A Timeless Piece Of Elegance - Chandbali Earrings

A Timeless Piece Of Elegance - Chandbali Earrings

Chandbali earrings are a timeless and elegant piece of traditional Indian jewellery. Chandbali comprises two Hindi words, Chand means "moon" and bali means "earrings". True to its name it is a moon shaped earring decorated with colours and stones. Blend of Mughal and Rajput cultures, chandbali was a royal ornament. Delightful earrings with rich hues and motif were perfect for royal garments.

Even after centuries, chandbali continues to rule the hearts of women. They come in various materials and designs to cater to new fashion trends. Gold still dominates the traditional earring world. But, chandbali is also crafted from silver along with gold. Read along for some more details:

Chandbali earring materials

Chandbali earrings gold

Gold chandbali earrings are a timeless accessory. A crescent moon shape made of gold decorated with gemstones or pearls is a classic design of these. They can be worn with the help of a hook or a stud earring. Decorated with gemstones they look beautiful with ethnic wear. Gemstones used are in bright colours such as green and red making them perfect for a social event. The warm hues of gold and gemstones blend well to give a vibrant look. Often finished with trinkets and beads, they give away a royal look. The grandeur and charm of chandbali earrings made from gold is unmatchable.

Chandbali earrings silver

The subtle hues of silver have very recently become popular for chandbali earrings. The moon shape in silver chandbali earring is smaller as compared with gold. This gives it a light and delicate look. Gemstones with colours such as dark blue or black are preferred for their decoration. The colour pallet for the decoration is kept dark for enhancement of silver. But, silver chandbali earrings decorated with pearls and jhumki look serene. The simple designs of the earrings are receiving love from the younger generation. Ladies don't like to limit them for ethnic wear. They also love to pair them with western wear as well. They look pretty in every way!

Basic and beautiful chandbali made from both silver and gold is an absolute beauty. Consider it a heirloom for generations or a fashion accessory, it never fails to impress. There is a wide variety in designs and styles of chandbaali. Which makes sure there is something for every fashion need.

Designs and style of chandbali earrings

Chandbali earrings come in a variety of designs. From a typical heavy design to contemporary takes, there is a wide range of options to choose from. The difference in designs can not only be seen from their shapes, but also from their decoration. Listed below are description of few chandbali earring designs:

Different styles of chandbali earrings

Jhumka Chandbali Earrings

This is a fine blend of two traditional earrings - jhumka and chandbali earrings. It has a couple of jhumka hanging on an inverted crescent moon. The earring design is broader and heavier. It looks royal when paired with ethnic attire.

Meenakari Chandbali Earrings

Meenakari art is artistic play of colours and shine. Meenakari art decorates the metal base with vibrant colours. For a dressy appearance they are studded with gems. These chandbali earrings look colourful and vibrant. Pairing them with a kurta or a lehenga would look stylish.

Diamond Chandbali Earrings

Instead of traditional pearls or gemstones, these chandbali earrings have decorations of diamonds. A silver metal base suits this a bit more than gold. They often have jhumki hanging at the lower end for a more dressy look. Younger generation love to style these with both Indian and Western wear for a boho look.

Kundan Chandbali Earrings

The ethnic and stylish kundan looks royal on any ornament. Kundan chandbali earrings have a gold base with a decoration of kundan. They come in various sizes and all age groups love to wear them. They look wonderful when paired with an ethnic attire at a wedding or a reception.

Designs in Chandbali Earrings

Various styles of chandbali earrings also have various designs. Each has its own charm. The designs might seem alike. But, here are small details that differentiate them from each other. Meenakari Chandbali has intricate designs drawn on metals filled with colours. Whereas silver chandbali earrings have a floral motif stud. The classic moon shape hangs below it. Many of these designs often have the moon shape decorated with various designs. Such as leaves, flowers, and animals. For a longer heavier design, the moon shape often has polki trinkets hanging below. For some traditional touch, they even come with an ear chain.

Each design is beautiful and royal. With so many options, the confusion about styling them is unavoidable. Read along for a few tips on how to match chandbali earring with your outfit:

How to match chandbali earring with your outfit

There are a few basic things to consider while styling chandbali earrings:

Consider the Occasion:

The occasion plays an important role in choosing jewellery. For a casual outing, choose chandbali earrings with pearls or diamonds. And for a cultural event, go for a gold chandbali or meenakari chandbali.

Play with the patterns:

The right pair of earrings can enhance the patterns of the outfit you are wearing. Colourful meenakari chandbali earrings will go well with a plain outfit. An outfit with designs will look more beautiful when paired with gold chandbali.

Along with these, don't forget to mix and match the accessories. Chandbali earrings look beautiful and royal on any outfit. Also the cultural and fashion significance of chandbali needs no introduction. It is a timeless classic piece that you must have in your jewellery collection. And if you want to learn more about earrings design then we have in-depth guide about earrings designs.