17 Gorgeous Earring Trends of 2023 - Earring Styles In Vogue

17 Gorgeous Earring Trends of 2023 - Earring Styles In Vogue

Trending earrings and accessories always top any girl’s shopping list. Whether ethnic or party or festive, every ensemble needs a fantastic pair of earrings to ace the desired look. So, if you’re looking to shop for gold, pearl, or diamond earrings, in danglers, jhumkas, studs, or hoops, you need to know what style, metal, shine, and colour in earring styles are trending this year. And yes, let’s not forget about the size of the earring too. Read on and book mark your favourite one.


 Earring Trends

Small or oversized, jhumkas are trending this year. Fully embellished oversized jhumkas in gold and diamonds are here to stay this 2023. Also, small jhumkas and jhumkis with intricate filigree work have a special place in ethnic earring fashion trends. Gemstone and pearl jhumkas with diamonds will be your perfect picks for any wedding or gala events. Oxidised jhumkas are the best picks for your everyday fashion styling. With festivals always coming up here and around, go for trendy jhumkas in as many styles as you can.

Chandelier earrings

 Earring Trends

Kundan, Jadau, and Meenakari, along with diamond chandelier earrings are topping the earring jewellery charts this year. With jewellery trends expressing big and bold designs, chandelier earrings in pearls, diamonds, crystals, and gemstones in yellow and rose gold are heading to be quite popular. Long chandelier earrings reaching the collar bone will be the earring style you will want to pick.

Hoop earrings

 Earring Trends

Hoops are always trending in some design style or another. This 2023, big hoops or small, they are walking the ramp with style. In metals like silver, gold, and oxidised silver, hoop earrings are doing great this 2023. Hoop earrings in mixed metals are trending. Embellishments of gemstones and diamonds in hoops are your best play while styling with earrings. Gold hoop earrings with waves and angles are back. Wear it with jeans and denims to emulate cult classics.

Pearl Earrings

 Earring Trends

They are the love of every lady who wants grace and style in her life and wardrobe. The elegant and classic beauty of pearl earrings is always in style. Albeit, with newer patterns and designs. Pearl earrings have taken on a new avatar this year. Oversized coloured pearls are in. Pearl drop earrings with diamonds and gemstones have taken an upward trend in earring designs. Pearl earrings have taken centre stage in wedding and festive jewellery collections this year. Paired with matching necklaces and bangles, bigger pearls in earrings are the norm in 2023.

Diamond earrings

 Earring Trends

Diamonds are still trending this 2023. Diamond studs, diamond cluster earrings, and diamond danglers are still ruling earring trends. Oversized diamond studs and chandeliers are going to brighten festive looks this year. Diamond danglers in white gold are creating a bling that is incomparable. With western or ethnic Indian wear, diamond earrings are perfect matches for raw silks, velvets, and traditional sarees this festive and wedding season.

Colourful gemstone earrings

 Earring Trends

The colours of Holi will rule the coloured gemstone earring trends in 2023. With brilliant and vivid colours, emerald, sapphire, and ruby stones, together, are back in the gemstone earring trend list. In colours as vivid as peacock feathers, earrings in loop and hoop designs are sure to shine in 2023.

Shaped earrings

 Earring Trends

In geometric, angular, and eclectic shapes, earring trends will see the re-emergence of structured shapes. With mixed metals or the simple shine of gold and silver, well defined and shaped earrings are headed to match western and fusion outfits this year.

Mismatched earrings

A different earring in each year, but synchronised in style. The mismatched earring trend will continue in 2023. This fun trend can be created with the earrings you love, but are available in different pairs. Pick a threader and a stud and style them as mismatched earrings to create your own unique mismatched earrings. Pick as many earring shapes and sizes you want to create this playful look, and pair with the best fusion wear you have. This is one sustainable earring trend you don’t want to miss, this 2023.

Threader earrings

 Earring Trends

The simple chain of the threader earrings is back in vogue. Add multiple chains to the threader earring you have. Link it to your hair or upper ear cartilage. Or simply let it dangle low towards your collar bone. When you want that mysterious look with your gorgeous gowns, head for chain link and threader earrings. Threader and chain link earrings are settling down in fashion trends this 2023.

