night, this piece emanates the glittering and brilliant luminosity of the Sun. This piece is a statement all by itself, exuding immense class and luxury.

Inspired again by the luxurious and extravagant Jaipuri Royal Pearl Jewellery style, this set is perfect for destination wedding scenes during the spring or summer time. Pair this beautiful set with bright coloured traditional outfits to get the most out of the look. The matching studs with the same design of the pendant offer consistency.

This set is crafted using the best quality cultured Venetian shell pearls in brilliant Champagne Yellow hue. The pendant is comprised of high grade environmental friendly alloy plated with the endearing 18K rose gold plating. Additionally, the pendant and studs also have the world-renowned Swarovski crystals embedded in them for the extra charm and chic.

An absolutely essential and a fine addition to your destination wedding jewellery box.


Diamonds have always been a sign of royalty and glamour. If your destination wedding lehenga has sequin, stone or some sort of border work, then diamond jewellery can look great with it, without clashing. Diamond sets can look contrasting yet match with the intricate work on your outfit for a graceful and charismatic bridal look.

The Mirage Necklace Set in our collection is perfect to achieve such a combination. The design of the piece radiates the soft feminine flair while also making a bold and strong statement. This piece is a representation of the strength and elegance of womanhood.

The platinum hued set has a brilliant pendant with a sparkling gem as the centre of attraction. The earrings follow the same design as the pendant to give the piece a complete look.

This piece can be used either with your wedding dress or can also be used as a minimalist addition to your luxurious and opulent reception gown. Any way you decide to pair the set, it is sure to grab attention even in a crowd.


Nothing elevates the look of a woman in traditional attire as well as a pair of impeccably designed jhumkis. A staple in a lot of traditional looks, the jhumkis have stayed relevant for so long for a good reason. They just look ornate and baroque. The best part about a good set of jhumkis is that they go well with anything ranging from traditional outfits to modern chudidaars.

The Morni Jhumkis are no exceptions. These versatile pairs look perfect on any attire you choose. Flaunt these pairs on events such as Sangeet, Haldi, etc. to grab the maximum attention and look your best. These jhumkis also look exceptionally well with heavy sarees that have intricate border work.

Made using top of the line AAA Austrian crystals and cultured Venetian Shell Pearls, these pair also proudly flaunt high-grade faux emerald and ruby gems. Additionally, the high quality 18K yellow gold plating add to its ethnic traditional look.

A worthy addition to your collection.


If your outfit for the big day is of a neutral palette - say a light grey, cream or off white lehenga, then contrasting jewellery in bright shades like turquoise, green, pink and blue work very well to add a pop of colour to the entire look. Most brides want their lehenga to stand out, but sometimes, when you combine jewellery in an unusual hue, you can make the jewellery stand out even more and stand out with a unique combination.

Our Emerald Green Vibrant Bracelet is perfect to achieve such a unique demeanour. Masterfully crafted, the subtle contrast in the piece itself makes it unique and extraordinary. Pair it with neutral hues or unlikely combination of colours like red or maroon to achieve the fab look.

Created using top-of-the-line AAA Austrian crystals and emerald green zircon crystals, the look of this ornament is further elevated by the 18K high-quality rose gold plating.

Bold, and absolutely remarkable, this piece is something you must definitely own.


Whether you are attending a destination wedding as a guest or if it is your own wedding, you need to be at the top of your style and fashion game. And for that Blingvine has you covered.