Earrings To Help You Stand Out In Your Next Interview

Dressing up for an interview is never easy. There are too many factors to take into consideration - you need to look professional, your personality should come across - it's can be a head-scratching, doubt-prone chore. However, there are a few universally agreed view that can help you figure out your interview attire.

Often, women are struck with uncertainty when it's time to accessorize their attires. Earrings? Necklaces? Bracelets? They question if they should even wear jewellery. If yes, then what? why type? what style? colour? combination? Will it be too much? Or not enough? Thoughts rush through their minds like a cat getting midnight zoomies.

Though, it's understandable. A simple trick to settle down is to start with the earrings. Right by the face, earrings are highly noticeable and hence, at the top of the importance scale. While earrings can level up most outfits, choosing the right one for the occasion is important. Especially, when it comes to formal settings such as interviews, where there are unspoken dress codes to follow. To help you make such decisions, we've created a list of the best earrings to suit the interview atmosphere:

Aztec Hoop Earrings

These intricately designed pair of earrings have a subtle appearance ideal for interviews, while also adding a layer of glamour to your outfit. Inspired from the Aztec culture, this option is for those who want to convey their intellectual and passionate nature through their style. The simple shape paired with complex artwork creates the versatile and sophisticated style required for this go-to interview earrings.

Anna Mesh Danglers

The contemporary style of these danglers makes it a suitable option for the modern women of today. It's chic and youthful, ready to be a styled amidst any sort of workplace environment - from casual to formal and everything in between. No matter where you're interviewed, you'll blend into the company atmosphere as though you already belong. 

Checkers Enamel Studs

If you're looking for an accessory to liven up your usual interview outfit, these Checkers Enamel Studs are here to add a pop of colour to your attire. Bright, but not distracting, this piece will bring freshness to your look and make you stand out among the usually tired interviewees. 

Starlit Studs

For those who tend to opt for the classics, these studs are the way to go. After all, what can top the classics list, if not pearls and elegance?! Adding just a tinge of glamour to your look, this choice is sure to make you feel confident in your style - which can benefit your overall interview experience.

Starlit Crystal and Pearl Stud Earrings - BlingVine Jewelry
Starlit Studs
₹ 2,600

These delicate and elegant earrings can bright up your mood in moments. The twinkle of the little stars will win your heart. The German Rhodium Polish and the top quality American Diamonds make the finish flawless. The imitation pearls just add to the charm of these lovelies!

Stylist's Notes:

Starlit earrings are for the days when you do not want to wear boring ear accessories but you are not in mood for something big and bulky.

You don’t need more reasons to own these beauties right away!

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of pearl earrings

Made of:

  • High grade Imitation Pearl in White
  • Finest American Diamonds
  • German Rhodium polish
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Earring width: 18 mm
  • Earring length: 27 mm
  • Please see the last image for more details on sizing

Gigi Crystal Studs

Not a fan of pearls but still want the air of refined glamour it brings to your outfits? These crystal studs may be exactly what you're looking for. The striking design and subdued monochromatic palette of this piece, give it the restrained magnetic charm, much like the previously mentioned pearl studs. 

Saahiba Crystal Jhumka

While jhumkas are usually associated with lavish events and traditional festivities, the right style of jhumka can also be worn for formal events like an interview. This particular one subdues the extravagant jhumka design by maintaining a consistent pattern and colour scheme across the piece - making it suitable for any interview setting.  

Saahiba Crystal Jhumka
Saahiba Crystal Jhumka
₹ 2,200

No festival is complete without at least one festive look that flaunts a pair of head-turning Jhumkas! Saahiba Crystal Jhumkas are here to brighten up your festive look with their gorgeous shining AAA American Diamonds and tiny hanging trinkets. The finish of German Rhodium polish gives a luxury touch to these beauties.

Stylist's Notes

These versatile pair of Jhumkas call for fun and festivity. Traditional design infused with contemporary elements and modern twist makes these earrings perfect for festivals, parties, or any special occasion.  Put them on with your favorite red saree for Karwachauth or pair them with your Diwali outfit, you will never be disappointed.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of Jhumkas


  • AAA American Diamonds
  • High Quality Austrian Crystal
  • German Rhodium Plating
  • High-grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of Earrings: 6cms
  • Refer to the model photo for size reference

Kiaa Pearl Earrings

Combine the sophistication of pearls with the joyous nature of danglers for your next interview look with these essential pair of earrings. Toned down by its symmetrical and sleek design, this pair makes a good choice for interviews. At the same time, the dangling pearls make for a versatile accessory that can be styled with casual to formal attires.  

Whether you're being interviewed by a casual and quirky company or a strictly formal one, picking out earrings such as these are sure to enhance your look without taking the spotlight away from your talents and personality. Now that you have a basic idea about what to look for when adorning earrings for an interview, you can check out some more earrings and make sure to get the best you can!

And if you want to discover more ways style your earrings then we have in-depth earrings style guide just for you, Hope you like it.