Perfect earrings for your Sharara!

Shararas have been around since the Mughal era, and are often a way to look grand without the heavy lehenga or ghagra. It’s a festive favourite, and you cannot go wrong with a sharara dress at any function. They’re comfortable, easy and breezy to wear, and you can dance away without a care in the world. They look effortless, and make for an unforgettable outfit. 

Have a favourite sharara but unsure how to style it? We would suggest a pair of statement earrings. Since shararas in themselves are very opulent, accessorising them with the right jewellery is very important. Statement earrings wouldn’t take away from shararas and you can flaunt your look in the best possible way. Read on to know our top picks for statement earrings you can pair with a sharara. For more accessorising tips for other outfits, read our earring style guide for all outfits.


Every Indian woman should always keep a pair of jhumka earrings in her jewellery box. Jhumka earrings are popular because of their rich history. These gorgeous earrings were originally worn as temple jewellery to adorn the ears of gods during the Mughal era. Jhumka earrings never go out of style and elevate any ensemble they are worn with. Jhumka earrings come in countless styles, each of which is distinctive in its own way.

Pairing jhumka earrings with your sharara set is a sure shot hit, and will always look elegant and beautiful. It adds to the beauty of the sharara, without taking away from its style. They add tradition to the entire ensemble, and you will definitely look stunning. 

Chandbali Earrings 

Chandbali earrings are an ode to the moon, and you’re definitely going to shine like the moon when you have these earrings in your ears. These earrings have been the go-to for royalty, popularised by the Rajputs and Mughals. They’re embedded with different gemstones, and are gorgeously elegant. 

These ornate earrings will elevate your shararas. They are also a very unique pair, and you needn’t accessorise with anything else when you put these beautiful earrings on. They can also be customised to the colour of your sharara to make more of a statement and look dazzling. 

Gold Plated Earrings 

An alternative to expensive gold jewellery is gold plated jewellery. It gives the outfit a sophisticated twist without looking garish. Gold plated earrings can last a very long time and will always keep their shine with proper care. They look like the definition of perfection and add sparkle to every outfit they are worn with.

Gold plated earrings add a sophisticated touch to a grand sharara. This is a match made in jewellery heaven, and will definitely be a hit. You can wear longer gold plated earrings with your sharara and eliminate the need for any other jewellery. 

Enamel Earrings 

Enamel earrings will instantly make any outfit a thousand times more colourful and will fulfil all of your fairytale fantasies. Your jewellery box should always contain enamel earrings. A pair of enamel earrings is the ideal way to give any outfit a pop of colour. Beautiful enamel earrings can really spruce up your appearance when they are worn in the right way.

Enamel earrings are an exquisite addition to the grand sharara. They can also be custom to the colours of the sharara for a colour blocking moment. They add oomph and elegance to the whole look. 

American Diamond Earrings

American diamond earrings are the perfect substitute for real diamonds. They’re made in a lab and are also intricately designed. American diamonds shine just like the real ones, and when you have a pair of these on, you will definitely sparkle. American diamond earrings are classic, and a pair that goes with every outfit. It adds the right amount of sparkle and elegance to the whole look. 

Pairing your sharara with American diamond earrings is a must. It’s opulent, and you’ll look and feel like royalty. It enhances the design of the sharara, and adds depth to the entire look. You’ll look simple, yet sophisticated with a pair of these earrings. 

These are our top picks for earrings that will light up your sharara. These will compliment your sharara in the most gorgeous way, and make you look like the showstopper you are. You can pick up any of these and many more at Blingvine.