The Swooping Fashion Trend Of The Tassel Earrings

The fashion business is a result of modernity, and fashion is a social phenomenon. In the past, runways were a great place to introduce new trends to celebrities, which were then often worn in movies and then adopted by the public. Nowadays, with social media integrating fashion into our lives in the same way music has, we are exposed to a ton of new trends every day, with something to suit everyone's preferences and personalities. However, very few pieces make it into everyone's jewellery boxes. Tassels are one such type of earrings. Tassels can be styled in different ways such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Fun, lightweight and easy to style, tassel earrings have gained popularity over the years.

Vibrant and versatile, tassels are for everybody. A simple and bold trend that is taking over the world of fashion, is making a style statement without being overly dramatic. This makes tassels a perfect choice for both Indian and Western wear. Tassel earrings for women have a very feminine flair, giving compliments to the neck and face. The neck is beautifully complimented by the tassel cascade. The style that stands out while keeping your comfort in mind is the tassel earring, a contemporary fashion loved by all.

Tassels come in various styles and colours making them the ideal choice for every occasion. Social media is full with this trend as tassels add a little extra to the outfit, eliminating the need for any bulky accessory. Keep reading while we explain how to style these pieces on different clothes to get exotic looks that soar, both in person and on social media platforms.

Diamond Tassels For The Stylish Sparkly Partywear

For the divas in town, diamond tassel earrings paired with a party dress easily attract the attention of those around you, giving you the main character vibes. Tassel earrings are suitable for both long gowns and short dresses. You can always accessorise them with your favourite dress. A delicate pair of long tassel earrings is just the right piece of jewellery to enhance the beauty of your carefully picked out dress.

Ruby Tassels For The Sleek Satin Dress

Going out on a date? Nothing could be more beautiful than the spaghetti strap satin dress. A dress with a fitted bodice and symmetrical hems gives you a lot of options for accessorising the neckline. Ditching the monotonous necklaces, go for the ruby tassel earrings for women in the same shade as the dress this time. Stand out with minimal and light-weight jewellery.

Fluffy Tassels For The Multi Coloured Jumpsuits Or Rompers

The most acclaimed way of styling tassel earrings is in the gypsy-bohemian way: wear an earthy coloured, printed romper or a jumpsuit, pair a plain white, mid-length tassel earring with it, and that’s it. You are good to go. The white illuminates the colours and prints of the outfit, and the absence of glitter is all part of the bohemian vibe.

Metallic Tassels For The Strapless Tops

Metallic tassels are the newest addition to trending tassel earrings. Tassels accompanied by a coloured stone pendant such as turquoise or black instantly freshen up the look, giving you an edgy, stylish look. Pair it up with a strapless top to achieve a distinctive look.

Hoop Tassels For The Traditional Outfits

Who doesn’t want to look elegant, flaunting their Desi style? When it comes to traditional wear, something chunky and brightly coloured to style it with is the best option available. Choose a hoop tassel with a vibrantly coloured strand, enhancing your ethenic look with a relaxed style, as all of the colours dive into happy vibes.

Single Strand Chic Tassels For The College Casuals

It's still easier to dress up for special occasions than it is to get ready for college every day. The question of what to wear to college consumes most minds on a daily basis. Well, the classic jeans and tops are usually the go-to finds. Wearing a cute, simple top on jeans is levelled up when paired with a pair of layered tassel earrings. It's light and effortlessly durable for long college days. They are not the most statement pieces, but just enough to brighten up the casual outfit, giving you super chic and subtle styling.

A blockbuster hit among the style icons of the film fraternity, tassels are not going anywhere for a long time. Among the types of earrings, they’re surely worth the hype and they are here to stay. If choosing earrings online is a bit overwhelming, Blingvine is just the right place for you, with exquisite and trending designs for every occasion.

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