16 Amazing Ideas To Style Your Bridal Jewellery - Bridal Jewellery Style Guide

16 Amazing Ideas To Style Your Bridal Jewellery - Bridal Jewellery Style Guide

The best day of your life is around the corner. You are so excited and looking forward to all the shopping for haldi, mehendi, sangeet, cocktails, pheras and lots more. You want to be the princess and the bride. So you want to look rocking in all your wedding outfits, pick sixteen amazing ideas from this bridal jewellery style guide to ace your Solah Shingar. How to style jewellery for your haldi mehendi, or the sangeet, and other fun functions that are so memorable. Read on and bookmark your favourite style ideas.

Traditional or contemporary, you’ve got to have certain pieces of jewellery that are so important for bridal wear. What are these pieces that are central as per our bridal jewellery style guide?

Maang teeka

An absolute “must wear” to create the romantic demure look of a new bride! When you start looking for a maang teeka, pick one for every function. In tradition, maang teeka is said to signify the long life of your husband. In fashion, it looks simply gorgeous! Bring maang teekas in vivid colours for your haldi. Pick one with yellow and green gemstones to match the vibe of the mehendi. Or go for coloured maang teekas in fabrics for a softer look.

The engagement gown can be matched with a slim diamond maang teeka. Pair up with a simple gold maang teeka for pre wedding rituals and pujas. For the pheras, go bold with kundan or Jadau maang teeka with a matching jewellery ensemble. Try styles that gel with the fabric and design of your wedding lehenga or saree. This is the most important maang teeka you will pick. For the reception, you can opt for a maang teeka if you’re wearing Indian or fusion. With western wear, pick a gemstone hair accessory like a tiara or chudamani.

Matha patti/Sheesh phool

It is a head accessory that can be fixed on your hair, across the hair line. If you don’t want to wear a maang teeka opt for matha patti. Or pick a single layered matha patti and wear a matching maang teeka with it. Matha patti is a good option if you’re wearing a gauzy or translucent bridal dupatta. It’s a very beautiful accessory and you can pick one in the design that matches your other bridal jewellery. Go for a simple matha patti on your mehendi function also. Pick one with gemstones and diamonds or gold through and through. In traditional jewellery design, you may get a matha patti and maang teeka together, something your mom may have worn for her wedding. Try the classic sheesh phool with a jhumka style pendant.

Necklace sets

A must have for every special function running up to the Big day! Go for necklace sets with necklaces and earrings, paired in style and design. Haldi styling is dainty and floral. A flowery design in the necklace set with chains along the earring will style well with the princess like outfit you will wear. Necklace sets for engagement parties need to look supercool for the fusion lehenga or gown you will pick. As you are brimming with happiness and excitement for the wedding rituals, go for a necklace set of complete flamboyance. Layer with different lengths and styles of necklace sets. Go for choker necklaces in gold and diamonds.

Style as per the neckline of your blouse and texture of your bridal dupatta. Select classic pieces like meenakari, Jadau, pearl necklace sets, kundan necklace sets, and many more. If you are the minimalistic bride, go for simple lines of diamond or gemstone necklace and earring sets. Or head for lustrous silver styling. Western wear is the trend for wedding receptions. Pick a bold necklace set in western or fusion style and match the necklace style with the neckline of your outfit. Go for a choker necklace set for deep V’s. Experiment with different lengths and styles.

Rani haar

Rani haar is a five layered, Panchlada, or seven layered, Satlada, necklace set with matching earrings and maang teeka. The rani haar is a complete bridal set, most suited for mehendi and pheras. Try a delicate seven layered or Satlada rani haar for the mehendi function. For the pheras go for a Hyderabadi or Rajputi rani haar for the royal bride look. With a rani haar and choker necklace, you will ace the classic bridal look.

Baju bandh

It’s a traditional ornament but a bridal “must have”. The baju bandh can be worn with any outfit you pick for the rituals. Looks super if you’re wearing sleeveless. With sleeves, wear it below the hemline of the sleeve. In traditional designs, baju bandh gives you that Goddess vibe so important for your lovely functions. You can pair the baju bandh with your western wear too, pick one that pairs with the essence of your gown, no matter if the design is traditional. Or don a bracelet cuff that you simply love! Pick this idea from the bridal jewellery style guide and set trends no one has seen before.

