8 Different Types Of Earrings And The Ways You Can Style Them

What happens when you mix elegance, flair, and simplicity at the same time? We get these beautiful jewellery pieces - earrings! Earnings are amazing works of art that add style to your look. Available in many types, they can be styled in numerous ways, which is exactly what makes them fun to experiment with and easy to carry.
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There are numerous earrings and we have decided to write about their origin, flexible ways to style, and current trends of styling, so that you can make the right decision the next time you decide to buy one for yourself or your loved ones.


Jhumkas are bell-shaped earrings with various stones or gems dangling next to each other in a dome-like style. Jhumkas have a grace to them as they tend to have a fluid design that’s endearing to look at.

Origins - 

With ancient Indian architecture considered as evidence, jhumkas are said to have originated during the Chola Period. The temples in the southern parts of India have several carvings and sculptures of induviduals wearing jhumkas incorporated in their architectural designs. The words jhumkas or jumkhi is also roughly translated to 'bell' given its shape! 

How to style a jhumka? 

Jhumkas are traditionally worn by Bharatanatyam dancers, and rightly so as these elegant earrings move as fluidly as the dancers. Popularly, jhumkas are considered to be worn during traditional ceremonies and when combined with a saree, the beauty of the wearer knows no bounds. Let us now take a look at how else we can use these earrings in different styles.

Saree - As mentioned earlier, jhumkas go extremely well with sarees, and with many types of jhumkas available, you can choose the best ones that go with your saree and show off your elegance in traditional attire. As far as your hair, you can tie it up like a bun, a single braid it or just let it free! It's your choice, so don't shy away from experimenting!

Salwar Kameez / Kurtis - Jhumkas also go well with printed salwar kameez and kurtis which makes them a combination that adds modernity to the more traditional aspect of jhumkas. 

Modern Take

With time, jhumkas have evolved as well, and lately, jhumkas are finding themselves in more modern looks than before, breaking the stereotype of them being meant for traditional events only. Here is our take on jhumkas used in tandem with modern attire.

Suits - Jhumkas are now combined with suit pieces that give a very unique look, and we love it! The fluidity of jhumkas is very well incorporated in this combination, forming a style that adds a pinch of ancient history to a modern look.

Long Skirts - Jhumkas with long-length skirts are absolutely beautiful, the combination of these two elements of fashion from two different eras adds a spin to the overall style. Try it out and let us know how it worked out for you!

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Saahiba Crystal Jhumka
Saahiba Crystal Jhumka
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Stylist's Notes

These versatile pair of Jhumkas call for fun and festivity. Traditional design infused with contemporary elements and modern twist makes these earrings perfect for festivals, parties, or any special occasion.  Put them on with your favorite red saree for Karwachauth or pair them with your Diwali outfit, you will never be disappointed.

What's Included:

  • 1 pair of Jhumkas


  • AAA American Diamonds
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  • German Rhodium Plating
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  • Length of Earrings: 6cms
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 As the name suggests, Danglers are earrings that tend to start from the lobe of your ears and then drop down. The length of the earring depends on the brand but these stylish earnings are a must-have!


Starting in the golden era of modern times, the late 1900s and the 1980s to be exact, these earrings with their sleek yet sophisticated designs found their way into the jewellery collections of people when fashion was revolutionising making people more open to experimenting with fashion styles. 

How to style? 

In India, these earrings have found a place in the category of modern jewellery and are styled in many different ways - each with its own pinch of uniqueness and charm. This versatility is an advantage for those looking for flexibility.

Anarkali -  The aesthetics of Anarkali with its subtle print patterns and frock-like extension pairs well with danglers, creating a stunning look. As we know, danglers come in various styles and this makes the number of combinations almost endless. 

Kurtis -Danglers can also be combined with simple Kurtis and this minimalistic combination indeed creates a very elegant look without much effort.

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Modern Take

Danglers mostly being a modern earrings style blends well with almost all western wears but a few combinations took our breath away! Take a look.

Jumpsuits - This combination of jumpsuits and danglers is very unique and seems like it was just put together with whatever was available, but trust us! They go surprisingly well together and are a must-try during your next casual outing.

Cardigans/ Long Coats - We have no words for this combination. This sophisticated combination is a go-to one in winter as the look creates a very special look and is just an amazing style altogether. 

Turtle Neck Tops - Turtlenecks as usual are very quirky, but when you combine them with dangling earnings the style it creates is excellent in a very subtle manner. Do try this combination and steal the light! 

Don't forget to take a look at our guide on styling dangler earrings to look your best whenever you choose to style them with your outfits!

