Everything You Need To Know About Ear Cuffs

Everything You Need To Know About Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are one of the most stylish-looking earrings out there. The structure of the ear cuffs makes them really unique. This structure is designed in a way that does not put a burden on the ear lobes alone. Ear cuffs are pierced on the upper helix. The entire structure covers the region from the upper helix to the ear lobes. There are many types of ear cuffs which make them very diverse.

Ear cuffs are trendy and very flexible to style. The many designs that they come in make them one of a kind. Ear cuffs have a rich history which we will see below.


Ear cuffs have a rich history, though the origin is not known. In India, small ear cuffs were used by messengers. Royals and soldiers wore full ear cuffs in the past. In India, ear cuffs had many elements like pearls and gemstones. These ear cuffs were both pretty and elegant at the same time. The material with which these ear cuffs were made was also unique for each sect. In ancient Greece, ear cuffs were used as a symbol of status in society. Ear cuffs, as time passed made their way into eastern Europe and were prominent for a while there.

Types Of Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs have evolved. Even in the past ear cuffs were made of various materials and had various designs. With the revolution of fashion in recent decades ear cuffs have changed considerably. Let us take a look at the different types of ear cuffs.

Full Ear Cuffs

As the name suggests, these earrings cover most of your ears. They start from the upper helix and make their way down to the ear lobe.

Not only are these ear cuffs stylish but also come in many different designs. Full ear cuffs have a plethora of designs to choose from each unique from the other. These earrings are made of many types of materials.

Stainless steel and yellow gold are the most popular materials used in ear cuffs. Along with the base materials, these ear cuffs also have gemstones, pearls and enamels in the mix. Full ear cuffs have very unique designs which make them versatile for styling.

Clip-On Ear Cuffs

These unique ear cuffs do not need piercings. Not only are they convenient to wear but are also very stylish. Clip-on ear cuffs are usually placed on the upper helix of the ear. Though popularly placed on the upper helix, some of them reach the upper lobe and the ear lobe at times.

Apart from being easy to wear, they are also easy to style. Thanks to the many materials that they are available in, they are versatile to style. Materials like gold, yellow gold and silver make the integrity of the cuffs robust. The materials add depth to the entire look and make the fashion statement dazzling. Diamonds and gemstones are used to amplify the ear cuffs effortlessly.

These ear cuffs make a statement as a very versatile piece of jewellery. They can be worn to various events with ease. Clip-on ear cuffs are something everyone must have in their jewellery collection.

Single Ear Cuffs

Single ear cuffs are something that is traditionally worn on one ear. Single ear cuffs are small in size but have a lot of character to them. These ear cuffs come in many different styles and sizes. This makes them unique and versatile to style. They can also be worn on both ears depending on the look you are going for.

Single ear cuffs are made of many materials. Gold and silver are the most common, and yellow gold and rose gold finish a close second. Single ear cuffs can be worn on both ears as well which again opens up many options for styling.

These ear cuffs can be worn at casual events and traditional events alike. These single-ear cuffs can be worn as daily wear jewellery. They can also be worn in tandem with other earrings as well.

Double ear cuffs too can be worn on one ear. What makes them different from single ear cuffs is that the same pattern repeats twice. This unique design tough a single piece has two layers. These ear cuffs are easy to style and bring a lot of style to the entire look.

Double Ear Cuffs

These ear cuffs are made of gold, silver and stainless steel popularly. Different elements like diamonds and other precious gemstones can be added.

Double ear cuffs can be worn daily and can be worn to various events with ease. They are easy to style and grace the entire look.

How To Match Your Outfit With Ear Cuffs?

Ear cuffs come in many different designs, shapes and sizes. They are made of many types of materials. They are also complimented with different materials like gemstones and diamonds. All these factors make cuff earrings very versatile to style.


The perfect option for all your traditional events. Sarees are the epitome of class and elegance and there is very little that can go wrong while styling a saree. You can combine an ear cuff studded with gemstones and diamonds for that royal look. Full ear cuffs are the best when it comes to styling with sarees.


You can go for a single ear cuff for the professional in you. These cuffs are stylish and humble at the same time. They can be worn in tandem with suits and semi-formals with ease and grace.

Kurtis & Half- Sarees

Double ear cuffs and clip-on ear cuffs are the best for these outfits. They are amazing to look at and have different elements to them. These ear cuffs are popular among younger people. Ear cuffs can be experimented with,  and this is what makes them exciting.

How To Wear Ear Cuffs?

Now that we know the various nuances and types of ear cuffs, let us look at how to wear them.

Find The Perfect Placement

As mentioned above, ear cuffs come in all different sizes. The spread of the ear cuffs is very wide. It is important to know where to place your ear cuffs. Depending on what type of ear cuffs you want to wear, you can get your upper helix pierced or can go with clip-on ear cuffs. It is also important to take into consideration the size of your ears before choosing ear cuffs.

With all this in mind, you can choose how to style your ear cuffs and how to place them.

Style With Different Hairstyles

Hairstyles play a major role in making a fashion statement. When combined with ear cuffs make sure that they complement each other.

Short Hair - Full ear cuffs with a lot of elements are the best option for a short hairstyle. The short hairstyle presents the entire ear cuffs in their full glory.

Long Hair - Long hairstyle calls for a full ear cuff. Full ear cuffs act as an extension of the hairstyle. Long hair with a bun also goes well with full ear cuffs.

Tied Hair - Double ear cuffs and clip-on cuffs make a compelling argument for this hairstyle. The entire look is simple and elegant to look at.

Match With Other Jewellery

Cuff earrings go well with all kinds of other jewellery. These earrings add depth to the entire look. It also compliments other jewellery with grace and elegance.

Necklace - Necklaces come in many different styles. A complex necklace set can be paired with a full-cuff earring. This combination makes the entire look more sophisticated and elegant. A simple necklace can be paired with single cuff earrings or clip-on ear cuffs to complete the look.

Bracelets -  Bracelets are the final piece of accessory for any fashion statement. A simple-looking bracelet acts as an extension to a double ear cuffs or clip-on cuffs. A well-studded bracelet calls for a fully studded ear cuff.

The combinations can be experimented with. All in all ear cuffs are versatile when it comes to styling.

Choose The Perfect Size

Before purchasing an ear cuff it is important to know the size of your ears. It is also important to know the style that you are looking for while selecting the ear cuffs. Long ear cuffs can be styled with different outfits for more formal events. Small ear cuffs on the other hand can be used as daily wear earrings.

Now that we know everything about how to style ear cuffs, let us now look at how to care for them.

Caring For Ear Cuffs

Cleaning Tips

Like any other piece of jewellery, make sure that you clean the cuffs with great care. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the ear cuffs. Use a soft wet cloth to clean the earrings. After using a damp cloth, use a dry cloth to finish the cleaning.

If foreign particles are stuck in the ear cuffs, use a soft brush to get rid of the same. Allow the ear cuffs to dry before storing them away.

Storage Tips

Store the ear cuffs in a clean, dry place. Avoid areas with excess heat or moisture while storing your ear cuffs. Make sure that the ear cuffs do not come in contact with other jewellery. This is to avoid scratches on both pieces of jewellery.

Store your ear cuffs on a flat surface. Avoid using jewellery stands. Do not suspend your ear cuffs on a vertical surface. This is to avoid damaging the integrity of the ear cuffs.

You know everything about ear cuffs. It is now easy for you to make a decision on which type of ear cuffs you want in your collection.