A Complete Guide on How to Select Jewellery for Office That Looks Professional

A Complete Guide on How to Select Jewellery for Office That Looks Professional

Selecting jewellery for office is a challenging task. You wish to add that little glamour and personality to your formal look and at the same time don’t want to go over the top.

A simple guideline says that office jewellery should be minimal, comfortable, hassle-free and low-maintenance but it also completely depends on your work environment.

There’s a rule of thumb that says, “Try and limit your jewellery to not more than 3 pieces including Watch/Bracelet, Neckpiece, Earrings and Rings.”

Here are some tips to pair your jewellery perfectly with your workplace outfit to give you that smart and chic look in sync with your professionalism.


  • Everyday Office

Keep the jewellery lightweight and elegant. Choose only one accessory among neckpiece or earrings. Engagement rings totally work appropriately. Carry a comfortable jewellery piece.

  • Interview

Unless you are giving an interview for the Fashion industry, keep it as subtle as possible which helps you create a good impression. Go for minimal daily wear jewellery. The focus should be on you and not what you’re wearing. So, say no to big earrings/hoops, necklace and bracelets. It is always advisable to wear no jewellery at all in interviews rather than wearing flashy or cheap jewellery. Try precious looking simple chain and small studs.

  • Business Meetings

The aim of jewellery in meetings is to help you stand out as an individual and add personality to your look. A simple pendant or small studs work well in both formal and casual meetings. Also, you can pick a classy and subtle bracelet to add grace as you would be using a lot of hand gestures.

  • Office Formal Party/Dinner

For formal functions or corporate dinner parties, wear jewellery that makes you look professional as well as stylish. Pick the jewellery that compliments your dress and uplifts your look making you feel confident. Try crystal jewellery if you want to add a little sparkle to your simple dress or go for a sober rose-gold bracelet if you’re wearing a stylish dress to your office party.

  • Office Informal Party

Informal or casual office parties are trending and are aimed at creating a friendly atmosphere outside of workspace and relieve off some stress. Try experimenting in such parties. Go for a graceful necklace or a set of smart statement earrings that elevates your outfit and add a little glamour to your look. 


Analyse your work environment. Is it a conservative office or a creative one? What your colleagues are wearing? In a conservative office environment, prefer wearing minimalist and sober jewellery pieces that don’t look too fancy or make any noise. If you’re working in a creative office environment, you can experiment your look with statement jewellery and big accessories that aren’t too flashy.


An office is mostly a formal setting. You would be wearing formals or smart casuals to your workplace. So, try and keep the jewellery minimal that adds to your personality but still keeps you subtle. Do not stack up accessories with multiple colours. Try simple rose-gold chains or stud earrings. Keep yourself comfortable as you would be working 9-5 a day.


Instead of piling yourself with multiple flashy jewellery pieces, limit it to one statement jewellery piece. It can be a big bold necklace or gold plated and crystal earrings. You can also try gemstone jewellery pieces with smart casuals for office.


Jewellery adds personality to your look. Exhibit your inner self and professionalism with some fashion. Pearls go a long way by adding smartness and elegance to your look. Try white-gold or silver chains with pendant for an everyday look.

The aim is to show off some fashion and personality while keeping the ethics of the workplace in mind. Focus on 1-2 specific items and play around with them instead of mulling over a lot of styles. It’s true that mind matters more than appearance for you to succeed but adding a little fashion to your already fabulous mind hurts no one. Also, a well-groomed and stylish person looks more confident than a disordered and messy one.

Hope we were able to add some style to a monotonous office outfit and environment.

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