Chandelier Earrings 

Chandelier earrings seem like a mix of jhumkas and danglers and have a very elite look to them. Chandelier earrings as the name suggests have long designs and a set structure that resembles a chandelier. 

Origin - 

The origins of chandelier earrings are believed to be scattered all over the globe from Greece to Turkey. Evidence of this type of earring has been found in parts of Europe with hints of gold platings and in parts of the Middle East, this is one of the reasons why chandelier earrings have incorporated very diverse designs over time.

How to style?

With many diverse options available, the ways you can style your outfit with this type of earring is endless. Let us now look at what you can pair chandelier earrings with.

Saree - There is nothing that can go wrong when you pair a saree with this earring and elevate your fashion statement. The studded earring brings substance to the entire style with its chandelier-like structure and long accents.

Lehenga - How do you make an already beautiful outfit even more beautiful? Add a suave chandelier earring to the mix! This beautiful combination will never miss hitting the target and will come out in a very charming style. Try this combination and you will be delighted!

Modern Take 

Though these earrings have said to have originated in ancient times, there is no denying that they look very modern. Having survived the test of time after being out of trend for a few years, these earrings are finally back in trend. Here are a few ways you can ride the modern trend wave. 

Gowns - Chandelier earrings being long and sleek when combined with a long elegant gown can work magic. This pairing with subtle designs of both the dress and earrings will look very suave. 

Strapless dress - The style of this type of dress, and the charm that this brings to the table when combined with a long beautiful earring are a complete package. 

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The most simple yet so complex shape, the circle carries a lot of weight when it comes to jewellery. The hoops in general tend to have a lot to offer when it comes to their flexibility in terms of designs.


The hoop earrings are said to have originated in the Mesopotamian Civilization. It is said that people in Africa are the first ones to sport these types of earrings. Centuries later the designs have changed but the structure of the earrings has been the same.

How to style?

Though this design seems very simple, it carries a lot of weight when it comes to making a statement as in simplicity lies aesthetics. Here are a few combinations you can try with your hoops earrings.

Salwar Kameez - These Indian dresses are very beautiful and simple at the same time and carry the mark of being flexible when it comes to the accessories you can pair them with. Try pairing your salwar kameez with hoop earrings set and observe how it changes the entire look for the better.

Sarees - Though pairing hoop earrings with sarees might seem unconventional, the designs have always been evolving in the world of hoop earrings, with a plethora of new designs coming out often, the number of combinations you can try is endless. Get yourself one of these earrings from our very own Blingvine collection and try pairing them with your sarees!

Modern Take 

As we have spoken earlier the hoop earring was never out of trend from the time of the Mesopotamian Civilization until now. The reason for this is the number of designs you can come up with for the hoop earrings and the flexibility it offers when it comes to styling. Let us now look at the present fashion trends.

Kurtis - These go-to dresses are one of the most popular ones in the Indian market for Indian women, thanks to their convenient style and diverse design options. The diverse designs of the dresses and the flexibility of the hoop earrings in terms of designs indeed create multiple combinations and hence go together in the world of fashion. 

Gagra Choli - It might seem like a misfit but a hoop earring with a few elements in terms of stones or gems to back it up can open a unique combination of styles. Try it out yourself and let us know what you think about it. 

There are many other ways to style these earrings but the above-mentioned ones are a bit unconventional and in trend right now as the age of experimenting is now at its peak! Shop for your favourite earrings from Blingvine and be part of these elegant yet quirky trends! 

Tassel Earrings

These sleek earrings have long lengths and do not have a constricted structure per se. These earrings are very stylish and appeal to the younger generation with a more modern sense of fashion.


Tassel originally has its roots in Jewish culture and literature. Apart from Jewish culture the origin of tassels being part of fashion also has evidence from Rome and inspiration to the Chinese civilization through silkworms.

How to style? 

Tassel earrings are very stylish pieces and are at the center of fashion experiments. Tassels being mostly colorful take their place in the Indian circuit and rightly so given the fashion style in India. Let's try looking at the ways you can style these earrings in your daily lives.

Salwar Kameez - The most colorful combination you can think of, this combination is exceptionally striking, and though it might seem very unconventional to pair these two together but surprisingly they do very well together! Try it out yourself and let us know! 

Sundress - Tassel Earrings and sundress are more of a conventional combination and have been styled together for a very long time now. This combination pairs well together and the number of combinations that can be created is endless.

Modern Take

Keeping in mind recent trends, experimenting has been at an all-time high in the fashion world. The recent trends are becoming bolder and bolder which is good in the world of fashion. Let's take a look at the recent trends where Tassels are finding a place now.

