The Best Earrings For Various Occasions : Blingvine Style Guide

We’re always on the lookout for the perfect pair of earrings. Owning a pair of statement earrings is nothing less than an achievement. All women want “that” pair of earrings, one that zhuzh up an outfit and add glamour to your looks.

Are you stuck with trying to figure out the best pair of earrings for an occasion? We’re here to help you navigate every situation and pick the perfect pair of earrings. Read on to know which earrings pair best with what occasion. 

Indian Weddings

    Indian weddings are known for statement making earrings that stun. Traditional earrings go best with Indian outfits. They will enhance the beauty of your outfit and add an element of sparkle to it. Choose a pair of jhumkas or high-quality crystal earrings to really up your look for an Indian wedding. Earrings with gems and big earrings are always a hit at Indian weddings. You can pair a beautiful pair of jhumkas or chandbali earrings with your lehengas, sarees or salwar-kameez sets, and it’s always going to be a hit. 

    Destination Weddings

    At a destination wedding, it’s important to wear earrings that are easy to carry and are also inexpensive. Choose a pair of earrings that are lightweight and can be worn in every weather. Danglers, hoops and studs make the perfect pair of earrings for destination weddings. These can be paired with light and flowy dresses or even heavy lehengas and will still make a statement. 

    Coffee Date

    For coffee dates, you want to wear simple earrings that accentuate your face and your outfit. Studs and hoops go a long in cases like this. They simply add to your outfit, without overtaking it. You can pair a set of golden hoops with your dresses or jeans and shirts to elevate the outfit and add zhuzh without looking like you tried too much. 

    Romantic Date

    Romantic dinner dates are the perfect opportunity to dress up in your favourite fancy outfit and sparkle for the night. You want to stun your date with how gorgeous you look. Go for high-quality crystal earrings for date nights since they take your look to the next level. Choose a pair of earrings that make you look feminine and alluring. Wear a pair of sparkly earrings that’ll just add to your shine! Check out this list of the best earrings to wear on your next romantic date.

    Girls Night Out

    Girls night outs are fun and flirty. You are usually dancing the night away or moving from one place to another. We would recommend wearing a pair of light earrings. Hoops, studs or small dangler earrings will be a hit at girls night out, and you’ll shine out among your friends. These earrings go well with all types of dresses and even casual outfits. They add fun to your outfit and you can also dance the night away without any care in the world! 


    For college, it’s very important to choose earrings that are simple, pretty and enhance your outfit. You will be up and around all day, and having a pair of heavy earrings on your ears won’t help you. Choose a pair of studs or hoops that can uplift your spirits and your outfit. Studs and hoops also go well with traditional and casual outfits, while also being earrings that can be worn everyday. Make a statement on your campus without looking like you’re trying to, and trust us, no one will forget you. 


    Parties are glamorous and sophisticated, and you must choose a pair of earrings that is an embodiment of these characteristics. We would suggest wearing a pair of american diamond earrings or pearl earrings to really add charisma to your party outfit. These earrings will go with every kind of outfit, be it traditional or modern, and you will be the showstopper at that party. 

    Red Carpet Events

    Red carpet events call for earrings that’ll make a statement. Our favourite picks for red carpet events are high-quality danglers, chandelier earrings and american diamond earrings. The best part of these earrings is that you can pear with an equally dramatic outfit and it won’t look out of place. You will be the crowning highlight of wherever and all eyes will definitely be on you


    For interviews, it’s important to remember to wear earrings that add to your outfit without looking out of place or too extravagant. You want your work to speak for you, and wearing heavy earrings will distract the interviewer. Moreover it's good to wear a pair of earrings that will be appropriate for office. We would suggest a pair of studs, as they go with every outfit, traditional and modern. They accentuate your look, and give you the confidence that you conquer the world! 

    No matter which earrings you choose to wear to which event, we’re sure you’ll stun everyone with your beauty. And if you’re looking for the perfect pair of earrings, Blingvine is your BFF!