Best Jewellery for the Sister of the Bride or Groom

Best Jewellery for the Sister of the Bride or Groom

Well, the bride and the groom are undoubtedly the spotlights of any wedding but who gets the most attention after that? Yes, you got that right. The beautiful sister of the bride or the groom. There is nothing like a stylish sister of the bride. While she does all the pre-planning and entertains the guests, she also needs to look equally stunning as the wedding couple and win the aura. Right from the guests at the party to the shutterbugs are gazing at her from top to bottom and all the single men are trying to get her attention. Hence, she needs to look the best which is only possible with the right set of outfit and jewellery at the right occasion.

So, if you’re looking for the best jewellery for the bride’s sister or the groom’s sister, you are on the right page. We have got you some unique and trendy jewellery options that will best suit your outfit at each wedding ritual.

And we have also covered in-depth about styling bridal jewellery in our style guide, hope you like it.

Mehndi Jewellery

Mehndi ceremony officially kick-starts any wedding revelries. Mehndi ceremony is no less an affair for a bride’s sister as that for the bride. She has to adorn her pretty delicate arms full of mehndi and also perform her duties as a sister. Your mehndi jewellery should be unique and refreshing that signifies the beginning of the festivity. Uplift your mehndi look with pretty floral jewellery.

Haldi Jewellery

Haldi is a holy ritual at every Indian wedding that is believed to accentuate your look and make your skin radiant and flawless. It is a very private affair traditionally but today it has actually become a lot of fun with people turning it into a fun haldi holi which makes way for amazing photos and some chill time for bride and the people involved. So, complement the look with some fun yellow haldi jewellery that is playful and easy to carry.

Sangeet Jewellery / Cocktail Party Jewellery

Sangeet or cocktail party is all about the fun and chilling before the final special day. Being the bride or grooms sister you have already prepared a loving and powerful performance that is going to be memorable for not just the wedding couple but the guests too. So dress to catch the attention of all. Compliment your attire with some sangeet jewellery or cocktail jewellery that makes a style-defining statement while making you comfortable with all the booze and dances.

Engagement Jewellery

Although engagement party is more of a bride-groom centric affair, the sister of the bride or groom still needs to look stunning but not too much. You can play along with your engagement jewellery, go for some quirky jewellery or just one simple piece.

Wedding Jewellery

At this final day, while the bride and the groom are busy doing rituals and meeting people, the sister of the bride or the groom is the one spreading magic and catching everyone’s attention. Compliment your lehenga or saree with beautiful crystal jewellery that accentuates your outfit with added glamour and sparkle.

Reception Jewellery

Reception is the most important post-wedding function. This day is as enthusiastic as the wedding day but a little sober and formal at the same time. So, being the sister of the groom or bride, your jewellery has to complement the occasion as well as the outfit. Reception jewellery should be classy and elegant like pearl jewellery.

We hope this wedding jewellery guide helped you out with your choices for that special day you have been planning for months.

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