Styling Earrings We Absolutely Love - Earring Style Guide

Styling Earrings We Absolutely Love - Earring Style Guide

We love to style earrings with every outfit. Earrings lift the mood and boost our confidence. But sometimes we get stumped on how to style the earring. The earring doesn’t seem to go with the outfit or its just too big for the face. You’ll find solutions to these and many other queries in this earring style guide. Bookmark your favourite one as a ready reckoner.

Types of earrings

There are many earring designs, with many gemstones and metals but you want to know more about them. Earrings are so linked to emotions. Jewellery shopping has more to do with moods than clothes. You may want to pair an earring with your outfit, but what you really want is to create a mood, an emotional feel of the outfit with accessories. Ever wondered why some earrings make you feel happy, while others give you that power statement feel? You absolutely love a pair of earrings, while another one may sit in your jewellery box waiting to be worn by you! What does the earring emotion express!


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The ones that dangle just below the earlobe. Danglers with gemstones, in gold, silver, and oxidised silver look simply divine. They are fun happy go lucky earrings, swaying with the wind, and going with the flow. Wear gemstone danglers with evening gowns and party wear. Pair with fusion wear for that amazing night out.


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Hoops have a circular shape. You can wear hoops in gold and silver. Hoops are popular and always in style. Close to the ear, and close to the heart, hoops are steadfast in their bond with you. Gold hoops can be worn every day. With gemstones and diamonds, hoops pair with ethnic and festive wear. They look great with simple sarees.


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The most popular earring and the most loved. Jhumkas are an absolute must have for Indian fashion apparel. Jhumkas are romantic and festive, always ready to pick up the beat and dance. Jhumka earring designs can be styled with any ethnic outfit. Festive wear jewellery like diamond and pearl jhumkas can be styled with silks and velvet fabrics.


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They are small earrings that sit at the earlobe. Beautiful natural shapes and gorgeous gemstones, studs can be styled with any type of outfit for any type of event or function. Studs love the bond they share with you, always close. Perfect for the boardroom, studs can be power statements as well.

Cluster earrings

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Studs embellished with clusters of gemstones and diamonds give a lavish look & feel. Cluster earrings love to flaunt, sparkle, and shine. They look super on chiffons and chikankari fabrics. Cluster earrings pair brilliantly with satin fabrics. The look created is very chic and perfect for a ballroom.

Tear drop earrings

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This earring design has a stud with a gemstone suspended below the earlobe. The design is romantic and whimsical. Perfect for sleeveless apparel. Also suits off shoulder tops and evening gowns.


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Chunkier studs are the Huggies design. Huggies are like the healthy best friend you have, who doesn’t go anywhere to eat without you. They go well with western wear and trending smart casual outfits.

Drop earrings

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These are extremely stylish earrings, with gemstone encrusting, and pearl or other gemstones suspended below the ear. Drop earrings are shimmer shine fashion divas, with amazing fashion presence. Pearl drop earrings pair well with pastel shades and softer textures.

Chandelier earrings

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Ornate, multi-layered danglers, with intricate designs and gemstone embellishments. Chandelier earrings are always ready to walk the ramp, and go for gala events. You can pair chandelier earrings with any kind of outfit and neckline. The grand shape and gemstones of a chandelier earring become the focal point of your jewellery ensemble.

Threader earrings

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In this design, a slim metal thread dangles from the earlobe. This unique design is eclectic and mysterious. The slim silhouette of the threader earring suits slim fabrics like printed silks and georgettes. Solid coloured outfits will give you the best impact of this earring. Wear with other stringy jewellery for best impact.

Ear jackets

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These earrings have two earrings in a pair, one as the front lobe earring and another as a clasp. Its and eclectic design, and with sophisticated airs. So carry it with a formal outfit or ethnic with good quality fabric and trimmings.