Celestial earrings

 Earring Trends

Stars, moon, constellations, and the sun! These are the celestial shapes that are shining strong in earring trends this 2023. In cool silvers and platinum, or hot gold and soft rose gold shades, celestial earrings are amping up the bling vibe of earring trends this year. Match them with the trims of your outfits, whether ethnic or western. Fusion and boho dressing styles are so adapted to celestial earrings, you’d say it’s a match made in heaven!

Layered earrings

A fresh take on ethnic Indian styling, layered earrings are in trend this 2023. Wear earrings across the earlobe to the upper cartilage of the ear. Layered earring trends have brought a fun, playful, and dramatic twist to wearing earrings. Style studs and hoops, with celestial shapes like stars and moons. Add flower shaped stud earrings and create your personal style.

Vintage earrings

Pick up the heirloom earrings you have, and flaunt them with style. Vintage earrings have made a comeback in fashion. Any kind of vintage and antique earrings are trending this 2023. And if you don’t own one, you can buy one, as jewellery designers are creating vintage design earrings for fashionistas who love to be trend queens. Vintage earrings are easy to style on classic western and ethnic outfits. They look especially exquisite on sarees and suits with borders and dull gold borders. Western wear with solid colours will look outstanding when you pair them with vintage earrings with western vibes.

Bead earrings

Colourful bead earring trends in pastel, soft, and dramatic colours are in. This 2023, earring trends are veering towards bold and playful. It’s about that pink beaded earring dangler that will look “oh so cute” with your pink kurti. It’s happy jewellery time this 2023, and colourful bead earrings with colours of the rainbow are welcoming happier vibes.

Button earrings

 Earring Trends

The big bold button earrings of yesterday are back in fashion today. This 2023, button earrings are trending in many sizes and colours. Gemstone button earrings in rubies and emeralds have taken over the ramp walk. They’ve become a celebrity favourite in no time. Metallic shades in pinks, greens, blues, and greys are giving that edgy look to fusion and western wear this year.

American diamonds and crystal earrings 

 Earring Trends

So many colours are ruling in 2023, and matching earrings are trending. With the gemstone bling in high demand, American diamond jewellery and crystal jewellery is gaining momentum this year. Earring trends are moving towards matching colours with all types of outfits. You want to wear a purple velvet lehenga or a magenta sequins saree. The one “must have” jewellery accessory would be a matching pair of earrings in American diamonds. Go for sustainable jewellery that can be matched with your new wardrobe this season. American diamond earrings and crystal earrings are your “go to” accessories.

Long drop earrings

 Earring Trends

Earrings that graze the shoulder are in trend this 2023. You can wear bold pieces like chandeliers and jhumkas. And you can also opt for threader earrings or chain link earrings that have long lengths. Pick one with danglers, jhumkis, and studs across the chains and links to brighten the flamboyant look you want to create. Long drop earrings with metallic tassels will be a “must have” with your sequinned sarees, and clubbing outfits.

Transformative earrings

New earring trends this 2023, are bringing in transformative earrings. The pieces of these earrings are detachable. So, you can create a flamboyant bold look or then go for demure one, just by adding or removing a few pieces from the earrings. Now that lifestyles start with coffee and end with cocktails, transformative earrings bring the kind of jewellery styling that every woman wants.

Summing up

Earring trends in 2023 are all about sustainable and stackable pieces. Layering and colour pop are ruling the earring trends game. Big bold pearls in amazing hues have brought in a new shimmer. Long dangling jewellery grazing the shoulder will give that glam diva look you will want to pick for a night out or that gala event. Expressive fashion is in.

Buy earrings that connect with your inner diva. Express your soul spice with flamboyant earring styles. Stack and layer the pieces you want, as you want. It’s all about individuality. And it’s all about fun in the earring trends game this 2023.

Pearl earrings in vintage and modern designs are setting high standards for jewellery lovers. It’s all about maximalism in earring trends this 2023. It’s not about shying away or being the wallflower. It’s more about stealing the spotlight and ruling the room with innovative and gorgeous earrings trending this 2023!