7 Types Of Jhumkas And How To Style Them

7 Types Of Jhumkas And How To Style Them

Jewellery in India has a lot of cultural significance and is something that we Indians take pride in. Earrings have also been very important in Indian traditions and still are even to this day. The entire process of getting an infant's ear pierced is considered a procedure of great importance and is different for different cultures which again elevates the importance of earrings and jewellery at large.

In India, each type of earring has its rightful place in every tradition, be it for fashion purposes or cultural purposes. Jhumkas or Jhumkis are very popular in India and the brides generally style them with sarees during the various wedding ceremonies. Let us now understand everything about jhumka earrings.

The Rich History of Jhumkas

These beautiful earrings have a rich history with origins tracing back to 100s of years before the present time. The designs of jhumkas are observed as stone carvings on the temple walls in many parts of India with the most prominent ones being in the southern parts of India.

Taking note that few of these temples took 100s of years to be built, the real timeline relating to jhumkas cannot be pinpointed to a particular era, but we do know that these earrings since their inception have been popular and have evolved with time.

Though these earrings have maintained their structure they have significantly changed at every important point in Indian history, but the original form is still the most popular type even to this day.

Structure of Jhumkas

The word 'Jhumka' roughly translates to 'bell' or 'bowl' which is fitting because of the bell shape of these beautiful earrings. The distinctive sound these earrings make of a jingle is what is more popular in these designs other than their unique shape.

Jhumkas earrings are bell-shaped and drop down from the ear lobes and have a very elegant and royal look to them. They are made of many different materials but all the structures pretty much maintain the same shape. Jhumkas further have other structures other than bell-shaped structures to them and these elements are made from a variety of materials. These earrings have similar lengths of drop earrings or are slightly longer than them. Let us now see the different types of jhumkas.

Gold Jhumkas

The most popular jhumka designs are the gold jhumka designs, these earrings have a rich past and are considered as the original jhumkas. These beautiful earrings are a delight to look at.

These jhumkas are very popular among brides and have intricate designs etched into them which makes them look even more appealing and elegant. These jhumkas are also popular among classical dancers as their design provides a sense of fluidity which is perfect for the kind of dance that they perform.

Gold jhumka designs have other elements to them like gemstones like rubies, emeralds, etc and other semi-precious stones. These jhumka earrings are something that everyone must have in their closet for a diverse collection.

Oxidised Jhumkas

Oxidised metals have been very popular recently and oxidised silver especially is very famous as it provides a lot of flexibility to the wearer. Silver-oxidised jhumkas are gorgeous to look at and it gives a lot of character to the entire look with ease.

These earrings can be styled with sarees and other casual wears like kurtis. Oxidised jhumkas also have different elements like black beads or silver beads that add depth to the earrings. Engravings too are present on these earrings and provide a lot of depth to the entire style and add that extra flair to the earrings.

Diamond Jhumkas

Jhumkas were worn by royal families in the past, this led to the birth of incorporating diamonds into the already stunning jhumkas. The diamonds not only add a sense of royalty to the mix but also adds a certain sense of elegance and charm to the entire looks

Now, diamond jhumkas are worn by everyone alike and are something adored by everyone. This beautiful pair of earrings go well with lehengas and sarees and are often worn to weddings and other traditional events where there must be a mix of elegance and style at the same time!

Terracotta Jhumkas

Made of clay, these jhumka earrings are aesthetic to look at and come in many different colours. Terracotta jhumkas are pleasing to look at and are utterly gorgeous to pair with different kinds of outfits.

These jhumkas are made of mud and this gives a sense of rawness to the entire look while at the same time, the design and colours give it an elegant look. These earrings can be paired with kurtis, salwar kameez and midis with ease to add a pinch of traditional touch to a more casual outfit.

Hoop Jhumkas

These jhumkas have a rather simple design which combines two of the most popular earrings types, hoop earrings and jhumkas earrings. This combination is a perfect blend for more modern and casual attire and events.

Hoop jhumkas are easy to style and can be paired with kurtis, midis and sarees without much effort. The combination of the two earring types further opens the doors for a more flexible style which is again an added advantage for women who love experimenting with their fashion!

Ear Cuff Jhumkas

A concoction of two different cultures from two different times. Jhumkas are very versatile earring designs and this allows for experiments to develop new types of these beautiful earrings.

Ear cuff jhumkas have a sophisticated design which makes them absolutely gorgeous to look at. The structure of these earrings starts from the top of the ear and ends after the earlobes. These jhumkas are often studded with various precious and semi-precious stones. They are styled with ghagras and lehengas and this combination is stunning, to say the least.

Pearl Jhumkas

An unconventional combination for a jhumka earring set. These jhumkas are classy all the way and make for an elegant piece of jewellery. When pearls are added to the jhumka structure the entire design of the earrings is elevated in leaps.

These earrings can be paired with any casual or formal outfit, the fluidity of jhumkas and the elegance of pearls make them a perfect combination to style with formal outfits for your office wear. These earrings are not too grand nor too simple which is again perfect for office outfits. Check out our website for pearl jhumkas that you can style with your office wear!

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