Jhumkas, The Perfect Fusion Of Traditions And Trends

In the social media age that we currently inhabit, a new trend is unveiled almost practically daily. It can be intimidating to keep up with them, so we naturally opt for repeatable pieces in our wardrobe and accessories. Jewellery has always been a huge part of human culture. Our fondness for the artistry and labour that go into making jewellery has always been lavishly and significantly displayed throughout the history of civilisation from the Chola Dynasty to the Mughal Empire, all Indian epics have references to their affluence for the jewellery. The Ajanta Caves have served as the ideal illustration of the awe that has grown throughout the years. Our ancestors have even decorated temples to honour their love for their jewellery.

Rarely can pieces of jewellery stand the test of time for several centuries without waning off even slightly in popularity or acclaim over the years. Earrings are a prime illustration of this. Despite several improvements, modernisation and new fashion trends, vintage items like earring jhumkas will always hold a special place in our hearts. Jhumkas, which resemble a miniature teardrop, are earrings for women in the form of inverted bells. The timeless charm of earring jhumkas has won the hearts of girls and women, earning a treasured spot in their jewellery boxes.

According to legend, women of the Chola dynasty, which dates back to 300 B.C., wore earring jhumkas frequently. Earring jhumkas have been so well embraced by women and thereafter widely adopted by Bharatnatyam dancers that it was only natural for the designers to incorporate innovation into their work. Jhumkas are one of the most enthralling types of earrings that can be worn with both Indian and western clothing because they come in a variety of materials, including gold, silver, stones, and even silk threads. Continue reading to discover more about the various earring jhumkas styles.

Diamond Jhumka

The ideal jhumka for girls who dislike the glitz of gold. Diamonds give a modern touch to the traditional earring and pair perfectly with kurtas and dresses. They are light in weight as compared with the classic design, which is a perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity.

Meenakari Jhumka

Meenakari jhumkas are a favourite of our grandmothers that have been handed down through the generations. It’s a great combination of colours making them the most lively of all. The vivid hues add instant vigour enhancing the beauty of the outfit. They are a perfect choice for Indo-Western wear as well as ethnic wear.

Pearl Jhumka

Incredible, magical, and versatile royal pearl jhumkas define elegance. They effortlessly pull off a traditional look. Pearl-embedded jhumka for girls can be worn on any occasion and on a daily basis without being monotonous. The fusion of modern design and tradition is good to pair up with different attire to look chic and classy and shine on.

Kashmiri Jhumka

The ever-splendid Kashmiri jhumka, the pinnacle of elegance with its elegant design and long chain, has its own fan base. The long chains attached to the jhumkas can be fashioned in two ways, by tugging them through your hair or by tucking them behind your ears. In either case, they appear fashionable and modern. Wearing these at a festive event will make you stand out.

Hoop Jhumka

The "jhumka gira re" fame hoop jhumka has found a home in women's collections ever since Sadhna grooved on it in the 1960s. The simple and exquisitely crafted hoop earrings are relatively large and light, making them the ideal complement to kurtas and salwar suits. They style with jeans and a white shirt perfectly adding just the right amount of glamour. Naturally, they win the game because they are a well-liked daily wear option that successfully combines tradition and style.

Silk Thread Jhumka

The most recent addition to the jhumka for girls, the silk thread jhumka, is a prime illustration of how the jhumka has evolved over time. Silk jhumkas, which come in a variety of colours and are distinctively fashionable, feature a bell-shaped jhumka that is coated in silk thread and embellished with diamonds. Since they are quite small, they are popular among youngsters.

Jhumkas have evolved over time. There are more options, such as kundan jhumka, oxidised jhumka, stud jhumka, etc. for you to choose from. Perfect for every occasion, Jhumkas are pure heritage and poise. Of all the types of earrings, they are one of the most striking and exotic, making them immortal and loved by every generation. The much-adorned heritage has received admiration from all over the world. Blingvine's incredible Jhumka earrings will make it impossible for you not to buy one. Have a look at it and we are sure you will end up adding one to your collection.