Match Your Earrings Right - Blingvine Style Guide

We’re always looking for the perfect pair of earrings to go with the various clothes in our closet. You want to add “that” pair of earrings, one that zhuzh up an outfit and add glamour to your looks when you accessorise. 

Are you stuck with trying to figure out the best pair of earrings to pair with an outfit? We’re here to help you pick out the perfect pair, one that will make you the showstopper everywhere you go, and accentuate your outfits best. Read on to know which earrings pair best with what occasion. 

Black Saree

A black saree is a classic, a timeless fit that matches every occasion. A black saree is such a statement-making piece in itself that pairing it with the right accessories is very important. With a saree we would suggest wearing a pair of American diamond earrings that will elevate your look, and lend to the beauty of the black saree, rather than take away from it. 

Black Gown

A black gown is another classic, which needs to be paired with earrings that will accentuate the grandeur that of the outfit. It’s very important to wear earrings that are simple, yet sophisticated. We would suggest a pair of American diamond earrings or pearl danglers to bring elegance to whichever event you’re going to. 


Sarees are a staple in every Indian woman’s closet. It’s the one outfit you can never go wrong with for any event, be it a festival, a wedding, or a black tie event. Wearing the right pair of earrings with your saree can be challenging, and you need to choose something that bridges that gap between traditional and modern. Gold-plated earrings are your best friends with sarees. They add glam to the entire look without being too much. 


    Shararas are fun and flirty, and the perfect outfits for weddings and festivals. Shararas are already very extra, but the beauty is that you can pair the most extravagant earrings with them, and you won’t look out of place. We would recommend a jhumkas or a pair of American diamond danglers to really add oomph to your look. 


    Jeans are a piece of clothing you cannot go without in your closet. It’s the most widely worn clothing, and pairing it with the right pair of earrings is a must. Depending on the look you’re going for, we have a few recommendations for the type of earrings you can wear. If your outfit is simple, then adding a pair of studs will lend elegance to the outfit. If you want to amp it up and add some drama, we would suggest going for a pair of hoops. 


    Kurti is an evergreen outfit, you can wear it out, wear it to college or wear it to work. A kurti is very quintessentially Indian, and the earrings you pair with your kurti should be too. We would suggest a pair of studs if you’re going for a more sophisticated look. You can add jhumkas if you want to really bring the best out of your outfit. A pair of oxidised silver earrings also look great with kurtis and give the entire outfit a very bohemian feel. 


    Gowns are a statement piece of clothing that need to be paired with statement earrings. You really want your jewellery to look classy and sophisticated, but not overtake the outfit completely. If you’re wearing a gown in a solid colour, you cannot go wrong with a pair of gold-plated earrings. It adds glamour to the outfit. If your gown is modern, pair it with American diamond earrings for an extra zhuzh of bling. 


    The famed Little Black Dress (LBD) is a timeless piece which needs to be in your closet. It’s versatile, it’s gorgeous and it’s suitable for every event. Pairing earrings with a LBD, on the other hand, might be difficult. You want to keep your jewellery a little more simple, just to balance out the LBD. We would recommend wearing a pair of hoops or even a pair of simple gold-plated earrings to let your LBD shine. 


    Lehengas are your go-tos for weddings and festivals. They are so feminine in their make, bringing only and only elegance to the table. With lehengas, irrespective of how heavy they might be, it’s completely okay to accessorise it with just as heavy jewellery. We would recommend adding a pair of jhumkas if you’re looking for a more Indian feel. You can also wear American diamond earrings to add glam to your lehenga. 

    These were our top picks for earrings to wear with different outfits. You can also check out our guide on matching earrings with one piece dresses. Every outfit is what you make it, and always go with your personal style and comfort over everything else. You can pick up these earrings and more at Blingvine.

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