12 Times F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Taught Us How To Accessorize!

12 Times F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Taught Us How To Accessorize!

Rachel Green

Remember when she was the most stylish person of all time? Rachel is the one character who every woman looks up to. From her stirring fashion sense to being the strongest character on F.R.I.E.N.D.S, she has inspired every girl. Let us look at some of the fashion statements she depicted by her jewellery choices in the 90’s favourite TV show.

rachel green

1. Although wedding dresses are the most beautiful outfits, Rachel took it to another level with a gorgeous Tiara fixed in the veil with a sophisticated looking layered Pearl Necklace and a Crystal and Pearl Bracelet. It not only gave her a traditional look but also portrayed her character as the ‘Daddy’s Princess’ that she was.

2. Formal outfits by Rachel have always been exquisite. Here she adorns a long minimal chain necklace studded with asymmetric stones on a Jewel-neck long black dress which gives her a strong elated look of a working woman in fashion industry. Also, simple pendants or lariats with pantsuits add a little bling to the look while keeping you elegant as well as classy.
3. Perfectly conveyed here that every neckline has a buddy. A lovely Red Pearl necklace with a small crystal pendant and matching earrings paired with a high-neck top or a long charms pendant on a fitted sweater that imparts a pleasing and delightful look to a rather simple outfit.
4. Be it formal, party or casual, Rachel has rocked every outfit with her jewellery choices. Here she playfully pairs a thread necklace with crystal pendant on a halter neck denim top and a pendant on a dungaree creating the entire look cute and pretty - just the way she is.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe taught us that no amount of jewellery is enough jewellery. Over-accessorizing and bizarre fashion sense was her ‘thing’. The wonderfully weird character loved accessorizing and layering with everything. Colourful dresses and statement jewellery were the staples of this mystic character.
5. Big statement necklaces have always been her go-to jewellery when it comes to being Phoebe that depicted the boldness and feistiness of the character. Colourful outfits and necklaces do sound Phoebe like!
6. Phoebe and her chokers are like BFFs. She absolutely loved wearing chokers which perfectly paired with almost all outfits. The chokers also tuned down her playful outfits to balance the look.
7. OMG! How can one forget her rings? She has mastered the art of layering even when it comes to carrying like a dozen rings all the time. She was superstitious and saw psychics which could be the reason for the rings on her fingers. It also portrays her strong beliefs and principles that she followed all her life. From stones to diamonds, you can find all types of rings on Phoebe’s fingers.
8. Not just that, Phoebe has also carried some very sophisticated and classy looks with pearls and diamonds. It might have given her a tough time or her friends had to dress her up but she sure won all hearts with her beauty and charm.

Monica Geller

The obsessive cleaning freak, Monica, can be oftenly seen wearing minimal necklaces and earrings that gave her a clean and classy look. From monochromatic, casual outfits to colourful dresses, her style is quite timeless. She also kept things comfortable with sweaters, sweats, shirts and tees. Monica donned a sleek yet down-to-earth wardrobe that can still be appreciated today.

9. Monica can be often seen in long lariat necklaces [aired with deep neck dresses or tops. It gives her a touch of modernity while making a fashion statement. It very beautifully accentuated her collar bones which she proudly flaunted all the time.

10. While in casuals, Monica has very often ditched loud necklaces with a simple wristwatch or a pair of minimal pearl earrings with a sleek pearl necklace. It depicted her practical and modest personality while making the viewers relate to her dressing sense.

11. Elegance with minimalism is what Monica lives by! You can often see her wearing minimal necklaces or simple chains with stud earrings and a watch. The simplicity of her character and her practical decisions on life made her successful and the most relatable character on F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

12. Despite being a minimalist, she did go crazy a few times with statement necklaces and atypical looks.