Bulk Orders

If you are interested in buying Blingvine Jewellery in bulk, please go through this page to know all about our bulk rates & policies.

Perfect For

Blingvine Jewellery is the highest quality fashion jewellery available in Indian Market, so buying it in bulk can be very lucrative & economical. These are some of the ideal scenarios in which people have been very happy after buying Blingvine Jewellery in bulk.

  • Reselling if you serve a premium market segment through your home business or boutique.
  • Corporate gifts if your clients are Senior Executives, Doctors, Business Partners & HRs
  • Return gifts for a family function that you want everyone to remember.

Not Perfect For

  1. If you have not yet seen Blingvine Jewellery yourself, you wouldn't know the quality of the products that you are getting. So we highly recommend you to first place some retail orders on the website and see the quality for yourself.
  2. An important thing to keep in mind is that if you wish to resell online, you can't use any of the copyrighted images, text or Blingvine branding. If this happens our team will file a copyright infringement claim. All the images and text on our website is covered under copyright and hence can not be used by any other reseller. You are more than welcome to take your own photos yourself or through a photographer.
  3. Blingvine Jewellery is a premium product for people who appreciate quality & fine craftsmanship. So if price is the only thing your customers look for, we recommend that you don't try to resell it to extremely price sensitive customers.

Wholesale Orders

Any orders with more than 5 items automatically qualify for the wholesale discount. The only condition is that it has to be a pre-paid order. COD is not supported for wholesale. Rest of the terms and conditions about warranty and exchanges are exactly the same as retail buyers. You can use the following discount codes for the wholesale orders:

 Order size Discount %age Discount Code
5 - 9 items 10% discount BULK10
10 - 24 items 15% discount BULK15
25 or more items 20% discount BULK20

Bulk orders

Any orders above 1 lakh order value qualify for bulk order pricing.

What's Included in the Bulk Price?

  • GST included
  • Custom Duties & Clearance Charges are already included
  • Shipping Fees included
  • Replacement in case of manufacturing defects if the items is returned to us within 48 hours of receiving the order.

What's not Included?

  • One year warranty can not be provided with Bulk Orders as we don't control the storage and handling of the jewellery.
  • Return shipping fee in case of replacements has to be paid by you.
  • Copyrighted Images & Text

How to Place Bulk Orders

  1. Email us with an indicative order size to get details of bulk prices. Send your email to support@blingvine.com
  2. Go through our website and shortlist the names of the designs that you wish to purchase along with the quantity.
  3. Once you have the names & quantities finalized you can email us the requirement to support@blingvine.com
  4. Our representative will contact you with the payment details and stock confirmation.
  5. Make the payment through any of the supported payment modes: Online Payment, Bank Deposit, Bank Transfers. And send the payment receipt to us.
  6. Once we receive your payment receipt we will reserve the stock for you.
  7. Once we receive the payment amount in our bank, we will ship out the order within 48 hours.

Important Note

All bulk purchases are final & no returns are accepted. Also all payments towards bulk purchases are non-refundable.

    Manufacturing Orders

    If we don't have enough stock for the items that you wish to purchase, you are welcome to place a manufacturing order. For manufacturing order, the payment needs to be made 50% in advance and 50% on dispatch. Usual timeline for manufacturing is 30 days but our representative can let you know about the timeline for each item as per your requirement.