Stylish and Sophisticated Earrings to wear with a Black Saree


A black saree is a classic, it exudes style and elegance. It really makes you stand out from the crowd. A black saree is the perfect evening outfit, and is lightweight and elegant without the worry. You can wear a black saree for any occasion - be it social gatherings, festivals, weddings or even business meetings. You’ll look like a boss in the black saree wherever you go. 

Do you have a favourite black saree and don’t know how to pair it? Earrings make the perfect pairing for most outfits, and will always look elegant and classy with a black saree. Let us walk you through the types of earrings that will look great with a black saree. 

American Diamond Earrings 

These earrings are a must have in your jewellery set. American diamonds are a great substitute for real ones. They are affordable, beautiful & there’s always one for everyone! American diamond earrings are classy, elegant and will always make you shine like a star. These earrings are made in a lab, and can last a long time with the right kind of care. 

Pairing your black saree with a pair of American diamond earrings will be an instant hit wherever you go. The contrast between the two will really light up your whole look, and make a statement. If you’re one to stun, this set of earrings is for you!

Oxidised Silver Earrings 

Oxidised silver earrings is a piece of jewellery that is introduced to sulphur to change the colour, giving it a more antique and royal look. Oxidised silver earrings give your entire look a new twist. These earrings are affordable and adorable. 

If you’re someone who likes having an edge, oxidised silver earrings for you. These earrings add chicness to the classic black saree, and add a very indo-western feel to the entire look. These pairs of earrings are enough to add both bling and a bohemian vibe to the entire, and stand out from the crowd. 

Gold Plated Earrings 

Gold plated earrings are a more affordable option for gold jewellery. It adds a classy twist to the outfit without looking gaudy. With good care, gold plated earrings can last for a long time, and will always retain their shine. They add sparkle to every outfit they’re paired with, and look like an epitome of perfection. 

Your black saree will go perfectly with gold plated earrings. These earrings add chic sophistication to the entire look and elevate it. Gold plated earrings are the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Wearing these earrings with your black saree with make you a showstopper for sure. 

Kundan Earrings 

Kundan earrings are a classic and staple in every Indian woman’s jewellery bag. Kundan jewellery is traditional, and has been around for centuries. It embodies royalty and is a piece made with fine  craftsmanship. Kundan earrings come in many different designs, and are the perfect way to make your look more regal. 

Pairing kundan earrings with a black saree is a sure win. It’s dainty and elegant, adding charisma to your look. You’re sure to look like a million bucks with this pairing. Kundan earrings are perfect if you want to add a traditional feel to your black saree, and will be well-received at any festivals and weddings. 

Pearl Earrings 

Pearl earrings are grace, beauty and regal. They elevate any outfit, and instantly add sophistication to the entire look. Pearl earrings are timeless, and will always zhuzh up an outfit. They are both vintage and modern, and make for a great pairing with any outfit. Pearl earrings are a sure-shot way to stand out in any crowd. 

Pairing your pearl earrings with a black saree will make you look fabulous. They look graceful and delicate, adding softness to the black saree. You will definitely make heads turn with this pairing, and you can also wear them to both formal and informal events without looking out of place. 

These were our top picks for pairing your black saree with gorgeous earrings. Irrespective of which ones you choose, it’s going to stun, and you’re going to look beautiful. These pairings are classic, and you can never go wrong with any one of them. You can check out these earrings and more on Blingvine. We have an in-depth earrings style guide for you to level up your earrings game.