5 Indian Outfits With Your Gold Plated Jewellery

When we think about jewellery, the first thing that comes to our mind is gold, and for a very good reason. Gold not only looks amazing as jewellery but also complements most of the other materials used in making different types of jewellery - be it diamonds, gemstones or pearls. Gold always elevates the entire look and adds aesthetic to that piece of jewellery.

The flexibility of gold comes with its price, gold is an expensive metal and in most countries, currencies are backed by gold which further makes them even more expensive and rare. In countries like India, gold is considered very auspicious and almost every household has its share of gold in one way or the other.

Gold is an expensive metal making them rare to own and style, hence the concept of gold-plated jewellery was born to cater to larger audiences and to give them more styling options to choose from! Gold-plated jewellery is a type of jewellery where a thin layer of gold is plated on another metal, this process makes the base metal have a gold finish while being affordable at the same time. In this article, we look at the different outfits you can pair gold-plated jewellery with.


Sarees are one the most used types of clothing in India and all parts of India have different styles of styling a saree. Two things that are common when it comes to sarees is the love that people have for sarees and the flexibility it offers when pairing with jewellery. 

Gold-plated jewellery is commonly used with sarees, this combination not only looks elegant but also gives out a sense of luxury and royalty to the wearer. Sarees are worn on many different occasions thanks to their flexibility. Gold plated necklaces gel extremely well with all kinds of sarees, be it for a wedding or a casual get-together with family and friends. 

Gold plated necklaces come in many different designs and each of them has different amounts of flair to it based on the event it is suitable for. Blingvine's collection of gold-plated jewellery is something that you cannot miss to check out the next time you plan to style yourself in a saree! 


The most popular outfit of the Indian population and rightly so, the number of design and colour options that kurtis offer is endless, to say the least. The sheer number of styling options that this dress provides makes them the most used outfits out there today.

A kurti without accessories is like a plant without a flower, just plain, and that is where simple gold-plated jewellery comes into play. Gold-plated necklaces and gold-plated earrings are the most sought-after and commonly styled pieces of jewellery for kurtis. Gold-plated jewellery especially necklaces and earrings come in a plethora of designs which makes styling a fun activity. Check out our curated collection of gold-plated jewellery and add a mix to your jewellery collection! 


These beautiful dresses are something that every woman must have in their closet. Anarkalis are gorgeous to look at and will make a few heads turn with their grace and fluidity. Anarkalis too come in many colours making them flexible to style and easy to make a fashion statement with.

Gold-plated jewellery is the most common accessory used with anarkalis. A gold-plated bracelet and a pair of gold-plated jhumka are the go-to options to pair an anarkali with. This combination is something that one must not miss styling. A simple gold-plated necklace with a pendant too is an option that can help in completing a stylish look.

Ghagra Choli 

Probably the most casual traditional outfit out there, the ghagra choli is perfect for weddings and other cultural outings. This dress comes in various designs and colours making them amazing to pair with various kinds of jewellery.

Simple gold-plated chains and dangler earrings go extremely well with these outfits. Ghagra cholis are fluid when it comes to styling and can be styled with little effort. The fluidity of these dresses makes a compelling argument to experiment with different jewellery. As gold-plated jewellery is more affordable they make a perfect combination when it comes to making new and elegant fashion statements. 


These beautiful outfits are something that come in handy once in a while but are something every woman must have in their collection. The sophistication that a gown brings to the entire look is something that cannot be matched by any other outfit. Bracelets go well with gowns as they add further class to the already-existing elegance of the outfit.

Gold-plated bracelets are something that you can try to pair with your beautiful gown. The gold-plated bracelets are more affordable and you can always build your collection and give yourself more options to style in. Check out Blingvine's collection of beautiful gold-plated jewellery and add a few of them to your collection! 

Gold-plated necklaces and gold-plated earrings are not only affordable but are also very stylish to look at and they open a new dimension of styling. They also give a plethora of options to style and make your jewellery collection vaster and add substance to the entire collection with various designs. Blingvine's gold plated jewellery collection is something one cannot miss out on if you are planning on expanding your jewellery treasure trove!