15 Earring Designs & Styling Ideas - Create gorgeous looks!

15 Earring Designs & Styling Ideas - Create gorgeous looks!

The most loved piece of jewellery for any woman is no doubt, the earring. The baby girl with the small gold thread around her little ears knows, this makes me look pretty. From a very young age, we love to dress up with our favourite outfits, clothes, shoes, make up, and jewellery; especially earrings. Earrings can bring out the cuts in your face and change its silhouette. Earring designs are so gorgeous that they amp up the look of outfits and create a glam, demure, bold, elegant, or chic look. For styling your most loved outfits, pick one of these earring designs that will gel with your fashion vibe and bring a glow to your face.

Dangles or Dangler earring designs

Popular and how! Dangles or danglers are popular earring designs that go well with western and ethnic wear. With gemstones or without, dangles in gold, silver, platinum, and oxidized silver are close to every girl’s heart. These earring designs have geometric and asymmetrical shapes. They dangle just above the neckline, hence the name. Dangles pair well with dresses, gowns, ethnic wear, and fusion wear. For a boho look, simply put on a huge dangler with a breezy summer dress and you’re good to go!


The hoop earring design has a circular shape, and hangs close to the earlobe. They are quite pretty when worn with demure apparel styles. Hoops can be in metals or then in beads, pearls, or gemstones. These earring designs in gold, look hip with jeans and a biker jacket. The bigger and slimmer hoops will suit your summer and holiday apparel. A single oversized metal hoop gives the face a slimming effect. Gold hoops are common earring designs that suit almost every face type and outfit. Hoops never go out of style.


One of the most loved earring designs by Indians! Jhumkas are so versatile, you can style with ethnic wear, western wear, and your simple every day kurtis and jeans. The jhumka earring designs have a small bell-shaped dangler attached to a stud earring. The dangler usually has little beads or stones with vivid colours. This earring design is a top favourite for festivals, weddings, and bridal wear. Ornate jhumkas in kundan, meenakari, and Jadau are top favourites with brides and wedding guests. When you want to style your festival outfit, the first pick is a matching jhumka! Jhumkas have a happy festive vibe. Their shape swings across the cheek and creates a beautiful slim face silhouette. Metal jhumkas in oxidized silver are always trending.

Stud earring designs

This earring design is small and sits on the earlobe. Studs are non-intrusive and perfect to style when you want to create a no-nonsense look. And of course, if you want to be the bold fashionista, you can flaunt an oversized stud with brilliant lustre, in metal or then a vivid colour in pearl. Pearl studs are graceful and comfortable to wear. Diamond studs amp up the simple glam look. Gold studs in artistic shapes will match your boho and fusion wear. Stud earring designs can be part of your everyday wear. A “wear it and forget it” type of earring that suits every casual outfit you have.

Cluster earring designs

Earring designs in stud shape but having clusters of gemstones are your cluster earrings. Simple but rich, cluster earrings in diamonds and American diamonds, suit every face type. Cluster earring designs have shapes like flowers, stars, etc. The cluster of leaves and patterns is heavily encrusted with gemstones and diamonds. They are perfect to style with lace, chiffon, and organza outfits. They look super cool with sarees and heavy dupattas.

Tear drop earring designs

Earring designs with a single stone dangling just below the earlobe, is the tear drop earring. The stone is always in the shape of a tear. It’s one of the most beautiful earring designs, especially when you want to style for a romantic fashion vibe. Tear drop earring designs in gemstones like rubies and emeralds create an otherworldly effect. Best paired with off shoulder outfits or wide necks, with the shine of gemstone reflecting along shapely collar bones. With silks and traditional salwar suits, tear drop earrings create a festive to party vibe.


These earring designs hug the ear like a stud but are shaped like hoops. Huggies have a chunky design. They are mostly designed with metals like gold and platinum. The design could also have a filigree pattern with mixed metals. An everyday kind of earring that is perfect to style with any kind of outfit for casual outings. Bolder Huggies can be worn with formals and western wear. Don’t confuse them with the diapers though!

