The Earrings You Need With Your Black Gown


When you think of a black gown, you could be thinking of anything from a basic gown or red carpet worthing gown. This is where the beauty of a black gown lies. As a piece of clothing it is so versatile, and when it comes to accessorising it, it offers the same versatility. It’s a truly fun and enjoyable process to style the perfect earrings with a black gown. 

Earrings single-handedly can transform and elevate your entire look. With earrings, you can choose to style your black gown in a sophisticated manner worthy of attending a royal dinner or you can make it fun like you’re about to spend the rest of the night partying with your friends. 

Here’s our guide to styling the best earrings with your black gown. You can also read the full guide on finding the perfect pair of earrings for your outfit for other outfits.

First things first, keeping the neckline of your black gown in mind while picking out earrings for it is absolutely essential. Depending on the neckline, you can make sound earring choices. For instance, for a gown with a cowl neck, you can style a pair of chandelier earrings or a pair of dainty American diamond hoops earrings. 

Secondly, you want to look into the style of the gown. Is it an A line gown or a mermaid cut or is it a flowy gown? The style of the gown will help in making your accessory decisions. It’ll also help you style earrings that specifically suit your gown style as well. 

The third aspect to keep in mind while styling a black gown is looking into any accent colours that may be on your gown. Does it have gold accents? Does it have silver accents? Does it have any other colour accents on it? What are your shoes and bags options and what accents do they have? Why do you need to look into this? This helps you style earrings within the same account colours making your outfit look more put together and well thought out. 

Chandelier Earrings 

For classy and a more upscale look, you can style chandelier earrings with your black gown. You will also find that chandelier earrings come in many materials; american diamonds, pearls, enamel finishing or even just gold plating. There is an expansive variety to choose from and you can elevate your gown. A good pair of chandelier earrings can work for a royal dinner party to a saturday night party at the trendiest club in town, depending on how to style them. 


For a more elegant and clean look, you can choose to style your black gown with a pair of studs. These could be diamond studs or it could be a mix of diamond and enamel coated studs, they’ll instantly sober up your entire look. For events like business dinners or black tie events, studs can immediately add a pop to your look without taking any of the attention away from your outfit. If a simple, effortless look is your preference, styling studs with your black gown is going to be right up your alley. 

Statement Earrings 

For a bolder and more edgy look, you can style your black gown with a pair of statement earrings. You wear chunky statement earrings or you can wear geometric ones, whatever you pick, it’ll give you a look that will help you stand out and look gorgeous as always. Statement earrings made of polki will give you a regal look whereas opting for pearls will give you a classy look. These are subtle variations but they make a world of difference in your look, especially when it is coupled with the style of your black gown.  

Danglers Earrings 

For a more ubiquitous look, you can choose to style your black gown with different dangler earrings. Just as there are many many styles of black gowns, there are many many styles of danglers so you won’t be in dearth of choosing the ones that feel right to you.

As with all styling, it’s all about finding the pieces that work well together and retain their own individuality. Styling black gowns is one of the best experiences you can have since no matter how you style it, it’ll end up looking good so it gives you the opportunity to explore and experiment with pieces that speak to you. You’ve got this, one pair of earrings at a time! Discover more earrings styling ideas with our in-depth earrings style guide.