Bubble Dress - This marvel of fashion might seem over the top but trust us they look amazing if you know how to style them. Pair your bubble dress with a pair of tassel earrings to awaken the passion within you!

Saree - Sarees are traditionally paired with jhumkas or dangers and even chandelier earrings at times but pairing a saree with tassel earrings adds a whole new dimension to the whole look. Give it a try and see the magic work!

Drop Earrings 

One might think that there is not much difference between danglers and drop earrings but there are a few fundamental differences between these two styles. Drop earrings drop just below the earlobe and are mostly stationary when the face moves, whereas when it comes to danglers they are pretty much free and move a lot when the face or the body moves.


Drop earrings have their origins in Europe and these earrings came into trend in the early 18th century. As earrings at that time were considered a scion of royalty and hence constant evolution of design was the need of the hour.

How to style? 

It might seem that these earrings have a very rigid style but drop earnings have the most number of designs in the mix.

Saree - The beauty of sarees is boundless, these six yards of cloth are very versatile when it comes to styling. When you bring together drop earrings and sarees into the mix the results are fabulous. Try it out and let us know!

Trumpet dress - If you are a fan of trumpet dresses then drop earrings can be your go-to accessory. The combination is just beautiful and elegant. 

Modern Take

The ever-evolving drop earrings have left no stones unturned when it comes to changes in styles or rather adapting to changing preferences over time.

Shirt dress - The blend of drop earrings and shirt dress looks very elegant and brings out the fashionista in you when you start experimenting.

Kimono dress - This trendy dress is making a noise in the fashion world recently and you can give it try by making it even more fashionable by pairing it with drop earrings.

Teardrop earrings 

As the name suggests teardrop earrings resembles the shape of a drop with the attributes of the drop earrings in the mix. This beautiful design offers a more fluid element to a relatively rigid earring style.


These earrings are a modern marvel. The origin story of this style is not well known but is considered as a part of the evolution of the drop earrings but has made a name as a separate category.

How to style? 

Teardrop earrings have become more common in jewel boxes these days and rightly so, the unique mix of rigidity of the drop style and the fluid design of a drop makes this jewellery a piece of art. 

Kurtis - The colorful elegant kurtis when styled with teardrop earrings is a beautiful combination and a treat to watch. The flexibility of both these items opens doors to a plethora of combinations and styling options.

Wrap-around dress - These dresses are elegant to don and are very popular for casual meets. Try pairing your wrap-around dress with a teardrop earring and a bit of flow to your fashion statement.

Modern Take

The teardrop earrings are fairly modern when compared to other earrings in this list. This is one of the reasons why these earrings go well with any modern dress.

T-shirt - Yes, a teardrop earring casually paired with a t-shirt is actually a good style. This style gives off a more laid-back sense of fashion while at the same time gives a complex style statement for all your casual meets! Let us know if this helped you!

Saree- Experimenting with sarees has become a major trend in recent times, by adding teardrop earrings to the mix makes things more interesting in our opinion.


The most popular of all the earrings in this list, the studs are definitely part of every woman's jewellery collection. Stud earrings come in many shapes and forms but remain on the earlobe and do not extend below the earlobe which makes them one-of-a-kind earrings.


It is believed that this type of earring originated from the very time earrings came to use making them one of the oldest accessories known to mankind. Stud earrings have their origins all over the globe with different civilizations using them as part of their rituals.

How to style?

As these earrings come in many different designs they are very flexible to pair with and have opened opportunities to use them in both casual attire and traditional attire.

Saree - Stud earrings combined with Indian designs are very popular among Indian households and have been paired with sarees for a long time now. This combination will definitely score points in the fashion section. Let us know if you use studs with your traditional wear too!

Kurtis - These colourful dresses look elegant when paired with studs and make for an elegant look.

Modern Take 

Stud earrings that are trendy right now are the minimalistic ones and the two-pointed ones. These earrings are paired with a few unconventional dresses and a new fashion statement is born.

Tutu dress - Though this combination of tutu dress and stud earrings might seem not that unconventional, they are rarely used together. The recent trend of experimenting with different types of stud earrings has created an opening to try this combination.

Babydoll dress - This cute dress style when paired with stud earrings is something you should try if you are looking to stand out from the crowd in a beautiful way.

With a plethora of options, the ideas to create your fashion statement can be an interesting challenge. There are even more types of earrings! These include huggies, clip on and jacket earring. Now that you know the origins of these earrings you can either travel back in time to find your style or create one of your own! 

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