Drop earring designs

This design is similar to the tear-drop design. The earring designs are more intricate with crystals, diamonds, filigree work, and so on. The drop part of the earring could be in any shape like round, geometric, leaves, circles, and other artistic designs. They are very gentle looking earrings. Best paired with formal clothes, party wear, and evening wear in both ethnic and western designs.

Chandelier earring designs

Long, multi-layered danglers, are your chandelier earrings. Always ornate and quite alluring, chandelier earrings are for festive wear. Studded with gemstones and crystals, chandelier earrings are the best pick when you want to bring out the champagne and celebrate. They look great with slim gowns and cocktail dresses. Chandelier earrings are most preferred when you want to style an ethnic suit, silk saree, or elaborate lehengas. Often called a statement piece, chandelier earring designs have the beauty to be the focal points of your jewellery ensemble.

Threader earring designs

As the name suggests, this earring has a small stud at the earlobe and a thread of metal going through the ear, to dangle below the earlobe. Threader earring designs are very unique, in that, the length of the thread decides whether the earring can be worn with casual wear or festive wear. The slim chain or thread of metal creates a very Mata Hari type of vibe, especially when there’s more thread than one. Such earring designs need to be handled with care, as the thread can get stuck and cause injury to the ear. Best paired with open necks and off shoulder outfits.

Ear jacket earring designs

Not really for cold nights, but more for creative and flamboyant looks! These earring designs don’t have a clasp or closure at the back of the earring. The clasp is another earring that can be attached to the hook of the earring in front of the earlobe. Asymmetrical shapes, filigree patterns in eclectic design look great especially if you want to show you are creative but also mean business. For a softer look, pearl studs paired with bigger pearl earrings in flower designs are perfect. And if you love diamonds, go for the diamond ear jackets, with a solitaire stud and diamond dangler jacket. Best paired for formal dinners, weddings, special dates, and other festive occasions when you want to dress up but want a very artistic vibe.


In crescent moon shape with enamel or meenakari work, gemstone encrusting, and petite bead danglers, chandbalis are the most romantic earring designs around here and everywhere! Big and small, chandbalis are best paired with ethnic outfits with flowing dupattas. They look gorgeous with ethnic prints and fabrics and chiffons in pastel shades. Chandbalis have an amazing slimming effect on the face as they dangle close to the cheek. In simple metallic colours or then in stunning vivid shades, chandbali earring designs are created with art and passion.


A gypsy like boho style of earring designs. Tassel earrings have cotton or wool tassels under a metallic stud at the ear lobe. The length of the tassel could touch the collarbone or just brush the neck line. You can buy and wear as many colours of tassel earrings. But you need to colour coordinate tassel earrings with your outfit. These earring designs look great with holiday wear, beach wear, and is trending with college goers who pair them with their denims. For a party look, go for metallic tassels with gemstones and diamonds.

Ear climbers

These earring designs have a stem like shape with leaves along the sides. The earring starts at the earlobe and moves up across the ear. Dainty, ornate, traditional and western, ear climbers in many designs are available to pick for your most loved outfit. The leaves or flowers may be studded with gemstones or diamonds. This is the kind of earring design that looks good with softer outfits and creates a whimsical Greek Goddess kind of vibe. For darker, mystical look, try the snake ear climbers in metallic shades.

Ear cuffs

Though not an earring, but deserves a special mention. Ear cuffs are ear accessories that can be attached to the cartilage of the ear, above the earlobe. Ear cuffs can be layered with other earrings and ear cuffs. You can buy amazing ear cuffs in shapes like butterflies, simple hoops and the lot! Ear cuffs can be attached to earrings with simple chains to create a whimsical diva look. It’s an eclectic style. You can wear it with any outfit you want. Pairs well with V-necks, sleeveless outfits, flowy gowns, sequined outfits and sarees. The metallic shine and lustre of gemstones of the ear cuffs has to be vivid to give you the best results. Ear cuffs sit very close to the ear. Layering is strongly advised.

Earring designs need to resonate with the look of the outfit. When you pick an earring that is a perfect match, the look created is more defined and well groomed. People will first look at your face when they talk to you. The earring designs you wear around your face will create a fantastic first impression that is so precious!