Little Black Earrings for your Little Black Dress

The little black dress is an indispensable item in every girl and woman's closet. The little black dress is an important moment in women's fashion history and we’re sure it is a dress that will maintain its relevance for the years to come. Accessorising with the little black dress is not only a fun experience but also it can completely define the aesthetic you’re going for. Earrings enhance any outfit and the little black dress is not an exception to it. 

The best part about styling earrings for the little black dress is the variety that you can pick depending on the style of the dress. It's a blank canvas for you to work on and pair the jewellery that suits you and the aesthetic you’re going for best. 

Depending on the neckline of your little black dress, you can pick earrings that suit the style you’re going for. You pair something as simple as classic hoops to chandelier earrings solely based on the neckline of your little black dress. 

Here’s our guide on the best pairings with your little black dress. 

Experimental Aesthetic

If you’re going for an edgy look, you can pair extremely unique earrings with your little black dress. We recommend colour blocking techniques like opting for bright enamel polished earrings with your outfit. For an experimental look, using the current trends like Y2K is also ideal. It gives a wide range of earring options to choose from. Going for danglers or mismatched earrings that add that extra bling to your outfit. If you have multiple ear piercings, earrings option that you can consider are delicate threaded earrings that you can loop in all your multiple piercings. 

Classic Aesthetic 

If you maintain that the little black dress is almost sacrosanct and the most appropriate options are go black to the classics. These are earrings that have been tried and tested and will bring an effortless aesthetic look. Earrings like gold plated hoops, pearl pieces, studs and drop earrings fit the bill of the classic aesthetic. With most black dresses, these earrings cannot fail you, trust us, we know what we’re talking about. 

Formal Aesthetic 

Typically, black dresses are the dress code for a lot of formal events. From celebrations to funerals, a black dress is an essential piece of clothing. Styling with diamond studs, or small to medium gold and silver hoops, or simple teardrop earrings are the way to go. For events like conferences, work trips, and formal meetings, a little black dress and these earring options will give you a sophisticated, mature, professional and very put together look. This combination is as foolproof as it gets. 

Day to Night Aesthetic

A lot of plans happen immediately after your activity for the day ends. Maybe it's drinks after work or dinner with your friends after college. The little black dress comes to your rescue in such instances since you transform your dress from day to night with a single change in accessory. Exchanging your golden hoops for a pair of chandelier earrings or exchanging your jhumkas for a pair of American diamond hoops or ear cuffs and danglers can totally change the game. Both of these things are available in such wide ranges that there is no combination that you can go wrong with. 

The little black dress is a classic and staple in the life of every girl and woman. There is no other piece of clothing that is as versatile and forgiving as it is. It opens up an entire world of learning to accessorise with the right pieces and truly focus on that. A pair of earrings can and will completely transform your little black dress. We believe that styling a little black dress is like a rite of passage in every girl and woman's life, it’s inevitable and will become a part of your style. We also want to remind you to have fun and pair accessories with your outfits that you’ll be comfortable with and feel good about yourself in. What’s the best part about styling a little black dress and earrings you ask? It's that both are made to fit you and your aesthetic and you don’t have to fit into them. Choose both that not only look good but also feel good.

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