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With a typical crescent moon design, chandbalis are ethnic Indian earrings. Chandbalis have a breezy happy vibe, that transports one to open fields and soft sunshine. Best paired with fusion wear and rustic looking ethnic wear. Warli prints, kalamkari, ajrak, bagru etc., look super with chandbalis. Chandbalis have an enamel finish that can be made with many colours and vivid hues. Styling a chandbali is no challenge at all!


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Long cotton or wool tassels with metallic stud at the ear lobe, that’s a tassel. It’s the earring that has a boho vibe, and it swings like a free soul! Cloth or wool tassels can be paired with casual western and fusion wear. The metallic ones will vibe with your short black dress or any outfit good enough for clubbing.

Ear climbers

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With a stem like shape that climbs up the ear lobe, ear climbers are stem or serpentine like earrings, in metals and gemstones. The vibe is mystical and supernatural. Style with ethnic or western wear. Ear climber earrings have an individuality that will express your personality. It will match your attitude and any outfit you pick.

As we begin to realise the emotion related with the design of any earring, we know which earring to put on to match the mood of the day. Something in every earring design, the shape, its sizes, stones, shine of the metal, is strung up like a song. Pick one that resonates with your heart.

Earring style guide’s styling suggestions

You have the outfit and the earring you want to shop in mind, now you want to know the basics.

Match with the face shape

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Round earrings suit longish faces. And geometric shapes like triangles, suit round to oval faces. To give better light to the cuts on your face, choose an earring that covers the edges of your jaw. Square face shapes look harmonious with oval and heart shaped long earrings.

Create layers

Longish ears look petite when you layer many earrings around the cartilage and earlobe. You can use climbers too. Hoops and studs in layers are classic layering options for earrings.

Create contrast

You can go with conventional dressing or then create a contrast with opposite colours and shapes in earrings. Only look to harmonise the ensemble.

Wear mixed metals

Silver and gold metal styles merge well with each other. The look created is glamourous. Mixed metals are trending this year. Colourful gemstones with mixed metals are trending. Bold earrings and jewellery are amping up the glam on ramps and cat walks this year. It’s all about big bold pearl earrings and gemstone earrings.

Create a focal point

When you want to wear an earring that is flamboyant, go easy on other pieces of jewellery. Pick dainty chains and bracelets when you are opting for an oversized bold earring with a lot of bling. Beautiful jhumkas and chandelier earrings are the best accessories you can pick to define the focal point of your ensemble.

To follow trends or not!

Let your emotional connect with the earring decide. When you pick a pair of earrings that is love at first sight, you want to pair it with every outfit you have. So don’t hold back. It’s important to go with the feel rather than think of trends. Something that may be trending may not really be your style. Don’t go for earrings or any other jewellery that makes you feel awkward or out of place.

Match earrings with the neckline

Boxy earrings look good with turtle necks. Longish earrings go well with V necks. With sweet heart necks wear dainty earrings with a lot of shine. Wear hoops with square necks, and danglers with round necks. Look to match your earring with the neckline when you want to create a symmetry in your entire look.

Wear sentimental jewellery

Vintage jewellery and heirlooms are always special pieces reserved for special occasions. But you may have that simple hoop, your grandmother used to wear that you simply love. Wear it with love, and flaunt it with pride. Often, we get earrings as gifts that don’t match our fashion sense, or they may be out of fashion. Wear it for the emotion attached to it, and experience the love you feel after a few moments. Cherish the earring as you would the bond!

Wear clean jewellery

Earrings pick up dirt and dust as most of us lived in urban areas. The lotions and creams we use also leave a layer on the earring. The earring loses its shine and gemstones begin to look dull. It’s a good discipline to clean the earring after removing it. Wipe it with a soft cloth and store it in a good jewellery box. Get an annual cleaning from the jeweller.

This earring style guide has information to give you styling ideas. There’s no real rule to styling except you can create a harmony with your outfit. The blend and contrast of the earrings with your other jewellery and clothes will create a symphony that will give you the boost, creativity, courage, or boldness that you need. Pick the mood of the day and wear earrings that mimic your essence. Comfort will follow. Power dressing is all about that. And earrings are the best accessories to express your inner diva and style fashionista!