5 Popular Designs in Ring Bracelets for Girls You Must Have

5 Popular Designs in Ring Bracelets for Girls You Must Have

Ring bracelets are one of the most traditional designs in bracelets. They have been a part of bridal jewellery for ages now. We can now find modern designs and styles in ring bracelets worn by young women with different looks. They are a perfect accessory for a traditional wedding as well as a stylish addition to western partywear. A perfect fusion of Indian and western inspirations is incorporated into a modern accessory for an elegant and fun vibe. With the variety of designs and styles, every design seems to gain popularity and is preferred by some.

There are a few designs of ring bracelets that are among the top 5 designs loved by women.

Chain Ring Bracelets

A ring bracelet is made up of chains that extend to have a ring at one end. They may have more than one ring for more than one finger. The chain bracelets are made of gold, silver, or steel. They are the most common and are a perfect choice for casual wear.

Bangle Ring Bracelets

A bangle bracelet is one that has a bangle that fits on the bottom and extends to have a ring at one end. In most designs, the ring is worn on the middle finger and is suitable for women of all ages. A bangle bracelet can be worn for traditional events, as they carry that vibe with them.

Slave Ring Bracelets

A slave ring bracelet is one that wraps around the wrist and extends to loop around the finger. It may be made of gold or silver wire twisted into a bracelet with a ring at one end. These are worn for their aesthetics and are a great, edgy addition to a party look.

Cuff Ring Bracelets

A cuff ring bracelet is a cuff that fits to the worst with a ring at one end. A cuff bracelet with a ring attached to it all the way from the wrist to the fingers is stylish and appealing. You can pair it with your Indo-Western outfit and get the best of its beauty.

Leather Ring Bracelets

A leather ring bracelet is a leather band for the wrist attached to a ring. The band may be a single strand of leather with a few strands woven into a rope-like manner and decorated with charms. They are the best party accessories for young women and college girls.

These are 5 of the most popular ring bracelet designs that you may want to add to your jewellery collection. Meanwhile, you can check out our bracelet collection for the latest contemporary designs in all the styles you’ll find online!