Earrings to wear to your next Coffee Date

Earrings to wear to your next Coffee Date

Back in the days, when I was younger, there was a famous coffeeshop tagline, “A Lot can Happen over Coffee!”. At that time, my teen-silly-self couldn’t understand the significance of a coffee date and didn’t understand that how much can actually happen over a coffee; a coffee date can be a reason to meet an old friend, or it could just be an excuse to see that new crush of yours; a coffee date can mean serious business and can be a venue for informal interviews or it can just be a place for endless gossips with your bestie! A LOT can actually happen over and coffee and that is why it does become important to look pretty and presentable when you’re meeting someone over a coffee date. What better way to look chic enough and still be casual for a coffee date than to put on the right pair of earrings!? In this blog, we will help you to choose the perfect style of earrings for your next coffee date, whatever the occasion may be. So, get to ready to shop for the perfect pair of earrings for your next coffee meet.

“See you over a coffee!”, a very common expression when you talk to an old friend and are planning to catch up. For such an occasion, it is important to look chic and classy but you must ensure that the earrings you put on are not distracting. The focus should be on bonding and immersing yourselves in the stories from the past and not on the jewellery. So, it is best to put on a classy stud earring for such meets. Small pearl studs or small solitaire studs are most appropriate for such engagements.

Meeting your secret crush is always an important occasion where you want to keep it looking casual but still want to look your best! The right earrings are there to rescue you in such situations. Cute flirty earrings will do the right job for a coffee date with your crush, you can keep your earrings young and feminine in style. Sleek floral themed earrings that end around the jawline are perfect for such times when you want to look feminine and want to draw the attention towards that brilliant smile of yours! Or just wear cute heart shaped studs if you want to send across the signal while still keeping it subtle ;)

These day informal job interviews are becoming very popular. Also, business networking has become a necessary part of most of the jobs. A plush coffee house is usually the venue for such meetings. For just formal coffee meets, its important that you come across as a professional. Putting on neutral colour formal wear along with small gold studs or an understated loop earrings is the best option for such meetings.

Another important kind of engagement that takes place over coffee is team building meetings at co working places. These meetings are little more informal than an office meeting but still demand you to dress professionally enough to be taken seriously. But that shouldn’t stop you from putting smaller but statement earrings. Exaggerated gold earrings paired with a crisp white shirt can make a statement without going overboard.

Lastly, the most important kind of coffee date, the one with your bestie! This is the time to get out of your shell and make a statement with the most fun earrings that you own! Go Big, Go Wild! Take out those fun enamel dangler earrings or the statement hoops or the funkiest pair of earrings that you were always scared to out on, your bestie is going to love your look no matter what! 😉

So, these were our tips for the earrings to wear for your next coffee date. Hope you found them useful. And we have in-depth earrings style guide for your to elevate your earrings fashion. Do let us know in comments if you have some other great earring ideas for our next coffee date.