Your Guide To Finding The Best Online Stores For Jhumka Earrings

Your Guide To Finding The Best Online Stores For Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka, which translates to a ‘bell’ or ‘bowl’ is an apt name given to this particular type of earring as it typically has a cylindrical dangling part. Jhumka has been a very sought-after jewellery item through the centuries. In India, jhumka has been a part of the cultural heritage in different regions. Various states in South India and even North India comprise big jhumka earrings as part of the traditional wedding attire for the bride.

Jhumka earrings, more popularly known as jhumka or jhumki are a type of jewellery article that gained prominence in India during the Mughal rule. Along with the traditional and cultural heritage that the Mughals brought with them, various types of handicrafts also accompanied them to the Indian subcontinent. A particular type of jhumka, known as the karanphool jhumka is one famous article that the Mughal emperors introduced to India.

Women like styling different types of jhumka sets with various outfits. Jhumkas or jhumkis are also worn in contemporary society daily with Indian attire.

The Types of Jhumka Earrings Online

As you now understand, jhumkas are of many different types. Depending on the material they've been made with or the exact shape of a jhumka earring they can be categorised into various types. Thus, to touch a little upon the variety of jhumkas available in the market let’s look at the variants.

 Best Online Stores For Jhumka Earrings

Jhumka earrings are made with different metals as the base, including oxidised gold and silver, gold, silver, platinum, etc. In the olden days' traditional temple jhumka earrings were really in demand. Made of the aforementioned metals and comprising motifs of kundan, pearl, etc. Now, however, women are choosing to wear gold-plated and silver-plated jhumka or jhumki sets to enhance their style.

Apart from which metal the jhumka is set in, the particular designs of the jhumkas also distinguish one from the other. The upper design which appears like a stud and the lower dome, cylinder, or circular hanging piece attached to the stud help make the distinction. Among the famous types of jhumkas you must know about are the following: karanphool jhumka, chand bali jhumka, kashmiri jhumka, meenakari Jhumka, plain hoop jhumka. And the most recent, trendy addition is the contemporary gemstone variant of the traditional big jhumka earrings.

Best Stores For Buying Fashion Earrings Online

Now that you understand the various types of jhumkas, it is only wise to give you a list of the best online stores to purchase the jhumka sets you like most. While most of you must be aware of websites like myntra, amazon, and Flipkart as places to shop everything from one place.
We’re here to acquaint you with some of the best online stores which will provide you with good-quality jhumkas.

Mirraw is one such store, where you can find a good pair of jhumka earrings to complement your ethnic attire. It has a variety of earrings that you can choose from. They have got jhumkas in all materials from oxidised to kundan and gold jhumkas. Some of the trending jhumkas include peacock inspired oxidised jhumka and golden kundan agate jhumka.


You may or may not have heard of this one. It has got one of the best designs in traditional oxidised jhumkas for you to try any time. Decorated with different coloured stones and gems it adds a vibrancy to the rusty aesthetic of oxidised metal. A colourful website with great options to choose from.


This one, like its name, deals with folk and traditional earring designs. The earrings are decorated with different coloured stones in a variety of patterns and designs. The products include handcrafted, folk art and tribal inspired designs for women who love to keep it traditional.


This one is a well known brand for its collaborations with local artisans and heritage workers who produce one of the best handcrafted designs in the country. The drugs are inspired by the folk art and craft and traditional patterns used in various articles of jewellery.


The emerging jhumka store online you’ll find today with a wide range of designs is bluestone. There is a nice collection of traditional jhumka design with a mix of modernity to the class of gold and diamonds. If you are looking to shop for weddings and traditional events you can go with bluestone jhumka designs.

House of Jhumka

Another nice online store where you can find a range of jewellery articles that’ll surprise you pleasantly is As the name suggests, this website gives you a variety of jhumka sets to choose from. They have some of the best designs in gold jhumkas with combinations of stones and pearls for the pop of colour.


Candere is an online jewellery store by Kalyan Jewellers that provides you with a huge range of products. You can browse the website to find yourself some wonderful jhumka sets. If you are particularly looking for gold jhumkas you will find one of the most unique traditional jhumka designs here.


I’m sure when it comes to shopping online, Myntra does not need any introduction. You can find many different jewellery brands on myntra, all in one place. On myntra you will get varied options to select any jhumka set of your choice.


Caratlane is undoubtedly one of the most famous online jewellery stores. It provides women with fine jewellery, which is modern and easily wearable making it a brilliant accessory. Caratlane also has a nice collection of earrings for you to browse and choose from.


Talking about the best online stores to get your jhumka sets from we’ve saved you the best store for the last. Blingvine is an excellent online store for you to purchase your jhumkas from. It is the destination of a perfect fusion of traditional and modern designs, or like we say a twist to tradition. Choosing Blingvine as your jewellery shopping store makes the entire shopping process fun, easy and interesting as you get varied options.

Blingvine provides you with many earring styles. The motifs and arrangement are so uniquely done that you will always stand apart in a room full of women wearing jhumkas with their outfits. Our jhumka sets like any other article presented on our site are curated to suit different fashion sensibilities. Different individuals have their quirks and eccentricities, and we understand that the best.

Discover our jhumka collection with a perfect fusion of traditional and modern designs. 

Honeycomb Jhumkas
Honeycomb Jhumkas
₹ 1,900

The gorgeous Honeycomb Jhumkas have an intricate beehive pattern on the dome with the riyal gleam of high-quality gold plating, making these a unique pair of Jhumkas. These stunners are decorated with the captivating combination of Kundan and pearls.
Pair them with your traditionals this wedding season and enjoy the royal beauty of the magnificent  Honeycombe jhumkas.

 What's Included:

  • 1 pair of jhumkis


  • High Quality Imitation Kundan
  • AAA Imitation pearls
  • 18K Champagne Gold Plating
  • High grade lead and nickel free environmental alloy


  • Length of Earrings : 7.5 cm
  • Refer to the model photo for more details on sizing

Our unique selling point is our quirky yet sophisticated jhumka earrings online, which you can shop from the comfort of your home and look exceptional any day.

And if you want to discover more ways to style your earrings, then we have an in-depth earrings style guide just for you. Hope you like it.