Bridal naths & nose rings

An oversized hoop nose ring, embellished with gemstones, attached to a chain that locks in to your hair line. That’s the classic bridal nath for you. The quintessential “pehchan” of a bride, it’s the one time you can wear such a beautiful piece of jewellery. Delicate bridal naths can be worn on haldi functions also. The bridal jewellery style guide has ideas for flamboyant and minimalistic styling. Bridal naaths will typically have bead or pearl danglers, or then you can go for one that has a simple gold design. For brides who want to opt for nose rings, bridal nose rings in meenakari designs are something they can wear. Nose rings will pair well with haldi mehendi outfits and any apparel you choose for puja rituals.


Oversized jhumkas, danglers, chandbalis, and hoops, these earrings pair well with bridal trousseaus. Haldi outfits can be paired with delicate and filigree pearl jhumkas. Go for big danglers for the engagement. The chandbalis will suit wedding rituals, and gemstone hoops go well with your western wear for cocktails. Earrings look exquisite and define the contour of the face. For the special day, wear one that goes well with your hair style and other hair accessories.

Kamar patta

The ornate kamar patta is a bejewelled gold metallic belt that you can wear across your waist, just above the lehenga skirt or saree. Wear an ornate kamar patta in gold if you’re wearing a silk saree for your wedding rituals. You can style a dainty one with ghagra cholis and sarees for functions like mehendi and pre wedding puja.


Bangles and chudas are typically worn as per the tradition and culture of the bride. In some cultures, the bride has to wear traditional chudas. Other cultures allow only golden bangles. Select bangles that match the vibe of your culture and pick up the glam by adding latkans and pendants to the bangle. Bridal bangle sets can be bought easily and you will get one in amazing designs. Kundan bridal bangle sets, with colourful bangles go well if you’re doing the traditional bride look. Gold and diamond bangle sets coordinate very well with lehengas and ghagra cholis.


Bracelet designs like cuffs with diamonds and gemstones will suit every bridal outfit that you have. If you don’t want to wear bangles or want to simply have that full handed look, opt for cuff bracelets in filigree designs and layer them with coloured and gold bangles. Cuffs will look great with your evening gown and haldi wear.


Go for bridal rings that are oversized and ornate, if you want to wear just one. And if you want rings in all fingers, create a theme with shapes, metals, diamonds, and pearls. Ring bracelets pair well with haldi outfits. The style is a celebrity favourite. Gemstone rings in colours matching your outfit will look truly gorgeous. Don’t shy away from adorning your pretty mehendi covered fingers with super styled rings. For the wedding day, wear ring bracelets that match with your bangles and chudas. Try contrasting shapes and designs to create a glam look.


Dainty tinkling anklets of a bride are a heavenly sound! Anklet designs with meenakari, gemstones, pearls, diamonds, and simply silver are all waiting in the jewellery market to be picked up by beautiful brides to be. Wear an anklet that has comfortable embellishments and clasps. Coordinate the anklet with your mehendi design to get maximum beauty out of it.

Toe rings

Silver toe rings are the norm. Wear a toe ring that fits well and has simple design or meenakari, especially if you don’t wear one regularly. Toe rings with little bells will give you the delicate and demure vibe of the ethereal bride.


Latkans are typically paired with dupattas and pallus. The smaller metallic latkans with jewel embellishments can be attached to other jewellery pieces for a flamboyant full fledged bridal feel. Pair with the colours and trimmings of your bridal outfits. Pick the best creative ideas from this bridal jewellery style guide.

Bridal Brooches

Bridal brooches are ornamental pieces that can be dainty or then bold with layers of pearls and gemstone pendants. You can wear an ornate saree brooch at the back of your saree blouse. Or then pick a simple one to keep your dupatta or saree blouse in place. Have fun colour coordinating the brooch with the colour of your outfit. Bridal brooches are quite fun to style.


The chudamani is a jewellery piece that attaches to the hair bun or hair style, at the back of your head. It can be used in many creative ways. Wear one with your haldi outfit or with the wedding lehenga. It looks great with simple buns and braided hair.

Dress up with love and excitement for your special day. Go all guns ahead and don’t hold back. This is the one occasion you get to wear all the jewellery you want. Add lots of fresh & fragrant flowers with your bridal jewellery. Bring the auspicious vibes of this Solah Shingar with our bridal jewellery style guide.