Hoop Earrings – A Staple Of The Jewellery Industry

Hoop earrings are a staple – a must-have piece of jewellery. Hoop earrings are the one of the various types of earrings that will always make you feel put together, irrespective of how you’re feeling. A good pair of hoop earrings can make you feel like you can conquer the world.

There are different types of hoop earrings that you must have in your repertoire. You must own one pair of hoop earrings that you can wear all day - morning and night. You should own one pair of hoop earrings that have texture and are more statement making. These two are must-haves in every collection.
We have listed down different types of hoop earrings that can surely be a part of your collection. Read on and pick out which ones would be perfect for you.

Medium Hoop Earrings

Medium hoop earrings are an essential in every collection. They are a classic pair of hoop earrings, and can be paired with all outfits seamlessly. These hoop earrings are perfect to wear on an everyday basis. They’re light and elegant, making them a must-have.


Huggies are little hoop earrings that, literally, hug your earlobes. These earrings are elegant and perfect for those who prefer earrings that are no fuss but cute at the same time. If you have multiple piercings, these hoop earrings can be worn in all of them for a more unique look. These hoop earrings are also everyday hoop earrings.

Large Hoop Earrings

As the name suggests, these earrings are statement making. They are perfect for those who like a bolder look. Larger hoop earrings are also great for a night out on town as they tie together a glamorous outfit well. These earrings are like a little pick-me-up for days when you’re feeling down and need an attitude refresher.

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings are a standard piece of jewellery. You can choose either real gold hoop earrings or gold plated hoop earrings, and they’ll have the same effect. These are elegant hoop earrings that often pair well with both informal and formal outfits.

American Diamond Hoop Earrings

If you’re someone who loves drama and dramatic jewellery, American Diamond hoop earrings are perfect for you. These add a sparkle to whatever outfit you’re wearing and add an instant touch of glam to it. They add a glow to your face and are also perfect to dress up any outfit.

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Pearls and hoop earrings have one thing in common – both will never go out of style. Mix the two and you have a winning combination. Pearl hoop earrings are a beautiful combination of simplistic sophistication. They are very versatile and can be paired with anything. Pairing these earrings with your formal outfits can make you feel like you can conquer the world, and pairing them with your informal outfits can make you feel like a royal princess.

Square Hoop Earrings

Not all hoop earrings have to be round. Square hoop earrings are for those who don’t like the quintessential hoop earrings. They are stylish and unique, much like the wearer. You can also find square hoop earrings with gemstones on them for a more glamorous look. Smaller square hoop earrings are perfect for everyday and we’re sure everyone will be wondering where you picked them up from. You can also pair gemstone mounted square hoop earrings for a fun and sparkly look.

Colourful Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are not boring to start off with, but colourful hoop earrings take the whole look to a new level. Hoop earrings with beads or made with Lucite add a fun pop of colour of every outfit they are paired with. These earrings make the outfit more interesting. While these earrings are a more unique choice, we’re sure once you pick one pair up, you won’t be able to stop.

These are the hoop earrings you must have in your collection. They are fun, glamorous and can help you feel better. After all, there’s nothing like a good pair of hoop earrings to make you feel like you can do everything you want to. If any of these types caught your fancy, you can pick them up on the Blingvine website. You can also check out our guide on the various design of earrings to find out your perfect fits.