Earn with Blingvine

Blingvine Partnership Program

We're very happy to launch our "Earn with Blingvine" program for those who are serious about making additional income through commissions.

"We've seen a lot of demand for such a program and that's why we've launched this partnership program for resellers, affiliates and influencers. It can generate substantial earrings for the partners." - Garima Singh (Founder)

Blingvine Partnership ProgramWho is it for?

  • Resellers with a strong community
  • Affiliate website with good traffic
  • Social media influencer with good following

If you fall in any of the above categories, we invite you to become our partner! The program is structured to be a win-win for everyone who's a part of this.

Blingvine Partner Commission

Earn 20% Commission

It's as simple as it gets, 20% commission will be paid to you in the form of commission or discount on all qualifying orders you bring to us.

We offer a very generous commission because we understand that when you put in serious efforts, you are not just looking for some pocket money but ability to make a good monthly income.

Blingvine Partnership Program

Sign Up

Terms & Conditions

Please go through the detailed terms and conditions of this program carefully as given below.

Sign Up Fee

In order to ensure that we create a community of engaging and serious partners, we ask for a nominal one time fee of Rs 1,000.

Security Deposit

If you need our jewellery pieces in order to showcase them to your potential buyers or to make content with it, you can do so by paying a security deposit. Here's how it works:

Security deposit is refundable and can be paid in multiples of 5000. After paying the deposit, you can select jewellery of amount up to 2 times of security deposit. Once you are done you can also send it back to us and get another set of items against the same deposit as long as items are intact and in their original packing.

Good Faith

This partnership is to be used in good faith and for mutual benefit. In case we've a reason to believe that you are abusing this relationship in any way or misrepresenting the brand we reserve the right to terminate this partnership.

Conditions for Qualifying Orders

The commission will be paid only on orders which are:

  • Paid and delivered
  • Not exchanged 
  • Not returned

Commission payment terms

The accrued commission will be paid to partner's account through UPI on every Friday. The commission will accrue after 5 days of delivery of the order and will be paid on next upcoming Friday. 5 days of delay is just to ensure that it is a qualifying order without any exchange or returns.